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Which surf camp in Bali? Everything you need to know!

Are you looking for adventure, beautiful beaches and tropical climate with good surfing conditions all year round? Then a surf camp in Bali is just right for you! Here you will find an overview of 28 surf camps in Bali and things you should know and consider for you stay in Bali.


Overview of all surf camps in Bali

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Bali is a paradise for every surfer. Due to the tropical climate, you can catch the best waves all year round. Especially suitable and popular amongst beginners are the surf camps located in Western Bali. Since the waves are not too high and the ground is mostly made up of sand, the west coast offers the best conditions for beginner levels. Canggu, Seminyak and Kuta do not only offer first-class surf spots but they are also popular tourist destinations and provide great leisure activities for everyone's interest. The east coast of Bali offers great waves and is particularly popular during the rainy season as conditions tend to be better here. Nonetheless, the most well known and most thrilling waves of Bali are found on the Bukit peninsula. Those spots are world known and attract surfers from all over the world. However, they are mainly suitable for experienced surfers. Intermediate and advanced surfers also have the opportunity to discover the beauty of the island during a boat trip tailored for surfers.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, Bali has the perfect surf spot for you.

Surf camps on the west coast

You are looking for peacefulness and relaxation away from touristic places? Then we recommend the surf camps in Western Bali. Popular surf spots such as Medewi and Balian Beach can be found here while crowded tourist places are avoided. Therefore, the west coast is the perfect destination for anyone wanting to dig deeper into the Balinese culture and escape the daily life.

The surf camps Medevi Bay Retreat and Puri Dajuma Beach Eco Resort, closely located to the most known beach of the west coast, Medewi Beach, offer the perfect balance between surfing and relaxation. Medewi Beach is patriculary popular for its long wave, which can be up to half a kilometre long. But be careful! Stones cover the ground, which is why wearing booties is recommended. In order to avoid injuries, this wave should only be surfed by experienced surfers. Nevertheless, beginners still have the opportunity to gain needed skills. Neighbouring beaches often have a sandy subsoil and offer perfect conditions for beginners while ensuring that injuries are limited. Additionally, the waves on the west coast are generally smaller than those of other well-known surfspots in Southern Bali. These conditions make it easier for beginners to learn new techniques and enjoy their surfing adventure.

Western Bali also experienced a considerably smaller tourism development than other regions of the country. This atmosphere can be felt in the surfcamps there. Guest will often get in contact with locals and have the opportunity to experience their customs and traditions. Therefore, you will not only have an amzing surfing holiday but correspondingly gather many valuable cultural experiences.

Similar conditions are also found at the surf camps Beach Villa Balian and Pondok Pisces located at Balian Beach. At this place, the second largest river of Bali meets the sea and creates waves for every surf level, with consistently great conditions all year round. Beginners are advised to stick to the smaller waves on the inside, whereas experienced surfers can prove their skills on the larger waves further outside. After a long day in those waves a large variety of excursions are offered. Rice fields, volcanoes and fishing trips are easily accessible from the accommodation and provide a great opportunity to gain first insights into the Balinese lifestyle.

Most popular surf camps on the west coast

Beach Villa Balian (Bali, Indonesia)
- Beach Villa Balian (Bali, Indonesia) starstarstar
623.00€  per week

br. Pengasahan,desa Lalanglinggah, Tabanan, Bali Westcoast, 82162, Bali, Indonesia

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Puri Dajuma Beach Eco Resort (Medewi, Bali)
- Puri Dajuma Beach Eco Resort (Medewi, Bali) starstarstar

Pekutatan, Medewi, Bali Westcoast, 82262, Bali, Indonesia

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Pondok Pisces Bali (Bali, Indonesia)
- Pondok Pisces Bali (Bali, Indonesia) starstarstar
Rp1,900,000.00  per week

Jalan Pantai Balian no.74, Balian Beach, Bali Westcoast, 00000, Bali, Indonesia

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Surf camps on the east coast

Away from touristic places are also our surf camps in Eastern Bali. Here you will not only find great surf lessons, but you will also gather unique experiences. Whether you like luxury, yoga or freediving and spear fishing, the Eastern part of the island has a lot to offer.

