In Asia, the largest continent of the world, there are numerous surf spots. These are as diverse as the continent itself. The best conditions are found in Indonesia. Also on the Maldives it is possible to surf in the breathtaking scenery of the dream of islands. But even in front of Japan's coast there are many opportunities for surfing.
In most Asian Surf regions wetsuits may be omitted throughout the year due to the warm climate. The best time for surfing, however, is the (European) summer. Then the Antarctic winter storm nourishes the waves and swells in the Indian Ocean.

Indonesa - Bali - Maledives

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Indonesia is undoubtedly one of the best surfing regions in the world - all year round good waves and pleasant temperatures, many surf schools and a wonderful landscape. The wide variety of different breaks offers both beginners and advanced surfers or professionals great conditions. Although the islands are knwon especially for reef breaks, there are also beginner-friendly beach breaks. Who already can surf and does not need a surf school can hire a surf guide. These are usually locals and will take you to the best waves of the day.

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The island of Bali, wich is also called “Island of Gods” is part of Indonesia. Besides Hawaii Bali is known a surfer's paradise. Once discovered by Australian surfers as a holiday island the place is now famous for its many good surf spots.
The best waves are in the summer, from June to September. But in the rainier months from December to March may still be surfed good, then rather smaller waves.
A special spot, but only suitable for experienced surfers, is Uluwatu. The water can be reached after an adventurous climb over a cave which is a connection to the sea at high tide. The waves here are up to four meters high.

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The Maldives are an archipelago located close to the southern tip of India. Overall, this is a group of islands of about 1,000 individual islands and atolls, of which nearly 100 are used for tourism purposes. In front of many of the islands can also be surfed.
The optimal time for it is from April to October and the high season runs from June to September. If you want to avoid crowded surf spots, use the start or the end of the season.
One of the most famous surf spots in the Maldives is the North Malé Atoll. It offers great breakes. But even in the less well-known outer atolls, there are some high-class surfing areas.

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