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On this page you will find:
  1. Canary Islands
    a. The best surf spots on the Canary Islands
    b. Most popular surf camps on the Canary Islands
  2. Basque Country
    a. The best surf camps in the Basque Country
    b. Most popular surf camps in the Basque Country
  3. Cantabria
    a. The best surf camps in Cantabria
    b. Most popular surf camps in Cantabria
  4. Asturias
    a. The best surf camps in Asturias
    b. Most popular surf camps in Asturias
  5. Galicia
    a. The best surf camps in Galicia
    b. Most popular surf camps in Galicia
  6. Andalusia
    a. The best surf camps in Andalusia
    b. Most popular surf camps in Andalusia
  7. Balearic Islands
    a. The best surf camps on the Balearic Islands
    b. Most popular surf camps on the Balearic Islands

All surf camps in Spain at a glance

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The 7 best surfing regions in Spain

1. Canary Islands

One of the top destinations for surfing holidays in Spain is definitely the Canary Islands. While many other destinations get colder in the winter months, the Canary Islands enjoy summer temperatures and a pleasantly mild climate all year round. The water temperatures also remain around 20 degrees in winter, which means that nothing stands in the way of a bathing or surfing holiday. In general, the Canary Islands are the perfect holiday destination for almost every target group: There are many flight connections from several European countries, you can find accommodation for every budget and leisure activities for families, couples, groups, singles, whether you are looking for peace and quiet or an active holiday, there are no limits!

a. The best surf spots on the Canary Islands


Fuerteventura is the second largest Canary Island with around 346 days of sunshine per year. It will win you over with its perfect waves, turquoise waters and white beaches, and is sure to keep you coming back. Fuerteventura offers plenty of fantastic surf beaches, whose gentle beach breaks are particularly suitable for learning to surf. Even though it is often very windy on Fuerteventura, a surfing holiday on the popular holiday island is an absolute must for both surfing beginners, e.g. at Waveguru Surfcamp, and advanced surfers, e.g. at Planet Surfcamps. Escape the grey winter days, enjoy the fresh spring air just after a few hours of flying and plunge into your next surfing adventure!


Lanzarote, the northernmost island of the Canary Islands, is a little less touristy than Fuerteventura and therefore feels very authentic. The best surfing conditions here are between September and January. Lanzarote is mainly recommended for experienced surfers, but beginners are also in perfect hands in the small fishing village of Famara, where you can find the RED STAR Surfcamp and Kaboti Surf, among others. The surf beach is about 3 km long and offers plenty of beach and reef breaks for surfers of all levels. Beyond surfing, Lanzarote is especially interesting for wine lovers as grapevines are cultivated there in a unique way and you can indulge in countless wine tastings.


Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and is characterised above all by the dormant volcano El Teide, located in the interior of the island, which is also the highest mountain in Spain. In the national park of the same name, there are unique landscapes and wonderful hiking routes to discover. Tenerife is also perfect for bathing and surfing holidays, both in the green north of the island and in the south, which is warm all year round. In the north, for example, you will find the Atlantik Surf, which will always take you to the best surf spots depending on the weather conditions. Surfing enthusiasts of all levels are also welcome at the Ika Ika Surfcamp in the south. One thing is guaranteed on the beautiful island of Tenerife: It will never be boring here due to the wide range of entertainment options!

Gran Canaria

Last but not least, unforgettable surf adventures await you on the island of Gran Canaria. While the south is very touristy and more interesting for package holidaymakers, a very special atmosphere awaits you in the northwest. There you will find the capital Las Palmas, which is characterised by its lively city beach Playa de Las Canteras, where locals and tourists meet. In the immediate vicinity is, for example, the La Ventana Azul Surfhouse, which offers a fantastic view of the sea. If you prefer something quieter, El Altillo House in the north of the island is the place to be. Whether it's the hustle and bustle of the city or a relaxing holiday, Gran Canaria has a very special flair that should not be missed.

b. Most popular surf camps on the Canary Islands

Surfcamp Las Palmas (Gran Canaria, Spain)
- Surfcamp Las Palmas (Gran Canaria, Spain) starstarstar
425.00€  per week

C/ El Salvador 7, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, 35010, Canarias, Spain

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Planet Surf Camps (Fuerteventura, Spain)
- Planet Surf Camps (Fuerteventura, Spain) starstarstar
249.00€  per week

