Australia and New Zealand are islands of Oceania. Due to their many surf spots and other cultural and tourist highlights the islands are some of the most favorite destinations for surfers. The climatic conditions permit in some places the year-round surfing. These conditions, the beautiful scenery and the relaxed lifestyle of the Aussies and Kiwis make a surf trip an unforgettable experience.

Australia - New Zealand

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Australia's coastline is nearly 26,000 kilometers long. Along the coast there are over 7,000 beaches - a true surfer's paradise. Who wonders that surfing has established itself as a national sport in Australia. Both the weather and the surf conditions invite for almost daily surfing. These optimal conditions not only attract the Aussies on their beaches but also tourists from around the world.
While surfing on almost all beaches in Australia is possible, there are special surf spots here. Especially famous is Byron Bay on the east coast. Mainly beginners will find great conditions. Pros and advanced cavort on Margaret River and try to defeat the several-meter-high waves. Also known are the Cold Coast with the party town Surfers Paradise and Bondi Beach near the capital Sydney.

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New Zealand - the land of the Kiwis, the Hobbits and extreme sports. Just as in Australia in New Zealand can be found many great surfspots along the long coasts. In addition to the waves and several meters high swells there ist breathtaking scenery to enjoy.
Consisting of two main islands and many smaller surrounding islands the archipelago New Zealand offers countless surf spots. One is an must-do: Raglan, near the capital Auckland enjoys some popularity in the scene by now. Despite known as the surfing mecca of New Zealand for its perfect surfing conditions, the small town has retained its tradition and authenticity.

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