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Paseo de Las Canteras 60, Las Palmas de GC, Gran Canaria, Canarias, 35010, Spain
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Welcome to Surfcamp Las Palmas!

We are the only Surf Camp in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria which offers beachfront accommodation, with direct sea views!

Surf Camp Las Palmas is more than just a surf camp. We want you to enjoy surfing on Gran Canaria and also get to know the island and its beauty. 

We offer surfing lessons for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, plus guided surf trips for those professional surfers who want to know different surf spots on the island ... We will take you there!  

Come and join us for great adventures: Surf Camp Las Palmas, more than a surf camp!

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The Surf Camp Gran Canaria is located at the Playa de Las Canteras: The surfing epicentre of Las Palmas.
The base of our Surf Camp Gran Canaria is at the beach Playa de Las Canteras. Our guests who come here to learn surfing at our Surf School or to do a surfing trip around Gran Canaria will stay at our apartments that offer shared and private rooms.


At our Surf Camp Canary Islands you are free to do whatever you like – whether you want to spend some time by yourself or be active. However, we want to try to create an intercultural atmosphere that brings our guests together. That´s why, we organise tapa nights, free-time activities  and day trips. On your day off from surfing, we will take you for an excursion to discover the island of Gran Canaria. If you prefer renting a car yourself or use the services of a tour guide, we offer special deals for our guests.
All in all our Surfcamp offers a cozy atmosphere and our team takes care of every guest as if they were friends. We show you the most beautiful and remote places on the island and not the usual ones included in tour packages. 


Surf Camp Las Palmas was born with the intention of being more than just a surf camp to become a place where people would have fun and share experiences. Surfing is our biggest hobby. Now our dream is to share our passion for surfing in our surf camp. We have travelled a lot and have been to some of the best surf spots in the world. Therefore we have decided to settle on Gran Canaria as it offers the opportunity to combine our devotion for surfing while allowing us to enjoy the nature and culture of the most beautiful canary island.

Our team consists of international staff, mainly from Spain and Germany. We give importance to personally take care of our guests. For us you won`t be just a number. We will show you the best side of the island with its impressive landscapes, rich culture and perfect waves. We will help you enjoy your holiday the way you like.



Surf Apartments
Our Apartments “Surf Camp Canary Islands” provide double bedrooms with single beds.

- Sea views from the rooms
- Balcony facing the sea
- Kitchen and small living room
- Private Bathroom
- Wireless Lan

Surf House
The Surf Houseis located at thebeachfrontand counts with a kitchen, living room and bathroom to share with other surfers staying at the Surf House.
It has 2 bedrooms with 2 beds each, which can be extended up to 6 beds.

- sea views, 1st line
- Capacity: 6 people
- Fully equipped rooms
- 1 spacious room with 2 single beds and big sea view windows
- 1 very spacious room, kingsize bed, couch, wardrobe, big sea view window
- 1 shared bathroom
- Spacious living room
- Shared kitchen


But if you should not feel like cooking, don’t worry! We are at Las Canteras beach which counts with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants of all kinds. You can have breakfast at some of the bakeries, eat fresh fish at moderate prices and have dinner in Las Canteras’ Promenade whilst enjoying the sea view.



Our Surf instructors are the best, when it comes to teach beginners, even those who are scared of water. With them, you´ll learn to love the sea and waves and you´ll have your first sense of achievement, for sure.

Thus our Surf instructors are true professionals with an impressive résumé and years of experience so that you can learn how to surf in the best possible way. Moreover you may borrow the surfboard and wetsuit after lessons for you to practise on your own without any extra cost!

What do I learn within the very first surf lesson?
How to position yourself properly on the board
How to paddle in the most effective way
How do you protect yourself in a breaking wave
Basic knowledge about the waves and the sea
How and when do I stand up?
How can I control my board?
How do I catch a green wave? 

Also, for those more experienced surfers we offer guided surf trips around the island. We know the coast well, its conditions and swells at every surf spot on this island which fortunately, is the least known of the Canary Islands for surfing, keeping quality secrets along its coastline. We are locals who live on the island and this is why we recommend the best alternatives for surfing on Gran Canaria.