Avenida Grandes Playas, Corralejo, Fuerteventura, 35660, Canarias, Spain

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RED STAR Surfcamp (Lanzarote)
- RED STAR Surfcamp (Lanzarote) starstarstar
240.00€ Per week

Avenida el Marinero 9, Caleta de Famara, Lanzarote, 35558, Canarias, Spain

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2. Basque Country

In the north of Spain, directly on the French border, is the Spanish part of the Basque Country, also called País Vasco. Even though the region is one of the most densely populated regions in the country, mass tourism has not taken hold here and the region is more popular with individual travellers. Above all, the excellent cuisine of the Basque Country attracts numerous visitors every year and in places like San Sebastian there is a large density of world-class restaurants that prepare both traditional and international dishes. The surrounding nature, characterised by fascinating mountains with numerous hiking trails, also attracts many nature enthusiasts to the region. But the coast is also a true natural spectacle. Whether small traditional fishing villages or large cities, many destinations have a special charm and at the same time first-class beach sections. These not only offer sun worshippers an influx, but are also popular with surfers due to the excellent surfing conditions. Numerous beach breaks can be found here and can be mastered by beginners as well as experienced surfers. The Bay of Biscay in particular influences the water temperatures locally and warms the Atlantic on the coast by up to 22°C under the right conditions. With a bit of luck, you can leave your wetsuit at home and jump into the waves without it.

a. The best surf spots in the Basque Country


Zarautz, with its long stretch of beach, is located on the Bay of Biscay and therefore has wonderful water temperatures. The long beach, which is separated by cliffs, is a real attraction of the town. Along the beach on the promenade, there are numerous cafés, restaurants and bars which offer pleasant leisure activities. Many surfers are also attracted to the town every year because of the good surfing conditions. In addition, an important surfing competition is held every year which is directly linked to the world championships. Thus, professionals can also be admired here.

The Goodpeople Surf Camp and the Stoke Travel Camp are located in Zarautz. The Goodpeople Surf Camp is located on the edge of the Talai Mendi campsite. It is only a few minutes' walk from here to the Atlantic Ocean and you can jump straight into the waves. From the rooms you can already watch the waves and enjoy the wonderful view of the coast. The camp has many facilities that invite you to relax after surfing. A large communal tent, sun terrace and hammocks are ideal places to relax a bit and at the same time exchange ideas with the other guests. Nevertheless, you can also continue to work out on the camp's own miniramp or on longboard excursions and at the same time explore the surroundings, because there is a lot to see here. In this environment, in the middle of the nature of the Pagoeta Nature Reserve, is the Stoke Travel Camp. Not far from San Sebastian, but still in the middle of nature, this camp offers relaxation and adventure at the same time. In the middle of nature, you can retreat and relax here or plunge into the hustle and bustle of San Sebastian in just a few minutes' drive and spend exciting days here. Those who want a little more adventure and to explore numerous surf spots in the Basque Country can also take part in the Van Surfari Spain & France. This is organised by Stoke Travel and starts in San Sebastian. Every day, depending on the conditions, you go to the best spots on the coast, whether in Spain or France, and can gain a lot of experience in the waves. At the same time you can discover many new places as the tents are pitched in camps in the evenings. Together in the group you decide on the evening plans before heading out again after a restful night's sleep.


Ibarrangelu is one of the most beautiful places on the Bizkaia coast. With its dunes and large soft beach it attracts many visitors every year. But not only the beach is a highlight of the place, also the historical importance in the centre of the village is clearly noticeable. In addition, the village is very much connected to agriculture, which can also be seen in the atmosphere and architecture of this village. Nevertheless, the biosphere reserve offers unique nature which can be explored during the stay.

Located in Ibarrangelu, in the middle of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, is the Laga Surfcamp. The surf camp offers lessons and accommodation for adults as well as children and teenagers aged 10 to 17. There are two accommodation options here: If you want to be close to nature, you can pitch your tent in the specially separated area, or you can find accommodation in the camp's own farmhouse. Different levels of surfing lessons are offered here which take place on the beaches of Laga and Laida-Mundaka. The waves at these locations are known as some of the best in the country and thus attract many surfers. After the surf lessons you can spend your free time at the camp with the other campers.

