1- identification:

The following terms apply for the usage of the website http://www.surfcamp-online.com/

Operator of the website:

Intercan Connect S.L.U
Calle el Molino 6, Planta 2
35413 Moya (Gran Canaria)

Tel: +34 828 680 066
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Commercial Register Las Palmas
Tomo 2017, Folia 0053, Hoja GC-45516, Inscripción 1ª
NIF: B76121631

(in the following "the company")

2 - Application of the Terms of Use

By visiting the website and using its features, the user agrees to these terms of use.

3- Changes

The website operator reserves the right to change the terms of use. It is recommended that the user regularly check this terms of use. The conditions published at the time of use apply.

4- Information and service

On the website, the user has access to various information and services. The website operator reserves the right to change them at any time.

Among other things, the following information and services are offered (list for guidance only and not exhaustive):

    Information about surf travel providers and their offers
    Possibility to contact the providers (one or more)
    Post ratings and comments on surf travel providers

5- Responsibility of the website operator regarding the content

The content on Surfcamp-online.com is provided by the providers or users. For this reason, the website operator can not guarantee the accuracy of the information. The user acknowledges this and releases the website operator from any liability in this regard. The use of the services and contents of the website is at the own responsibility and risk of the user.

6 - Responsibility of the user

The user of the website is obliged to comply with the general terms of use at any time. He undertakes to use the portal only in an appropriate form and assumes the consequences of inappropriate use. Upon becoming aware of a violation of the general terms and conditions of use (by the user or third party), the user is obliged to inform the website operator immediately.

7 - Copyright

The content published on Surfcamp-online.com is under copyrighted. The owner of the copyright is the portal itself or third parties (providers, users) who have provided or uplaoded the content.

8 - Delete content

The website operator reserves the right to delete content, especially in case of violations of the terms of use. The deletion takes place at any time and without prior notice. The user can inform the website operator at any time about contents contrary to the terms of use. This is possible by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by mail.

9 - Privacy

In order to be able to offer the free services (forwarding of inquiries and similar) we have to process and save the data obtained from you by using the forms or email addresses.

In the following we inform you about the treatment of your personal data.

(According to UE 2016/679 de Protección de Datos)


Intercan Connect SLU (in the following the "company" or the "responsible person")
CIF: B76121631 - Registered in the Commercial Register Las Palmas, Tomo 2017, Folia 0053, Hoja GC-45516, Inscripción 1ª
Address: Calle el Molino 6, Planta 2, 35413 Moya (Gran Canaria), Spain
Phone: +34 828 680 066
Contact email for privacy matters: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our privacy policy has been formulated in accordance with UE 2016/679 and Ley 34/2002 and we have taken all necessary precautions to protect your privacy in accordance with these guidelines.


Carrying out the requested service, handling complaints and sending information via email about products, services and prices.

Base for the treatment of the data is the consent of the users by the acceptance of these conditions.

The data is stored as long as the customer relationship lasts and their deletion is not requested. In each case, the legal deletion deadlines are respected. If the data is not provided for the purpose mentioned above, the service cannot be provided.


The data is kept for as long as the customer relationship continues and its deletion is not requested. In any case, the legal regulations are respected.

10 - contact information

You can contact us in the following ways:

• Online: Via the contact form linked to the top right
• By Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• Telephone: +34 828 680 066 (Monday to Friday 9h to 17h)
• Postal: Calle el Molino 6, Planta 2, 35413 Moya (Gran Canaria), Spain

11- Availability of products / services

The user has the possibility to send direct inquiries to the providers (surf camps). The provider (the surfcamp) sends its offer directly to the user (if requested) or sends general information or informs about the availability (if the user has requested availability for specific data in his request). The offers, products and services advertised on the website are presented subject to availability.

12 - How the website works

The user inform himself on the website about the providers (surf camps) and has different possibilities to get in touch with the providers. In most cases, users will ask for availability for specific dates. Often there are also general questions about the surf camp. The forwarding of inquiries is free of charge for the user.

The user can contact the providers (surf camps) via the portal in the following ways:

By individual contact form:
The contact form will be sent automatically and directly to the surfcamp. The portal receives a copy.
Title of the form: "Contact Surf Camp"
Description of the form: "Here you can send a request directly to the surfcamp.Please inform us about the number of participants and the desired date.Afterwards you will receive a non-binding offer directly from the surfcamp by email. Please also tell us for security Include your phone number and look in your email account also in the spam folder.
* Surf Camp Name * "

By means of a collective request:
Here the user has the opportunity to contact several surf camps with a form. The website operator forwards this form to all requested surf camps.
Title of the form: "Enquire all Surf Camps in a Region"
Description of the form: "Here you can enquire all Surf Camps in determined Region (not binding & free of charge). You will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your enquiry and a list of all Surf Camps we mailed the form to.Only the region and your email are mandatory. All other fields can be used at your own convenience to receive more customized offers. "

After prior communication with the website operator:
There will be various options for the user to request advice (via e-mail or forms). As part of the consultation, the website operator offers the user to forward his request to one or more providers (surf camps) so that they receive individual offers / answers directly from the provider (surf camp). After the user has confirmed his interest, the website operator forwards the request to the agreed surf camps and the user receives a list of all contacted surf camps.

Furthermore, the user has the opportunity to register at Surfcamp-online.com. The registration is used only and exclusively for storing his favorites.

13 - Privacy

The personal data of the user voluntarily transmitted by the user through the forms on http://www.surfcamp-online.com are stored and processed by Intercan Connect SLU.

The user expressly consents to the storage and purposeful processing of his data, by accepting the "Terms and Conditions" and the "Privacy Policy", which are linked to the pop-up when visiting the website for the first time. Through the further use of the website, the user articulates his expressed consent.

By accepting the "Privacy Policy", the user expressly agrees that Intercan Connect SLU will forward its data to the selected providers whose quotes it has requested. The data provided directly by the user serve the providers to create an individual offer with the best price. In most cases, it is necessary for the provider to forward the email address of the user, with the sole purpose of bringing suppliers and users into contact so that they can conclude the desired contract.

In this respect, the company fulfills the request received from the user to forward its enquiry to the selected providers. The user understands and accepts that his data are treated by the provider in the same way as in a personal / direct request and that the processing of his data on the part of the provider is beyond the influence, control and responsibility of Intercan Connect SLU.

The user guarantees the accuracy of all data transmitted through the forms on Surfcamp-online.com or other electronic means.

The processing of the user's personal data by Intercan Connect SLU is carried out in accordance with Regulation LO 15/1999 and Royal Decree 1720/2007.

The consent to the processing of his data can be revoked by the user at any time.

14 - Customer Service

In order to handle complaints quickly and efficiently, the website operator provides a customer service. The customer service is obliged to process complaints within 10 days. If the customer does not agree with the response received or has expired 2 months after the complaint has been made and only if all possibilities of the regular customer service have been exhausted, the user can contact the complaints service of "Banco de España".

Contact Information Customer Service Surfcamp-online.com:

Telephone: +34 828 680 066
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

15 - Applicable Law / Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are governed by Spanish law. Jurisdiction is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain)


Best Price Guarantee

Your inquiry will always be answered directly by the Surf Camp. That is why you will always receive the lowest price possible without intermediation fees.
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