We will do things together and thereby show you the beauty of Las Palmas and Gran Canaria.
Therefore we organise City Bike Tour, Tapas Night in the old town of Vegueta every Thursday (tapa + drink €2), concerts along the beach`s promenade on Saturday and trips around the island on Sunday, along with a night in our Surf Cave if you wish. 

You will also have a bicycle at your disposal throughout the whole stay, material for surfing for you to practise on your own after lessons, as well as material for other beach activities such as beach volley, slackline, frisbee, snorkeling, and also Stand Up Paddle! All this for free.



Residing at the beach Playa de Las Canteras you have the perfect mixture of tranquility at the beach, surfing in the awesome waves, and enjoying the spectacular nightlife of the district of Guanarteme and the esplanade of Las Canteras. Although you are staying in a town, the atmosphere is tranquil and small-town. We don´t like mass tourism – our Surf Camp has only few rooms and we treat our guests as friends.

The beautiful beach of Las Canteras, with more than three kilometers long, offers a space large enough to relax. It is among one of the world`s best urban beaches, a beach full of life and activity. It counts with many bars, restaurants, clubs, cafes and shopping centers nearby. Open the door and you will see the sea, just a few steps away from you, which offers more than 20 different surf waves.


With warm temperatures throughout the whole year, even in the winter months (around 22 º C), you will be able to enjoy a swim at the beach and of course, the eternal warm sunshine. Waves all year long. And if there are no waves at the city, dont worry, well take you to another surf spot elsewhere on the island.

Thus on Gran Canaria it is summer all year long and there´s always a perfect wave breaking somewhere nearby.

This beach offers many different kind of breaks: white water surfing for beginners, mellow and long waves for long board surfing and stand up paddle, short waves and tubes for bodyboarding, beach breaks for advanced surfers and reef breaks for experienced surfers.

Surf Spots
Las Palmas: A Surf City with 5 different beaches and 32 surfable waves.
When Surfing the Canary Islands it is essential to check out the Surf in Las Palmas. Its priviledged location is flanked by 4 coasts. Therefore, the surf spots abound in the city and there is always a wave breaking somewhere, at some reef, or at a sandbank.

Because of the  peninsula La Isleta, Las Palmas is exposed to swells of 270º: coming from the west and heading south.


Besides this, after all this island has given us we feel the need to give her something back. We want to offer a sustainable way of tourism and this is why we have engaged ourselves in some environmental projects. To do this we have created The Surfers` Forest, where for every surfer who comes to our surfcamp we plant a tree on Gran Canaria. And if you wish to, we give you the chance to plant your tree yourself in situ.


How to get there
With us, the airport pick-up is included – even if you arrive or leave very early or very late – we´ll drive you, promised.



  • Discounts will be calculated in the booking process (first step)

    PACKAGE A / B - PACK SURF CAMP - from 449€ / WEEK

    Included in this package:

    - 7 Nights Accommodation directly at the beach
    - 1 tree is going to be planted in the Surfers Forest having your name
    - free airport transport
    - Surf Board and Wet Suit 
    - Insurance
    - Day trip on the island
    - Tapas Tour 
    - Concert Tour 
    - free Sportsequipment (Snorkel, Beachballraket,etc..)
    - 2 hours Surf lesson each day (5 days)

    Package A  
    Surf House  449€ per person per week

    Package B  
    Surf Apartment (2 Persons)  499€ per person per week
    Surf Single Apartment  699€ per person per week

    PACKAGE C / D - PACK BASIC SURF - from 369€ / WEEK

    Included in this package:

    - 7 Nights Accommodation directly at the beach
    - 1 tree is going to be planted in the Surfers Forest having your name
    - free airport transport
    - Surf Board and Wet Suit 
    - Insurance
    - Day trip on the island
    - Tapas Tour 
    - Concert Tour 
    - free Sportsequipment (Snorkel, Beachballraket,etc..)

    Package C  
    Surf House  369€ per person per week

    Package D  
    Surf Apartment (2 Persons)  429€ per person per week
    Surf Single Apartment  619€ per person per week



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