Gorliz & Barrika

Gorliz beach is a very popular destination. An almost 1 km long sandy beach can be found here. In addition, a little further into the sea there are two stone slabs which young people like to use as sunbeds. The beach at Barrika is also very popular, especially with surfers. Nevertheless, this section is very much influenced by the tides and at high tide there is little beach for sunbathing. The proximity to Bilbao also makes these places special. Bilbao is the capital of the Bizkaia region. Especially the Guggenheims Museum with its unique architecture has had a great influence on the city and has since given the place a modern and at the same time historical flair. Especially in the old town there are many unique historical buildings. Many restaurants and bars are located here, bringing hustle and bustle to the neighbourhood. Basque cuisine can also be enjoyed wonderfully here. But Bilbao does not miss out on nature either: Numerous parks are located in the city and offer wonderful opportunities for time out. Thus, a stay in Gorliz in combination with Bilbao is a perfect balance as you can easily switch between relaxation and excitement.

The Wellentime surf camp is located in Gorliz, not far from the metropolis of Bilbao. With different accommodation options, everyone will find the perfect accommodation for their interest and budget. Whether in a country house, hostel, campsite or bungalow, you are sure to find the right place for you. The bungalows are particularly suitable for groups or families, as they offer space for 4-6 people. From June to October, you can plunge into the waters of the Atlantic with daily surf lessons and explore the surrounding area with its great atmosphere in the evenings.

The Barrika Surfcamp, located in the village of the same name, offers a quiet and relaxed surfing stay. There is room for a maximum of 26 people at any one time. The house is divided into 2 floors, with rooms with private bathrooms on the ground floor which are perfect for families, couples or groups. Due to the limited number of rooms, there is quickly a family atmosphere here and you can end the days together after surfing. Even outside of the surf lessons, you can continue to work on your skills and improve your techniques with skating, slacklining or similar activities. Children between the ages of 12 and 17 can also experience their surfing adventure here as special children's surf packages are available. A maximum of 20 children can spend their holiday at the same time and there will be a supervisor on site who is available 24 hours a day.


Sopelana, often just called Sopela, has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the Basque Country. Unique nature surrounds the soft beaches here. In addition, the place has not only wonderful mountain bike and hiking trails, but also many activities that make the heart of adrenaline junkies beat faster. Whether paragliding, various water sports activities or climbing courses, there is a lot to experience here and brings pure adventure. There is also a nudist area in this part of the coast. Especially the annual nudist race has become a highlight of the place and attracts many onlookers. The surrounding area is easy to explore and offers not only first-class nature, but also popular cities such as Bilbao, which are within easy reach.

In Sopelana is the Moana surf camp, which is suitable not only for adults but also for children and teenagers. The accommodation is a modernised and converted farm and thus offers a unique type of accommodation. The surf lessons take place in small groups which are divided according to level and age. The accommodation also has unique recreational facilities in the camp. It has a heated and covered pool as well as a bar. For those who want a little more adventure, there is also a complete skate park (for beginners as well as advanced skaters) and a climbing wall in the camp. In addition, 5000 m² of garden belong to the camp. So there are unique opportunities to relax after surf lessons or to work out further. Theme nights can also be organised by the camp, where guests can get to know each other better and then spend the holiday together.

b. Most popular surf camps in the Basque Country

Van Surfari Spain & France
- Van Surfari Spain & France
360.00€  per week

Barrio Talaimendi, S/N, Zarautz, 20800, Pais Vasco, Spain

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Goodpeople Surf Surfcamp (Zarautz - Spain)
- Goodpeople Surf Surfcamp (Zarautz - Spain) starstarstarstar
209.00€  per week

Calle Monte Talai Mendi 20800, Zarautz, 20800, Pais Vasco, Spain

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Barrika Surfcamp (Biscay, Spain)
- Barrika Surfcamp (Biscay, Spain) starstarstar

