Africa, the mysterious continent. Here you will find many good surf spots, yet Africa (surfing) is touristic not yet very well developed. The most famous surfing areas are found in South Africa, Madagascar and Senegal. Way to explore the coast away from the famous surf spots you can discover many secluded and unknown good points and breaks.

Madagaskar - Mozambique - South Africa - Ghana - Senegal

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Surfcamps in Madagascar from 364 ,- € / Week

surfing Madagascar  

Madagascar is one of the most famous surf countries of African. The island is situated in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Mozambique. A developed tourist infrastructure does not yet exist, but several good surf spots. Consequently, if you look on the adventure Africa holidays, there is much to discover here beside good breaks.

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Surfcamps in Mozambique from 709 ,-€ / Week

surf Mozambique  

Mozambique - warm water, high waves, empty beaches, numerous breaks. An expedition through the land is worthwhile. As in whole of Africa you should know that the standards are not comparable with Europe.

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Surfcamps in South Africa from 127 ,-€ / Week

surfcamp South Africa  

South Africa is probably the best known surf region of Africa. Especially famous the country is for Jeffreys Bay or J-Bay. The Point Break Supertube is considered one of the best in the world. Every year in July there is a competition of the ASP World Tour. The best time to surf is from July to August.
But not only J-Bay, also many other spots around Cape Town offer the best conditions to beginners to professional surfers.

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Surfcamps in Ghana from 290 ,-€ / Week 

surf beach Ghana  

Also in Ghana, most surf Points are uncrowded and the land almost a secret among surfers. Beginners will find the whole year good conditions for surfing. More sophisticated surfers place from March to May and September to October good waves. The weather is warm all year round and provides water temperatures of 25 to 28 degrees.

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Surfcamps in Senegal from 298 ,-€ / Week

learn to surf Senegal  

In Senegal there are some of the most famous surf points in Africa. Here has been surfed for more than 50 years. Accordingly, good surf schools and surf camps are also available. Thanks to its particular coastline there are many consistently good waves and swells. Beginners will find year-round good conditions in Senegal. Advanced surfers should go in the period from November to March. In the winter months should be considered a wetsuit - the water gets cold even in Africa.

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