The impressive eastern part of Bali offers first-class waves for all levels. During the rainy season the waves of the east coast generally have better conditions and become popular surfing spots. Best suitable for beginners is the Blind Dog Inn surf camp as their surf spot (Baby Reef) has the perfect waves for this level. The waves here are smaller and longer and can easily be surfer by beginners. The daily schedule of this surf camp includes plenty of free and leisure time, during which guests have the opportunity to discover surrounding areas, relax in the accommodation or spend time with local dogs.

If you are not only looking solely for a surfing adventure, then Hotel Komune Resort & Beach Club is the right place for you. Located directly at Keramas Beach, this accommodation does not only have ideal surfing conditions, which are also popular amongst locals, but it is also the ideal place to escape your everyday life and relax during a wellness holiday. Keramas Surf Spot provides ideal surfing conditions for intermediate and advances surfers and was a secret surf spot of the island for a long time. Local experts can be admired at this spot, and airs and barrel breaks are very common. In June Keramas Beach becomes the showplace of the Oeakley Pro Bali, a competition during which professional surfers can demonstrate their skills. If you are interested in trying something unique, this is the place for you. The accommodation offers daily “night surfing” during which a limited number of surfers enjoy the waves between 7pm and midnight. Beware! In order to participate you should to sign in beforehand to safe your spot.

Are you searching for more adventure? Then Monkey Activities Surfcamp located on Nusa Lembongan island is the right place for you. Beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers can learn needed techniques and improve their surfing skills. If solely surfing is not enough, you have the opportunity to explore the marine life during a freediving lesson. This activity is not only a unique experience but also helps surfers feeling more comfortable and stronger underwater. This also helps improving duck diving techniques. If you are still looking for more adventure, then spear fishing awaits for you after successful completing of your freediving lesson.

Most popular surf camps on the east coast

Monkey Activities (Bali, Indonesia)
- Monkey Activities (Bali, Indonesia) starstarstar
413.00€  per week

Jungutbatu Beach, Nusa Lembongan, Bali Eastcoast, 03661, Bali, Indonesia

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Hotel Komune (Bali, Indonesia)
- Hotel Komune (Bali, Indonesia) starstarstar
679.00€  per week

Jl. Pantai Keramas, Gianyar, Bali Eastcoast, 80361, Bali, Indonesia

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Blind Dog Inn (Bali, Indonesia)
32BS.1600004 - Blind Dog Inn (Bali, Indonesia) starstarstar

Gang Wana Sari 18c, Sanur, Bali Eastcoast, 80228, Bali, Indonesia

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Surf camp boats

If you are looking for more adventurous holidays, then a stay on either Solid Surf House Boat or Indo Boat Cruise is recommended. Those surf camps are located on sea. What does this mean you may ask. They are boats and offer tailored tours for surfers during which you get to enjoy some of the best waves in Bali and can discover beautiful places offshore. In small groups you will discover those places during a multi-day trip, during which you will not only have the possibility to improve your surfing skills at unique spots but can also experience the marine life during diving tours, go stand up paddling or kayaking or join a fishing trip. Nonetheless, the waves during this trip are only suitable for experienced surfer. However, beginners can still enjoy those waves on provided boogie boards.

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Surf camps in Canggu

You are looking for exciting and adventurous holidays and worldclass surf spots? Then our surf camps in and around Canggu and Kuta are just right for you. These places do not only have breathtaking waves, but many bars/ restaurants and shopping facilities are also located close by.

Canggu is the perfect place for travellers aiming to find a balance between rest and adventure. Although the place is far less visited than Seminyak and Kuta, you will find plently leisure activities here. At the same time, Canggu is a true paradise for surfers. Due to numerous surf spots, Canggu has perfect waves for each surf level. Especially Surfspots like Batu Bolong, Echo Beach, Old Man’s and Berawa are easily accessible from the surf camps in Canggu and offer perfect conditions for beginners. Experienced surfers will enjoy the waves at Pererenan and The Sandbar; at this place local experts can also be found and observed. Many surf camps in Canggu use the variety of beaches nearby and find the perfect surf spot each day, based on daily conditions and personal surf levels. This way, guests can ride a variety of waves, discover new beaches and surf spots and improve their skills during their stay.