Urbanización Garramune 49, Barrika, 48650, Pais Vasco, Spain

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3. Cantabria

In the north of Spain, between the Basque Country and Asturias, is the region of Cantabria. Especially the unique mixture of nature and landscapes makes this region a special place. Green nature, high mountains, cliffs and wonderful beaches characterise this landscape and attract a large number of visitors. Especially during the summer months Cantabria is a popular destination as there is little rainfall and it can get very warm on the beaches. Nevertheless, this is also the time of year for most travellers so that popular beach areas and towns can quickly become crowded. This is not a problem, however, as there are many hidden places to explore which are far from the crowds. There are over 6000 caves in the region and this is just one example of the spectacular places that can be explored locally. The wonderful surfing conditions and leisure activities in the surrounding nature also attract many surfers and sports enthusiasts every year. So you can always find someone to share your passion and indulge in nature with.

a. The best surf spots in Cantabria


Santoña is home to the Watsay Surf School and the Berria Surf School. Both schools do not only offer accommodation for adults, but also have special youth camps. The Watsaysurf School is located on an area of 1500m² and offers accommodation for everyone. In July, the camp is open for 10-17 year olds, whereas adults are expected in August. Up to 75 guests can sleep here in shared rooms and guests are divided according to age and gender. This makes it easy for them to exchange ideas with like-minded people and make new contacts. Surfing is done in small groups so that the lessons can be individually tailored to the students. The Berria Surf School is also located in Santoña and offers surf lessons for adults and minors. Everyone is welcome here and can let off steam in the waves of the Atlantic. The lessons are completely adapted to the level of the participants, so that everyone gets the right encouragement. In addition, the camp is very environmentally conscious and shares this knowledge with its guests through specific talks. In this way, one also learns to live in a more environmentally conscious way and can apply this knowledge in the future.


The Loredo Surf House of the same name is located in Loredo. The house is only 2 minutes away from the Somo-Loredo beach, where the surf lessons also take place. From the garden you can easily watch the waves and catch your first glimpses of the ocean. The surf house is perfect for families or groups. Double rooms or shared rooms are available and can accommodate the whole family or group of friends. The surf house attaches great importance to a relaxed and family atmosphere. Thus, you will also find many facilities to relax in the garden, such as hammocks or chill out areas. But popular activities like table tennis can also be pursued here. Surfing takes place twice a day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon) in small groups, which are divided according to level. In the vicinity of the surf house you will find everything you need for a holiday: Bars, shops, restaurants, skate parks and much more. So you can let off steam here and then relax at the camp.


The 7 km long sandy beach of Somo offers ideal surfing conditions for every level. For this reason, several surf camps can be found in Somo. They use the long sandy beach as their home spot, teach their guests how to surf and at the same time offer an insight into the surfing lifestyle. Everyone will find the right surf camp for them. Some camps offer large dormitories suitable for groups, while others offer double rooms. Generally, surfing is done in small groups, learning the necessary skills and techniques. After the surf lessons the surf camps also offer some activities in the camp. Whether volleyball, party nights, relaxation areas or skate parks, there is a lot to explore. The proximity to surrounding towns, such as Santander, are often included in the programme and are popular destinations for excursions.


Located in a place called Suances is the Bio-Surf-Camp. The camp has 2000 m² at its disposal. On this property there are not only the accommodation facilities, such as bungalows or tents, but also a vegetable garden. Guests can relax in the sauna, on the terrace or in the pool and socialise with the other guests. It is also easy to make new friends in the kitchen and dining room. Surf lessons are mainly held at La Playa de Los Locos; however, depending on the day's conditions, there are plenty of alternative options in the immediate vicinity. Even after the surf lessons you can continue to work on your skills and improve techniques at the camp. Skateboards and slacklines can be rented here, but there are also books and films to borrow for quiet days.

Oyambre National Park

The Oyambre National Park is a protected coastal area which stretches from Comillas to San Vicente de la Barquera. There is a variety of nature to be found here; from cliffs and estuaries to dunes and beautiful beaches. Thus, many ecosystems are found in this nature park, which are important for the region. Due to the variety of ecosystems, there are also many different flora and fauna. The natural diversity is also very much appreciated by visitors to the nature park, numerous hiking routes and viewpoints as well as leisure activities in the villages are very popular with visitors and offer a change between city hustle and bustle and natural tranquillity. Consequently, some surf camps can also be found in the towns of the park.

