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Busua Beach, Western Region, Upper West, -, Ghana
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The ultimate vacation and any surfer's dream! Learn how to surf fast with daily surf lessons, stay in comfortable rooms right on the beach, explore Ghana's palm-fringed beaches, dense rainforests and old colonial castles.

Our instructors are skilled surfers with years of experience in teaching surfing on beginner and intermediate levels. All of our instructors are trained in lifeguard skills and first aid.

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, the Surf Tour is your choice. We will take you around the coast to the best, secret surf spots. Warm, uncrowded waves, winding roads through rainforest, bonfires under the stars. Could you ask for more?

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The Southern Hemisphere swells travel great distances before they reach the coastline of Ghana. The result is clean and orderly waves. The StormRider Guide Volume II notes that the waves in Ghana are consistently head high, and we know of spots where they are bigger. In Ghana you can avoid the crowds of the mainstream surfing destinations. For now, it is still a playground with world-class left- and right hand breaks.

The combination of pristine waves, warm water and no crowds, as well as limitless possibilities to get off the beaten path, makes Ghana a rewarding surfing destination. Add traveling up the coast in a traditional fishing boat, or following a winding path through the rainforest to the distant sounds of waves breaking - and you have the ideal surf adventure!

Imagine yourself surfing next to 16th century forts, exploring traditional fishing villages and getting immersed in the rich West-African culture. Around every corner is another surf spot; point breaks with heavy waves and long rides, beach breaks with fast lefts and rights, or even an occasional reef break to get tubed in.


The camp is located in Ghana (Busua Beach). The accommodation is very close to the very sandy beach which is perfect to lay down and relax. The camp is perfect to relax but there is also fun and party.


Having run a foreign-owned surf school in Busua Beach for 6 years, Peter Ansah, a local of Busua decided it was time to start on his own. His vision is to share his expertise of the best waves in Ghana with people who share his passion for surfing!

We are proud of our local roots. The name Ahanta Waves derives from the Ahanta Region along the west coast of Ghana. Legend has it that the Ahanta people traveled the sea by holding the tails of dolphins and whales. This is why the kings of Busua/Ahanta came to have the names Bonsoe (whale).

Of course, we don't do anything so daring today! By combining our surfing skills, hospitability of the Ahanta people and unrivalled local knowledge, we seek to deliver you the best surfing experience in West Africa!




They provide the following: towel, private bathroom, Wifi, pool table, roof top, Dstv, single rooms, double rooms and family rooms

It is very close to the beach (30meters).


They provide the following: towel, private bathroom, double rooms and single rooms, fan, air condition, no internet or wifi

It is exactly at the beach.


They provide the following: towel, private bathroom, single rooms and double rooms, fan, no network or wifi.

It's (10meters) away from the beach.


They provide the following: only single rooms with fan, bathroom is downstairs.

It's right on the beach.

There is an Internet cafe in the village so it is possible to buy wifi or use the internet.


Busua has several restaurants with both international and local food.



Have you never surfed before? Or have you tried a few times but didn't quite get the hang of it? Not to worry, the skilled instructors at Ahanta Waves are here for you! Our surf lessons are tailored to your needs and we have a wide  range of surf boards to chose from.

The surf instructors at Ahanta Waves approach teaching with patience, a sense of humour and a thorough knowledge of the local ocean conditions and environment.

Our beginner lessons include all necessary equipment; a rash guard for skin and sun protection, and a softboard to maximize your performance and safety. Try our private lessons which allow for maximum individual attention and fast progress!

Your first lesson will teach you how to choose the right surfboard, and how to position yourself on the board to find the best balance point. When you feel comfortable balancing on the board, you will practice the paddling technique, and how to get up to ride the waves like a pro!

If you have tried surfing before, we will practice to perfect skills like paddling through the break and onto waves, taking off in a wave, trimming across the face of a wave and turning/cutting back forehand and backhand.


You will have unlimited access to surf equipment during you stay and will have the opportunity to participate in activities like yoga, beach soccer and sightseeing trips.


Breaks directly at the main spot and at nearby spots

Busua beach has good beginner waves year round, but prime learning time is November to April when the waves average 3ft - perfect size for learning. For more experienced surfers in search of a challenge, there are several breaks in- and around Busua where the waves are consistently bigger.

BUSUA BEACH: 2km beach with right and left beach break with fast waves. Great beginner- to intermediate waves. Very consistent break. Occasional tubes.

DIXCOVE POINt: Right point break that break at 1.5m. When 2.5m or bigger 100m wave. 30 min. walk / 10 min. taxi ride from Busua beach.

BLACK MAMBA POINT: World class right point break that breaks at 1.2 mts or bigger. Short walking- or paddling distance from Busua Beach.

