Who wants to surf does not necessarily do long trips to Hawaii or Australia - even in Europe there are plenty of excellent surf spots. Whether at the North Sea coast, the Mediterranean or the wild Atlantic coast: every surfer - beginner or professional - will find good surf conditions in Europe.

France - Spain - Portugal - Canary Islands - Netherlands - Great Britain - Ireland

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Surfcamps in France from 149 ,- € / Week

Surfcamp France  

Especially rookies can find best surf conditions in France. The most important surf area in France is the department Aquitaine. Among German surfers the locations Moliets and Vieux Boucau are most popular, where Moliets definitely is the "party capital". But other places like Carcans, St. Girons Le Pin Sec and Cap Ferret are becoming more and more popular. Wave riding in France is possible due to climatic conditions only during the summer months.
A special treasure of the surfing scene is the seaside resort of Biarritz. As THE surf spot in Europe followers of surfing can enjoy there a special flair. Most of the coastal area is reserved for surfers and there are numerous surf camps, festivals and competitions. Only about 20 miles away there is also a surf spot with some of the best beach breaks.

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Surfcamps in Spain from 77 ,-€ / Week

Surfcamp Spain  

All year round it is possible to surf in Spain.

The surf areas in Spain can be divided into the summer destinations in northern Spain (Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia) and the All Year Surf Destination Southern Spain (Andalusia). A special position is owned by the Canary Islands. They are considered among surfers as the Hawaii of Europe and offer year-round warm weather and perfect waves.
In the north it is cooler and windier than the south, but therefore there are the more consistent surf conditions.
Although the Costa de la Luz (wich is situated in the southwest of the country) can't attract with high waves, but with a warmer climate (over 3000 hours of sunshine a year) and a lot of Spanish culture.

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Surfcamps in Portugal from 90 ,-€ / Week

surfing Portugal  

Portugal can be divided in the surf regions of Northern Portugal (Porto), the metropolitan area of Lisbon (Lisboa) and Peniche (Leira) and southern Portugal or Algarve (Faro). Due to the good weather, the surf camps in the Algarve are open year round. In Lisbon and Peniche some surf camps close in the winter. In Northern Portugal (Porto) Surf Camps are open only in the summer months.

But not only hobby surfers have ideal conditions in Portugal - the country is also popular among professional surfers. Nazaré (a village about 60 km from Peniche) is the incident location of surf world records. Some of the highest waves in the world arise there. Thus in 2013 professional surfers climbed almost 30 meter high waves at Nazaré.

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Surfcamps of Canary Islands from 77 ,-€ / Week 

learn to surf Canary Islands  

Belonging to Spain the Canary Islands assume a special position in the European surfing landscape. The "islands of everlasting spring" are referred among surfers as Hawaii of Europe and are characterized by a mild climate and year-round optimal surfing conditions. The islands owe the constant waves their location in the Atlantic Ocean.

While the surf camps on Fuerteventura and Lanzarote offer a lot of nature and recreation, Tenerife and Gran Canaria surprise with their rich culture and impressive mountains.

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Surfcamps in Netherlands from 175 ,-€ / Week

surf holiday Netherlands  

From Central Europe and Eastern Europe the Netherlands are particularly suitable as a destination for a short surf trip.
While the smaller waves are in the spring and summer are perfect for beginners, in fall and winter also experienced surfers with higher demands will be pleased. The temperatures are quite cold throughout the year.

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 Surfcamps in Great Britain and Ireland from 112 ,-€ / Week

surf camp Great Britain Ireland  

Due to their location Great Britain and Ireland, the islands between the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean, offer a wide variety of surf spots. You can find on the coasts either sandy beaches and rocky cliffs. The wave conditions are hence very different and offer both beginners and professionals good conditions.

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