El Tejo

Located in the town of El Tejo, the Oyambre Surfcamp is only 20 metres from the beach. Here you will find a family and positive atmosphere with guests from all over the world. The camp staff is also an international team. Thus, many different cultures meet here and you can easily exchange ideas and learn a lot about the world, countries and cultures at the same time. There are two different types of accommodation at this surf camp, either in the comfortable surfhouse with chillout areas and hammocks or closer to nature in tents. No matter which accommodation you book, a unique experience is guaranteed. Everyone from the age of 6 is welcome to surf lessons. Lessons are suitable for all levels and, depending on the level, you surf in groups of 6. You can also try out bodyboarding or stand up paddling here. If you don't want to be in the water for once, you can explore the surrounding region on foot or by bike and indulge in nature.


The Star Surfcamp is also located not far from the coast and yet right in the heart of the nature park. Accommodation here is in large tipi tents. There is also a chill-out area and communal tents. This makes it easy to get in touch with other guests and spend relaxing days together. The camp not only offers surf lessons, but also has regular SUP lessons. Depending on the weather conditions, the best locations are chosen for the surf lessons. If the conditions don't bring waves, SUP and snorkelling lessons are offered. There is also plenty to explore outside the water. Whether it's trips with beach bikes to neighbouring towns or skate trips in the surrounding nature. Some adventures await you here.

Los Llaos

Los Llaos is a small village about 3km from San Vicente de la Barquera. There are just under 200 inhabitants in the village. This guarantees a holiday far away from tourists and parties. If you are looking for relaxation and tranquillity, this is the place for you. In addition, the other regions of the nature park are easy to reach.

The Elementsurf Camp is located in the Oyambre Nature Park in Los Llaos. Here, guests can choose to either stay in the camp's own house in a single or twin room or settle down in a tent on the campsite. The camp itself offers relaxation and is spared from mass tourism. Surf lessons take place in small groups on the beach of Oyambre or Meron. Depending on the surf conditions, the surf lessons are moved to the respective spots with the best daytime conditions. Thus, beginners as well as advanced surfers can surf different waves of the Atlantic coast. There are 3 kilometres of sandy beach here and the surf spots are therefore relatively empty as the crowds can get lost.

San Vicente de la Barquera

In San Vicente de la Barquera you will find the Planet Surfcamp, the Dreamsea Surfcamp and the Surf House Sanvi. All 3 surf camps combine the wonderful surrounding nature with a surf adventure and thus have a very special atmosphere. If you want to be close to nature, the Planet Surfcamp and the Dreamsea Surfcamp are the right places for you. Accommodation here is in tents. At Planet Surfcamp, two people share a large 4-person tent. This makes it easy to get in touch with other guests and still has a place to retreat to if you want to be alone. The tents are pitched under the large trees of the El Rosario campsite and bring a cosy atmosphere to the camp. Whether party atmosphere or relaxation, the camp offers a variety of leisure activities and facilities. At Dreamsea Surfcamp, you are also close to nature. Nevertheless, you can combine your stay with a little luxury and be accommodated in one of the glamping tents. Here you have a mixture of comfort, luxury and pure nature. The surf camp is located on the El Rosal campsite. In addition to classic leisure activities such as volleyball, table tennis and the like, you can also really pamper yourself here. With yoga and massages you can completely relax and free your body and mind. Things are a little different at the Surf House Sanvi. The accommodation here is in a traditional house on a hill above San Vicente de la Barquera. This means you are in the middle of nature and at the same time well connected to the town. From the camp you have wonderful views of the Atlantic bays, the Oyambre Nature Park and even the Picos de Europa mountains. With many surf spots nearby, all surf camps have courses for beginners as well as advanced surfers and can move their surf lessons to the best spot depending on the conditions of the day.

Abanillas & Luey

Both Abanillas and Luey are home to one of the Outeroutes Adventure Camps. The camps are perfect for adventure seekers. You can choose between 6 activities and then organise your holiday individually. Here, the focus is not only on surfing, but on the search for the next adventure. Whether horseback riding, canyoning or surfing, everyone will find the right adventure for them. At the same time, the camps attach great importance to the environment and minimise their ecological footprint as much as possible. You can also support the environment and spend a sustainable holiday here. Due to the location between the mountains and the ocean, all activities are easy and quick to reach. The food in the camps is also one of the highlights. The camp's own chefs will enchant you with their delicacies every day.

b. Most popular surf camps in Cantabria

Dreamsea Surfcamp (Cantabria, Spain)
- Dreamsea Surfcamp (Cantabria, Spain)
199.00€  per week

