Either in North and in Central and South America there are great surfing areas. Best known in North America is the state of California. But the best spots you can find in Central America, especially Costa Rica is more than a insider tip. Also Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Panama are good surf destinations. On the islands and coasts hit swells wich took the long way across the Pacific and Atlantic and are reasonable for great waves.
Also in South America there are surf spots. The majority you can find on the east coast of the continent, in Brazil. But also on the Pacific coast, in Ecuador, Peru and Chile there are some possibilities to surf.

Mexico - Costa Rica - Panama - El Salvador - Nicaragua - Dominican Republic - Brasilien - Ecuador

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In addition to California Mexico is probably the country in North America with the best surfing conditions.
Popular destinations include both the mainland coast and the Baja California peninsula. Especially wind surfers like to surf there.
In Mexico, the season all year round, but the best time for surfing is from June to September.
A special surf spot is Puerto Escondido. The place became famous for the Mex Pipe. This is a tube wave, which is one of the world's largest of its kind together with waves off Hawaii and reaches a height of up to 10 m. In addition to these dream spots for professionals there are also plenty of learning opportunities for beginners in Puerto Escondido. Slow long waves guarantee success.

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Costa Rica is absolutely the surfing hint. In addition to world-class waves Costa Rica offers with its beautiful sandy beaches and palm trees also pure holiday feeling. Dua to its tropical climate you can find best surf conditions here. The dry season is from November to April. Meanwhile, during the day is has 35 ° C. But even in the rainy season there are still up to 30 degrees. The water has a year-round constant temperature of about 26 degrees. The other countries like Panama, Nicaragua and El Salvador enjoy the influence of the same climate. No matter what surf skills you bring - both for absolute beginners as well as advanced and professional surfers there are best surf conditions and good surf breaks and points.
The Dominican Republic is not as well known as a surfing region such as Costa Rica and co. This is because the surf spots are partly less good and often bounded by sharp reefs. Nevertheless, there are also good spots here and you can learn not only surfing, but also wind and kite surfing.

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A well-known surfing area in Brazil is the state of Bahia. With over 1,000 km of coastline it is very large and contains many good surf spots. Not only the tropical palm beaches attract surfers to Bahia but also the year-round warm water temperatures.
In contrast to Brazil, Ecuador is located on the Pacific coast wich is a bit rougher. The best surfing and holiday season for the country is January-May. Hot spots in Ecuador are located between Salinas in the south and Manta in the north of the country. Salinas was the host of the 2004 ISA World Surfing Games and the 2009 ISA World Junior Surfing Championships. In Manta especially Bodyboarding is popular.

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