After a long day in the waves, you can indulge yourself in the diverse range of activities and facilities Canggu has to offer. Many restaurants and bars, offering traditional and international cuisine, can be found here. Therefore, Canggu is the perfect place for all tastes. Although Canggu does not have a nightclub itself, the nightlife is still enjoyable. The most popular and simultaneously biggest bar in Canggu is the ”Old Man’s”. Especially on Wednesday evenings many people gather here and enjoy their night with a cold drink. Additionally, several beach bars are located along the beach in Canggu and offer stunning views of the sunset.

Most popular surf camps in Canggu

Endless Summer Surf Camp (Kuta, Bali)
- Endless Summer Surf Camp (Kuta, Bali) starstarstar

Jl. Benesari No.55, Kuta, Kec. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Kuta, 80361, Bali, Indonesia

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Pelan Pelan Bali (Bali, Indonesia)
- Pelan Pelan Bali (Bali, Indonesia) starstarstar
175.00€  per week

Jalan Sempol, Munduk Batu Belah, Pererenan, Canggu, 80361, Bali, Indonesia

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Mondo LifeStyle Resort (Pererenan, Indonesia)
- Mondo LifeStyle Resort (Pererenan, Indonesia) starstarstar
299.00€  per week

Jalan Munduk Batu Belah, Gang Frangioani, n 9, Pererenan, Canggu, -, Bali, Indonesia

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Surf camps in Seminyak

A little further located south is Seminyak. In recent years Seminyak has become increasingly more popular and has become popular tourist destination nowadays. However, it is still seemingly quieter than its neighbouring place Kuta. Especially the long sand beach and corresponding Double Six Beach is very popular amongst tourists. Nevertheless, with little effort you can still find a quiet place away from the crowd. In addition, Seminyak Beach is ideal for beginners; KuDeTa, Gado-Gado, HalfWay and Padma are some of the most popular beach breaks in this area. But be careful. The current at the beach can be quiet strong and should not be underestimated. The surf camps in Seminyak also offer suitable surfing destinations for intermediate and advanced surfer. To reach those, depending on the surflevel of individuals and daily conditions, the perfect spots are chosen each day and offered on Surfaris.

If you want to take a break after a long day of surfing, you will find many opportunities in Seminyak. Numerous cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs are located here. There are also a variety of shopping facilities in Seminyak. So there is definitely no time for boredom. Additionally, some temples located in and around Seminyak provide opportunities to learn more about the culture and Balinese lifestyle. If that is not enough, one of the most famous destinations of Bali, Kuta, is only a short drive away.

Most popular surf camps in Seminyak

Seminyak Surf Villa Deluxe (Bali, Indonesia)
- Seminyak Surf Villa Deluxe (Bali, Indonesia) starstarstar
549.00€  per week

Jalan Abimanyu, Gang Puri Kubu 63b, Seminyak, 80361, Bali, Indonesia

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Kima Surf Camp Seminyak (Bali, Indonesia)
- Kima Surf Camp Seminyak (Bali, Indonesia) starstarstar
279.00€  per week

Jalan Abimanyu, Gang Puri Kubu 63b, Seminyak, 80361, Bali, Indonesia

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Kima Surf Camp Canggu (Bali, Indonesia)
- Kima Surf Camp Canggu (Bali, Indonesia) starstarstar
299.00€  per week

Jalan Munduk Catu, Batu Bolong, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Canggu, 80361, Bali, Indonesia

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Surf camps in Kuta

Kuta is one of the most popular destinations of Bali, closely located to the capital Denpasar. The long and popular beach of Kuta provides perfect conditions for beginner levels. Due to the length of the beach, it is not overcrowded as people easily spread out. The most popular surf spot of the beach is HalfWay Kuta as it is the place where the waves break the longest. Additionally, surf camps located in Kuta offer transfers to beaches with surf spots suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers. Those trips are mostly included in the prices. Surfmania offers perfect conditions for young adults who come together and like to experience the nightlife in Kuta. Nevertheless, this surf camp also has facilities for families and older guests. Cultural offers and facilities such as playgrounds, yoga lessons or hikes up the surrounding volcanoes are just some of the wide range of leisure opportunities offered. Particularly suitable for families is the surf camp Stoked Surf. The surf camp offers surfing lessons tailored for children aged between 6 and 15, who want to gain first surfing experiences at a young age. If the whole family wants to learn how to surf, special family lessons for up to 4 family members can be booked. For a more unique experience, we recommend G-Land Joyo’s Surf Camp located in the “Alas Purwo” National Park Reserve. In the months from March to November, guests can experience real jungle feeling and improve their skills at the surf spot called Speedies.