C/Camping El Helguero, Ruiloba, 39527, Cantabria, Spain

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Bio-Surf-Camp (Suances, Cantabria, Spain)
- Bio-Surf-Camp (Suances, Cantabria, Spain) starstarstar

St. Serapio Beade, Suances, 39340, Cantabria, Spain

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Outeroutes Adventure Camps Luey (Luey, Spain)
- Outeroutes Adventure Camps Luey (Luey, Spain) starstarstar
810.00€  per week

Piñar de Luey, Luey, 39594, Cantabria, Spain

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4. Asturias

Asturias is brimming with natural beauty. Nevertheless, the region in the north of Spain is often still considered an insider tip by the Spaniards. Not many international visitors know this place and so it is mainly Spaniards who spend their summer holidays in this region and enjoy nature to the full. Asturias' landscape is characterised by wonderful nature: High cliffs, deep valleys, dreamlike beaches and old fishing villages can be found here and offer wonderfully relaxing and varied days. The special nature of Asturias has already been recognised worldwide, so it comes as no surprise that a large part of it has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But it is not only nature lovers who will get their money's worth here. Adrenaline junkies can also choose from a variety of leisure activities and thus find the perfect destinations and leisure options for themselves. Whether surfing in the wonderful waves of the Atlantic or mountain bike tours through the mountains, there is plenty to explore here. The beaches, which often extend shallowly into the water, are also ideal for families and children as they can let off steam in the shallow water.

a. The best surfing spots in Asturias


The Gijon Surf Hostel is located only 150 metres from the beach and is also not far from the city centre. The surf camp is suitable for everyone, whether single travellers, couples or groups. Families are also welcome. For groups and families, the camp has a large room on the ground floor, which has space for up to 10 people. In addition, groups can get a discount. But there is also the perfect room for single travellers or couples. The other floors of the house have double rooms and several common rooms where you can easily meet new people from all over the world. Surfing takes place in small groups for 2 hours a day. Afterwards, you can rent surf equipment, relax at the camp or explore the interior of the village on your own.


El Pez Escorpion and Escuela Surf Las Dunas are located in the Salinas area. Both have settled on the beach of Salinas and offer their surf lessons here. There is a perfect surf course for young and old, accompanied by excellent instructors. El Pez Escorpion has room for around 20 people. This means that there is quickly a family atmosphere here and guests can easily make new contacts. Those who take a surf course can use the materials free of charge for the whole day and continue to throw themselves into the waves after the course. You can also let off steam after your surf course at Escuela Surf Las Dunas. Here you will find volleyball games, skateboarding and many similar activities where you can exchange ideas with the other camp guests and spend time together. The town centre is also within easy reach of the surf camps and offers wonderful excursion destinations.

Puerto de Vega

Located in a small traditional fishing village called Puerto de Vega is the Alma Surf School. The camp is open to everyone, young and old. Family and underage camps are also offered. The surf school not only teaches you how to surf, but also shows you the surfing lifestyle and what it means to live it. Surfing is mainly done at Frejulfe and Barayo beaches. After the surf course you can try out many other activities such as skateboarding, surfboarding and volleyball.


Located in Tapia, the Camino Surfhouse is right on the beach of the Atlantic coast. Under Austrian management, mainly guests from Germany, Austria and Switzerland come together here, but any other nationality is also welcomed with open arms. Here you will find the perfect mix of pure relaxation and party atmosphere. The camp itself cultivates a relaxed atmosphere with chill-out areas. Nevertheless, party enthusiasts also get their money's worth in the place. This brings together a colourful mix of people who can spend a unique holiday together. Accommodation here comes in all shapes and sizes, whether tents, caravans or flat rooms. Everyone will find the right thing for them. The surf courses are adapted to the respective levels and the surf spot is also chosen daily. So there are always enough alternative spots in case of bad waves. Even after the surf courses you can still work out in the camp and play skating, volleyball or similar games with the other camp residents.

b. Most popular surf camps in Asturias

Camino Surfhouse Tapia (Asturias, Spain)
- Camino Surfhouse Tapia (Asturias, Spain) starstarstar
310.00€  per week

La Volta No. 5, Tapia de Casariego, 33740, Asturias, Spain

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Alma Surf School (Puerto de Vega, Spain)
- Alma Surf School (Puerto de Vega, Spain) starstarstar