CAPE THREE POINTS: World class right point break. Break at 1.5m or bigger, and can get 3m plus. Long wave of more than 100m.

KATAKRO POINT: Awesome point break, can get up to 3m. high waves when the swell comes in, but is consistently breaking all year round. Breaks in 3 different locations going left and right. Really long ride all the way to the beach.

PRINCESS TOWN: Quality right hand point break. Consistent head high. Next to the old fort in Princess Town and accessbile by boat or car.

Seasonal conditions

You will find the biggest waves from June until August when the rainy season sets in. This however does not mean that it rains all the time but there is definitely a bigger chance of rain at some point during the day and the water temperatures drop to about 22 degrees.

From September till May there you are not guaranteed the biggest waves but you will have clear blue skies, calm and orderly waves, water up to 28 degrees and a good chance to catch a sweet tube ride!


Characterization of surroundings/region

Ghana is a thriving democracy, and the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence in 1957.  It shares boundaries with Togo to the east, Cote d'Ivoire to the west and Burkina Faso to the north. A discovery of oil in the Gulf of Guinea in 2010, could make Ghana an important oil producer and exporter in the next few years.

The country's economy is dominated by agriculture, but it's also one of the leading exporters of cocoa in the world, as well as gold and timber. Ghana has more than one hundred ethnic groups - each with its own unique language. English, however, is the official language, a legacy of British colonial rule.

Busua is the capital of the Ahanta State. Historically, the Ahanta land was known as one of the richest areas on the coast of what is now Ghana. The country of Ahanta used to be a regional power with a confederacy of chiefdoms which came in early trading contact with the European nations settling on the Gold Coast.

The West Coast of Ghana has an old European fort in almost every bay, with some dating back to the 15th century. Several forts changed hands in bloody battles or by treaty, and all have fascinating history. Today, some have been restored and have a variety of uses, while some are ruins. Most are open to the public.

Activities and facilities

Busua is a small fishing village of 2000 inhabitants on the west coast of Ghana. During your stay you will experience the traditional way of life in a coastal Ghanaian settlement. Early in the morning, the fishing boats are pulled into the sea accompanied by rhythmic chants that have echoed over the beach for centuries. When the boats return from the sea, they bring in catches of tuna, swordfish, dorado and lobster. Women and children will gather around and bring their purchase home for dinner – elegantly balancing it in large trays on their head. You can buy a whole tuna for less than $10 and get it prepared with spices and lime at one of the local restaurants.

In the evenings you will experience the influence of the younger generation when colourful lights come on and Azonto beats are coming through the speakers. One of the most common ways to spend the evenings is on the beach, in front of the bonfire where you can enjoy traditional drumming, reggae rhythms or join in on learning to move Azonto style!


Ways to get to the camp

The international airport in the capital city Accra is a 4 hours drive from Busua. If that seems like a long time on the road, you can also catch a domestic flight from Accra to Takoradi airport which takes 30 minutes. From Takoradi, the camp will arrange transportation to take you to Busua which is a 40 min. drive from Takoradi airport.


PACKAGE A - Busua Inn Lodge -  from 520 $ per Week / Person

This package includes:

- 7 nights accommodation in Busua Inn Lodge (double room 2 people)

- 7 breakfasts

- 7 days with unlimited use of surfboards & surf equipment

- 5 surf lessons x 90 min.

- 1 day sightseeing trip

- Stay right on the beach, surf as much as you want

- 2 Yoga sessions

PACKAGE B - Dadson's Lodge - from 386,23 $ per Week / Person

This package includes:

- 7 nights accommodation in Dadson's Lodge (4 people in one room)

- 7 breakfasts

- 7 days with unlimited use of surfboards & surf equipment

- 5 surf lessons x 90 min.

- 1 day sightseeing trip

- Stay right on the beach, surf as much as you want

- 2 Yoga sessions

PACKAGE C - Africa Rainbow Hotel - from 546,91 $ per Week / Person

This package includes:

- 7 nights accommodation in Africa Rainbow Hotel

- 7 breakfasts

- 7 days with unlimited use of surfboards & surf equipment

- 5 surf lessons x 90 min.

- 1 day sightseeing trip

- Stay right on the beach, surf as much as you want

- 2 Yoga sessions

PACKAGE D - Coconut Dream Lodge - from 350 $ per Week / Person

This package includes:

- 7 nights accommodation in Coconut Dream Lodge (single room)

- 7 breakfasts

- 7 days with unlimited use of surfboards & surf equipment

- 5 surf lessons x 90 min.

- 1 day sightseeing trip

- Stay right on the beach, surf as much as you want

- 2 Yoga sessions



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