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Quinta Nova Maria Vinagre, Rogil, Algarve, 8670-430, Portugal
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The idea of this project and the development of this school, came from an old dream we have and also from the enormous passion of surf and all it can make us feel.

We could say so much but, for us, surf is not only a unique emotion that each individual experiences each time they are in tune with the natural and fleeting energy of a wave, as well as an unparalleled way of life.

We know that the true meaning of things,must be experienced time and time again in order to tuly feel them.?We are here to share, teach and provide experiences and unique moments to all those who want to join us!

Fitted with all the necessary elements, we bet on a personalized education for a follow-up and development of excellence in the world of Surf.

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Waterproof has the privilege of being in the heart of Aljezur.

A Rural municipality, within the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa VicentinaAljezur is a magical place full of cultural heritage which reflects the contrast between mountains and the sea.

Surrounded by unique beaches and the best Spots for surf lovers, agriculture, fishing and crafts are also the main activities of the region.

The cuisine is superb and full of contrasts, based on diverse quality products from land and sea, capable of awakening unforgettable feelings to those who visit us.

In addition to all this the area where we are located provides moments of discovery and adventure in natural scenarios where wild animals and plants unique throughout Europe can be found, as well as a wealth of special places where the tranquility and peace you need.

Even the sky here is arguably unique!

We are waiting for you!


Nuno Rendeiro Technical Director
With over 20 years experience, and certified by the FPS (Portuguese Surfing Federation), this surfer holds a vast knowledge of the area, uses a focused but fun teaching method, adaptable to all ages and styles.

Carolina Delfim Manager
Responsible for all Waterproof management, Carolina specialises in the art of hospitality ;)



Located in a prestigious area, as is the Costa Vicentina, we aim to give our guests the best in terms of accommodation.

As such, the Waterproof surf school has to offer, 5 minutes from the beach, not only our Surf Camp with excellent conditions, consisting of double rooms, shared rooms, swimming pool, leisure area, etc, as well as 2 surf houses, called Casas da Arrifana, with capacity for 6 to 8 people each and a privileged location.

To complement, we have created a network of hotel partners with different kinds of accommodation also available.



Our group classes are composed by a maximum of 8 students, always differentiating Adult groups from Groups of children (starting from 6 years), allowing us to focus on their different levels of learning, observing each individual development carefully, thus providing a more efficient and personalized service.

Each student is properly insured in the event of an accident.

Beginners Introduction and presentation of necessary equipament; Analysis of conditions for surfing; Security rules and behaviour in water; Rowing technique; Sit back and turn the board; Take off and surf in foams.
Intermediates Individual assessment for proper choice of material; Daily analysis of the conditions for surfing; Security rules, behaviour and rules of priority in the water; Approach to different types of waves; Catch waves in green; Drop the wave, turn in and surf the wave wall; Introduction to advanced maneuvers.
Advanced Transport to the best spots of the region in search of the best option of the day; Guidance for big waves; Access to material to repair material; Lessons accompanied by video and their analysis.


We have a vast and diversified range of material (surfboards and wetsuits) highly qualified and comfortable.

Also the choice of the same is carried out in a manner appropriate to each individual so as to facilitate and satisfy their surfing abilities.



Ways to get to the camp

Getting to Vale da Telha, Aljezur, Portugal BY PLANE

The two nearest international airports are Faro (108 km) and Lisbon (244 km).


Take the N125 road. Coming from the north, take the exit to Sines and coming from the south – the exit to Lagos. Car rental is quite cheap in Portugal (from € 120 / week).

From the airport, do not go in direction to Faro, but on the highway follow the signs that say Albufeira / Portimão / Lagos. Take the exit to Bensafrim and follow the road signs to Aljezur. Shortly before Aljezur, turn left at the intersection towards Vale da Telha. After a short steep climb, turn left again. Follow the road through the Vales village and on the next fork, keep right. Pass the Hotel Vale da Telha and on the large roundabout, take the second exit on the right. Some 200m ahead – and you have arrived!


The best way to get from Faro airport to the train station is by bus (about € 1.50) / taxi (about € 9). From there, trains run hourly to Lagos (about 1.5 hours / € 6). Alternatively, you can also take the bus (about 2 hours / € 5). We pick you up in Lagos!

From Lisbon, take a cheap and convenient trip by bus to Aljezur (about 3 hours / € 17). We pick you up in Aljezur!

Buses in the Algarve (www.rede-expressos.pt?| www.eva-bus.com)
Railway in the Algarve?(www.cp.pt)


PACKAGE A - Surf Camp | Low Season (From 1st of October until 31st of May) - from 375 € per Person / Week

 -7 nights/ 5 surf days [15 hours] (includes breakfast and shuttle to the beach for surf lessons)

Shared room (px): 25€ p.P/p.N.      7n/5s: 375€ (including breakfast)    550€ (Full board)
Suites: 80€ p.P/p.N.                      7n/5s: 480€ (including breakfast)    620€ (Full board)

PACKAGE B -Surf Camp | High Season (From 1st of June until 31st of September) - from 435 € per Person / Week

-7 nights / 5 surf days [15 hours] (includes breakfast and shuttle to the beach for surf lessons)

Shared room (4px): 30€ p.P/p.N.      7n/5s: 435€ (including breakfast)    575€ (Full board)
Shared room (2px): 35€ p.P/p.N.      7n/5s: 470€ (including breakfast)    610€ (Full board)
Suites: 90€ p.P/p.N.                        7n/5s: 540€ (including breakfast)    680€ (Full board)

PACKAGE C - Surf Lessons | Low Season (From 1st of October until 31st of May) - from 35 €

-5 surf days [15 hours] | 200€
-3 surf days [9 hours] | 135€
-1 surf day [3 hours] | 50€
-1/2 surf day [1 1/2 hours] | 35€

PACKAGE D - Surf Lessons | High Season (From 1st of June until 31st of September) - from 35 €

-5 surf days [15 hours] | 225€
-3 surf days [9 hours] | 150€
-1 surf day [3 hours] | 55€
-1/2 surf day [1 1/2 hours] | 35€  

PACKAGE D - Prices | Other - from 25 €

 Private Surf Lessons
Low Season | 65€ per person High Season | 75€ per person

Surf Guiding
Includes transportation to the spot | 60€ per person

Surf Board 25€ per person Wet Suit 15€ per person



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