Vega de Cima, Puerto de Vega, 33790, Asturias, Spain

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La Asturiana Surfcamp (Asturias, Spain)
- La Asturiana Surfcamp (Asturias, Spain) starstarstar
599.00€  per week

Playa de San Antolin, Llanes, , Asturias, Spain

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5. Galicia

Galicia is undoubtedly one of the places in mainland Europe where you can expect the highest probability of waves. The best months for beginners are June, July and August. Intermediate and advanced surfers travel best from April to mid-June or from September to October. The weather in summer is very good, with temperatures of up to 30 degrees during the day and a water temperature of around 20 degrees. But even in spring and autumn the local temperatures are still very pleasant, although regular rainfall is to be expected in the northwest of Spain. On the other hand, the entire surrounding area is very green and, thanks to the extensive, partly very mountainous and untouched nature, also invites you to go on distinctive hiking tours. Galicia is also known for its good cuisine. The excellent quality and variety of local products serve as the basis for a wide variety of delicacies and dishes. The people are very friendly and the region has been spared from mass tourism.

a. The best surfing spots in Galicia


In Lago, located at the lagoon of Valdoviño, you will find the Layback Surfcamp. This surf camp specialises in advanced and experienced surfers. It is the perfect place to improve your existing techniques and successfully ride green waves. The beach area used for this purpose offers unique conditions, as it is spared from surf tourism and therefore often has empty lineups. In the camp itself you will find everything you need for your stay. Chill-out and relaxation areas are available, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet and at the same time get in touch with the other camp guests. But even if you don't get enough of surfing, you can still work off your energy at the camp. Whether on a skateboard or balance board, there are many opportunities to work on your skills and techniques. In the nearby surroundings, there are also wonderful hiking trails that lead through nature and along the lagoon.


There are three surf camps in Ferrol. This means that there is the right accommodation for everyone, whether you are looking for relaxation or hustle and bustle. If you prefer it quiet, the Nordes Surfhouse is the right place for you. The surf camp has room for 12 people and thus quickly offers a family atmosphere. Here, guests can easily exchange ideas and spend relaxed and peaceful days together. Whether in the hammock, doing yoga or just relaxing in the sun in the garden, there are a few ways to unwind here. Depending on the conditions of the day, the best surf spots for your level are chosen and the surf lessons are moved there. There is a choice of more than 10 surf spots in the close vicinity of the camp, so the perfect waves are always guaranteed. If you want a bit more hustle and bustle on your holiday, the WaveRocker Surfcamp or The Camp Doniños is the right place for you. Even though there is often a certain quietness in the camp here, the party is not far away. In addition, the camps have a larger number of participants and therefore an exciting atmosphere from the ground up as you can sit together in large groups and spend your holiday together.

b. Most popular surf camps in Galicia

Camino Surf Valdovino (Valdoviño, Spain)
- Camino Surf Valdovino (Valdoviño, Spain) starstarstar
279.00€  per week

Ctra. de la Playa, s/n, Valdoviño, 15552, Galicia, Spain

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Alawa Surf Camp (Valdoviño, Spain)
- Alawa Surf Camp (Valdoviño, Spain) starstarstar
140.00€  per week

O Ariño 24, Valdoviño, 15553, Galicia, Spain

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Layback Surfcamp (Lago, Spain)
- Layback Surfcamp (Lago, Spain) starstarstar
369.00€  per week

O‘ Muiño No. 1, Lago, 15551, Galicia, Spain

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6. Andalusia

Andalusia covers an area of 83,000 km². The region is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and Portugal. Thus, there is a great variety of nature and culture here which attracts numerous tourists every year. Andalusia has many towns and cities that radiate with culture. Thus, you can see many flamenco dances or the famous bullfights. In addition, the inhabitants are very open and friendly towards visitors and like to share their customs. But not only the cities and their culture attract many visitors: The surrounding nature is also a real magnet of the region. Whether it's hiking through the mountains or beach days on the coast, everyone will find what they are looking for here. The Costa da Luz is particularly popular with surfers. Here on the Atlantic coast, there are wonderful surfing conditions which are suitable for every level. So everyone gets their money's worth here and can experience their own individual surfing adventure. The climate in Andalusia is characterised by the typical Mediterranean climate. You will find mild and dry summers and warm and humid winters. Due to the mountains, however, the region also offers winter holiday destinations.

