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Calle Nuevo Leon s/n, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, 70934, Mexico
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Puerto Surf is owned and operated by David and Swantje Salinas. It is the perfect home to learn to surf (50 meters from the beach!), to relax (hammocks everywhere!) and to enjoy your vacation (Arriba!).

We are located only steps away from a beautiful point break that creates perfect waves for beginners and intermediate surfers. Come and try it out – we’ll make sure you stay safe and have fun.

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Puerto Surf is the brainchild of David and Swantje Salinas. They have been working together on growing the business since its founding in 2007.

David Salinas: With 13 years of experience teaching surf lessons and more than 25 years surfing, David is the youngest of 6 brothers all of whom are well known local surfers in Puerto Escondido. He is beyond competent in all types of surf and is considered a good free surfer who enjoys it like a religion.

His ability to understand other languages such as English and German allows him to teach surfing to many people from around the world. He has travelled to various surf spots around the world and often entered surf competitions.

Swantje Salinas: Swantje was born in Germany and is a certified Pilates instructor and travel agent. She has lived in Puerto Escondido since 2006 and now travels between Germany and Mexico for the school year. Swantje takes care of the administrative side of the business including the reservations. She speaks German as well as fluent Spanish and English.


Our neighborhood is known for its tranquility and multiculturalism. It is a perfect place to relax, to enjoy the spectacular sunsets and to forget about the rest of the world. Around the corner from the house is a row of small restaurants – from Thai to Mexican, and Australian to European.



We have 5 unique bedrooms, each with a private bathroom and view to the garden or the beach. You will have access to an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Relax under the fan in your room or outside in a hammock surrounded by a tropical garden, listening to the birds in the palm trees or the sound of the ocean. Tranquility is ensured!




You will start your classes at surf spots that are safe and have small waves. Instructors will choose the best beach for you according to your skill level. An experienced instructor will be with you at all times (maximum of 2 students per instructor). Besides teaching you the mechanics of surfing, we will also teach you about boards, equipment, tides, currents, different types of waves and more.

One of the reasons that Puerto Escondido is such a famous surf town is because there are consistent waves all year round. This means that there will nearly always be waves on one of the beaches where conditions are good for beginners.

We provide top-quality and safe equipment for our surf classes. We offer various sizes and types of boards (long boards, fun boards and short boards) to cater to different levels of ability/height and weight.


We provide top-quality and safe equipment for our surf classes. We offer various sizes and types of boards (long boards, fun boards and short boards) to cater to different levels of ability/height and weight.


If you want we can organize aditional activities like spanish classes, Pilates classes and horseback riding for you.



Puerto Escondido was discovered by surfers in the late 1950s and has since then gained a worldwide reputation. The town is renowned for the famous “Mexican Pipeline” wave at Zicatela Beach. Along with the “Pipeline“ on Hawaii’s Northshore, “Mexpipe“ is one of the most powerful barrels in the world. In autumn it can reach up to 10m in height.


This bay contains a beautiful beach which usually has the best waves to learn to surf. Its waves break deep on a rock reef and works best when the swell is coming from a southern direction. With long soft waves this beach offers the beginner surfer the opportunity to try and stand up twice on the same wave. It is nearly certain that a learner will be successful in surfing at Carrizalillo.

La Punta

The small waves of the point is ideal for beginners especially who are ‘goofy’ or left footed. The medium sized waves are a favourite of intermediate surfers. These waves are large and slow, break from right to left, and start at the rocks and end at the sand on the beach. The best time for beginners is at high tide. At low tide the waves are a bit faster and are shaped like a tube.


This beach is best when the swell direction is from the north. It has waves that break both left and right onto deep water with a sandy beach below. Marinero could be classed as the “little Zicatela”. Here you will often get a shorter, faster, more tube-like wave that is ideal for beginners who want a bit more of an adrenalin rush.


Zicatela has a stronger and faster wave, which breaks in deep sandy water, making it ideal for experts. There are waves all year round. In the winter, there can be periods of smaller waves, giving advanced learners the opportunity to test their newfound surfing skills.

La Barra de Colotepec

This beach is recommended for intermediate surfers. The waves are generally tubular in nature and high tide is best for developing surfing skills. The river Colotepec empties into this area, thus producing different wave directions and peaks. The best waves break between November and March with currents from the north.


Ways to get to the camp

From Mexico City: 50 minutes by plane (three airlines service this city including Aeromar, Aerobus and Interjet

- or 12 hours by bus using Estrella Blanca/Futura (from Taxquena Sur Terminal)

From Oaxaca: 45 minutes by plane using Aerotucan y Aerovega or 7 hours by minivan.

From Huatulco: 2 hours by bus using Sur or OCC.



Surfpackage with accomodation - from 3,500.00 MXN

This package includes:

- 6 night accommodation

- 5 days surfing lessons (2 hours a day, includes theory and practice)

- Surf Board + equipment

- Transport to the beaches


Room 1 and 2: $ 3,800.00 MXN single / $ 3,500.00 MXN double p.p. 

Room 3 and 4: $ 4,100.00 MXN single / $ 3,800.00 MXN room double p.p.

Room 5: $ 5,300.00 MXN single / $ 4,400.00 MXN double p.p. / $ 3,800.00 MXN Triple p.p. / $ 3,500.00 MXN Quadruple p.p. 

Surfpackage with your friends (3 minimum) - from 4,300.00 MXN

This package includes:

The basic package + A full day surf outing + Go-Pro Session


Room 1 and 2: $ 4,600.00 MXN single / $ 4,300.00 MXN double p.p.

Room 3 and 4: $ 4,900.00 MXN single / $ 4,600.00 MXN double p.p.

Room 5: $ 6,100.00 MXN single / $ 5,200.00 MXN double p.p. / $ 4,600.00 MXN Triple p.p. / $ 4,300.00 MXN Quadruple p.p.

Surfpackage with a guide - from 4,000.00 MXN

(for medium and advanced surfers)

This package includes:

The Basic Package except that you have one-on-one surf instruction


Room 1 and 2: $ 4,300.00 MXN Single / $ 4,000.00 MXN double p.p.

Room 3 and 4: $ 4,600.00 MXN Single / $ 4,300.00 MXN double p.p.

Room 5: $ 5,800.00 MXN Single / $ 4,900.00 MXN double p.p. / $ 4,300.00 MXN Triple p.p. / $ 4,000.00 MXN Quadruple p.p.

Surf n' Spanish (Individual or group) - from 6,400.00 MXN

This package includes:

Individual: The Basic Package + 5 days of private Spanish lessons (2 hours daily)

Group: The Basic Package + 5 days of group Spanish instruction/conversation (2 hours daily) and private Spanish instruction (1 hour daily) - Please note that this package starts on Mondays only.

Prices (Individual): 

Room 1 and 2: $ 6,700.00 MXN Single / $ 6,400.00 MXN double p.p.

Room 3 and 4: $ 7,000.00 MXN Single / $ 6,700.00 MXN double p.p.

Room 5: $ 8,200.00 MXN Single / $ 7,300.00 MXN double p.p. / $ 6,700.00 MXN Triple p.p. / $ 6,400.00 MXN Quadruple p.p. 

Prices (group): 

Room 1 and 2: $ 7,000.00 MXN Single / $ 6,700.00 MXN double p.p.

Room 3 and 4: $ 7,300.00 MXN Single / $ 7,000.00 MXN double p.p. 

Room 5: $ 8,500.00 MXN Single / $ 7,600.00 MXN double p.p. / $ 7,000.00 MXN Triple p.p. / $ 6,700.00 MXN Quadruple p.p. 




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