Kuta also has many leisure facilities and activities. In the evenings, the beach of Kuta becomes the most popular place for people to meet. Numerous beach bars offer an amazing atmosphere, where you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Additionally, several clubs are located in Kuta, making it a true paradise for party lovers. If you are more interested in learning about the culture and history of Bali, then Kuta is also the right place for you. You should definitely visit the Bali Bombing Memorial; a place to reminisce about the terrorist attacks. Additionally, Kuta is a perfect starting point for trips to all destinations of Bali; several temples, rice terraces and other natural attractions are closely located to the city.

Most popular surf camps in Kuta

G-LAND Joyo's Surf Camp (Bali, Indonesia)
- G-LAND Joyo's Surf Camp (Bali, Indonesia) starstarstar
550.00€  per week

Benesari St. No 77, Kuta, 80361, Bali, Indonesia

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Drop In Surf Lodge And Café (Lombok, Indonesia)
- Drop In Surf Lodge And Café (Lombok, Indonesia) starstarstar

Jalan Mandalika Pantai Resort, Kuta, 83573, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia

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Kahuna Surfclub (Haifa, Israel)
- Kahuna Surfclub (Haifa, Israel) starstarstar
₪100.00  per week

David Elazar St 10, Haifa, 00000, Hefa, Israel

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Surf camps on Bukit peninsula

The Bukit peninsula has the most breathtaking waves of Bali. Worldknown surf spots such as Uluwatu, Pandang Pandang, Bingin, Dreamland and Impossibles are in close proximity to the surf camps on Bukit and attrackt surfers from all around the world. Each of these surf spots has its own unique characteristics, ranging from perfect barrel breaks to Balis pipeline found at Padang Padang Beach. Nonetheless, those surf spots should only be surfed by experienced surfers as the waves can become quite challeging. However, beginners can enjoy watching professionals at those surf spots and observe their skills and tricks. Due to the high qualities those surf spots offer, it is not surprising that numerous competitions, such as the Rip Curl Cup, take place here. Further, the World Surf League took place at Uluwatu in 2018, making it a worldknown first class surf spots. If you are not an experienced surfer, the only surf spot suitable at Bukit peninsula is Baby Pandang. However, most surf camps provide excursions to neighbouring surf spots more suitable for this level.

Also Bukit has numerous temples and other sights which can be discovered during your stay. If you want to see more or experience the nightlife, Kuta is only a 30 minute drive away and can easily be reached from the surf camps.

Most popular surf camps in Bukit

Kamafari Surfcamp Bali (Badung, Indonesia)
- Kamafari Surfcamp Bali (Badung, Indonesia) starstarstar

Jl. Labuan Sait Pecatu, Badung - Bali, Pecatu, -, Bali, Indonesia

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Rapture Surfcamp Padang-Padang (Bali)
- Rapture Surfcamp Padang-Padang (Bali) starstarstar

Jl. Labuhan Sait, Pecatu, 80361, Bali, Indonesia

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Padang Padang Surf Camp (Bali, Indonesia)
- Padang Padang Surf Camp (Bali, Indonesia) starstarstar
£295.00  per week

Jl Labuan Sait, Pecatu, Bali, 80361, Bali, Indonesia

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Collective enquiry

You cannot decide which surf camp is best for you? Then send a collective enquiry to all surf camps in your preferred region.

Things you should do while staying in Bali

  • Go on a scooter tour around the island (Beware, an international drivers licence should be owned)
  • Discover the tasty Balinese culinary and local fruits
  • Relax your body during a massage
  • Discover rice fields, waterfalls, volcanoes and other natural attractions of Bali
  • Visit the holy Monkey Forest in Ubud
  • Experience the nightlife and visit popular bars and clubs (especially in Kuta)
  • Explore the marine life during a snorkling or diving trip
  • Visit one of the Gili island of Bali (Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan)

And don't forgot to enjoy your life and feel the freedom of surfing

Things you should consider before travelling:

  • Inform yourself about possible Visa regulations (often a tourist visa should be suitable)
  • Check that your passport is valid for more than 6 months before entering the country
  • Find a suitable health insurance
  • Check whether you need any specific vaccinations before your travel (best done in consultation with your doctor)


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