a. The best surfing spots in Andalusia

Caños de Meca

Only 100m from the beach in Caños de Meca you will find the Camino Surf Canos de Meca. The camp is under Austrian management and often has guests from Germany, Switzerland or Austria, but international guests are also welcomed with open arms. As the average age at the camp is 25, the atmosphere here tends to be relaxed. Anyone who is still in the mood for a party will find just the right thing for the evening in nearby El Palmar. There are more than enough waves here, because here the west coast meets the south coast and thus brings many different types of waves, whether big or small. So there is something for everyone and the surf lessons will take place in the most ideal places, depending on the conditions of the day. Even after surfing you can still let off steam in the camp and get to know the other campmates. Skating, volleyball or mountain biking will give you the chance to let off some steam and those who want to take it a little easier will find new friends in the chill-out area or playing board games.

Zahara de los Atunes

The Zahara Surf School is located in the middle of wonderful nature in Zahara de los Atunes. Anyone who wants to completely surrender to nature and surfing and avoid the hustle and bustle of the larger towns is welcome here. Because of its tranquillity, it is the ideal place for a holiday with friends, family or as a couple, but solo travellers will also easily meet new people here. The camp has different types of accommodation, so that everyone can find the perfect accommodation for themselves and fulfil their dream of surfing. Surfing is a priority at the camp. Every day it's about finding the best wave, forgetting your worries while surfing and simply enjoying the waves.

b. Most popular surf camps in Andalusia

South Coast Surf School & Camp (El Palmar, Spain)
- South Coast Surf School & Camp (El Palmar, Spain) starstarstar
290.00€  per week

Avda. del Atlántico s/n, El Palmar, 11159, Andalucia, Spain

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Clandestino (Zahara de los Atunes, Spain)
- Clandestino (Zahara de los Atunes, Spain) starstarstar
315.00€  per week

Calle de Pajares, 21, Zahara de los Atunes, 11393, Andalucia, Spain

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Lost Elementos Kitesurfing (Tarifa, Spain)
- Lost Elementos Kitesurfing (Tarifa, Spain) starstarstar
375.00€  per week

Playa de Los Lances, Tarifa, 11380, Andalucia, Spain

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7. Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are at the top of the list of most popular holiday destinations, especially among Germans, and are particularly appreciated by party lovers. But beyond the party image, the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera also have gorgeous beaches, picturesque coastlines and mountainous landscapes to offer. In addition to the wonderful surf spots on the Spanish mainland and the Canary Islands, there is also the opportunity to let off steam with surfing and other water sports activities. Due to the countless flight connections, even from many smaller cities, the journey from European countries is very uncomplicated and flight tickets can often be obtained for little money.

a. The best surf spots on the Balearic Islands

If you want to spend a surfing holiday on Mallorca and prefer to explore the island in the quieter low season, BonaOna is the place to be. During the wave season from September to April, lessons in surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, body board and SUP are offered for both adults and children, whether beginners or advanced. BonaOna also has a bar, which, like the surf school, is located directly on the beach in Can Pastilla. From there you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the bay of Playa de Palma and relax after surfing. On the neighbouring island of Ibiza is Paddle Surf Spain, which specialises in SUP (Stand Up Paddling) and offers very special courses and tours. On the SUP boards you can not only explore the beautiful island, but also take yoga, Pilates and other fitness courses. Furthermore, Paddle Surf Spain scores with its ideal location: In just a few minutes' walk, you can reach the magical centre of Ibiza, where there are many different bars, restaurants and shops to discover. The surrounding beaches, such as Cala Nova and Cala Llenya, which are among the most beautiful on the north-east coast, are also in the immediate vicinity of the SUP school.

b. Most popular surf camps on the Balearic Islands

BonaOna (Mallorca, Spain)
- BonaOna (Mallorca, Spain) starstarstar
115.00€  per week

Carrer Palangres 7, Can Pastilla, 07610, Islas Baleares, Spain

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Paddle Surf Spain (Ibiza, Spain)
ET 0306-E - Paddle Surf Spain (Ibiza, Spain) starstarstar
429.00€  per week

Carrer Pou d'en Ribes, n13, Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza, 07849, Islas Baleares, Spain

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