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Praia da Galé, Mélides, Alto Alentejo, -, Portugal
Tel: +34 607383618,
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Dreamsea Surf Camp Portugal is located a few meters from the beautiful beach of “Praia da Galé”, in a sublime spot on the midwest coast of Portugal.

Joining Dreamsea Surf Camp Portugal you will become part of a great international family, our Surfcamp in Portugal, it´s a real Surfcamp located in an amazing place, where you will learn how to surf in an idyllic environment, with an excellent team available for you 24 hours a day. Find your inner peace in this haven of rest and get your soul involved with the magic of this place. Share an amazing experience with people from all around the globe and just get tuned with the vibes. Last but not least…get prepared for an awesome surfing experience!

Algarve: Surf, Beaches, Party, Nature, Enjoy Life…

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Praia da Galé is situated on the west coast of Portugal, near the town of Melides. Praia da Galé is one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, and also a great place to surf. Kilometres of virgin white sand beach, sunny weather, clean water and good waves make this spot a magical place for everybody, especially surfers.

It´s not by chance that Dreamsea has chosen this spot in order to open a surf camp in Portugal. The mid-west coast of Portugal is a perfect destination for surfing due to the constant swell, variety of waves and great sunny weather all year long. It thrives with life, where young people from all over Europe come to enjoy the beach, the nature, the sun, the waves, the party and the environment. It is definitely a perfect place to spend the summer holidays, where you will enjoy the sun, beaches, waves, sport, youth, beauties, surf, and especially the great environment.
Dreamsea Surf Camp Portugal is located in the campsite Camping Galé. The camp offers great facilities such as swimming pool, beach bar, tennis court, futsal court, Wi-fi area, barbecues, ping-pong, mini ramp, volley ball area, slack line, indoboard and as well as a few stores inside the camp which include: supermarket, restaurant and bar.

Dreamsea surf camp in Portugal has the best professional equipment you will need in order to take maximum advantage of your surf lessons. We also have all the equipment necessary to enjoy every second of your summer days in the surf camp. As we said before, Dreamsea surf camp is not just about surf, it is much more. It is about a life philosophy, about enjoying every second of your life through sport, sun, beach, partying, yoga and more… In order to achieve this we provide you with a great selection of equipment that will maximize your surf camp experience, and make of it one of the greatest experiences of your life.


Our camp is an international surf camp, a place where the young people from all around the world can have fun, do sport, learn how to surf and spent the best holidays ever.


Sweet dreams come from sleeping well. In Dreamsea we think that a good rest is an important part of having a great surf camp experience. We provide to our guests comfortable tents with quality mattresses. You won’t have to sleep on an air bed at our camp! We try to have the perfect place for everyone, that’s why we have two kinds of accommodation: our glamping tents are located in the quietest zone of the camp, perfect if you want more privacy and isolation and in the other side, are the regular surf camp tents: your place if you are looking for fun, party, people and a good mood.

Private Glamping tents
Double bed All bedding included and shower towel.
No need to bring a sleeping bag or duvet.
Cozy and comfortably furnished tents with lighting and power on a wooden deck.
Perfect for couples: a romantic and private retreat.
Choose when to relax or join the vibrating life of the camp.
Includes a nice welcome present: a bottle of wine

Private Glamping PLUS tents
Double bed
All bedding included and shower towel.
Cozy and comfortably furnished tents with lighting and power on a wooden deck.
Extra care
Exclusive dining and food for the PLUS area
Exclusive bathroom for the PLUS area
Perfect for couples or family
Quieter area
Includes a nice welcome present: a bottle of wine

Shared Normal tents
If you are traveling with a group of friends or alone and you are looking to have an amazing time, get to know new people from all over the world, party, and have fun, this is the place to be for you.Tents with comfy mattress, wooden floor, electricity, and lighting
All bedding included.
No need to bring a sleeping bag or duvet.
Perfect choice for groups or solo travelers
Be part of the surf camp life and don't miss a thing.
Also bookable privately for €49 extra weekly per each empty bed.

In case you want to share your tent with friends you are traveling with, you should do the booking together or write down the name of your friends in the comments area during the booking process.

The breakfast will consist of a great buffet, with a large selection of fresh breads, fresh fruits, cheese, vegetables, cereals, milks, etc..
The surf camp chef will be in charge of cooking the dinner, delicious international dishes with a Spanish and Andalusian touch, of course we will offer every day an even more delicious vegetarian option. Dinner time will be a relaxing family-time perfect for recovering all the energies spent during the day, and get ready to enjoy the evening!


Our surfing program has been specially designed by professionals of physical education, surf and sports. Created and meticulously designed for all levels of surfers and for all physical conditions. By joining our surf program you will not only be able to taste the surfing life and surf training, but you will also be able to improve your skills, and more importantly, gain the necessary knowledge to continue your training and progress at home. If you are interested in becoming a real surfer our surfing program is the key.

We want you to enjoy and take advantage of the learning process, to improve and to rip the waves. That's why we have divided our surfing program in three different levels. Please, be honest and realistic with your level when you are up to choose a program. Read carefully the prerequisites of our available levels and get the one that better matches your surf skills.

All levels welcome!

Get the feeling of ride small rolling and breaking waves on easy to follow steps. You will be losing your balance and falling off, enjoy the benefits of drinking salty water and stand up again. We guarantee you will stand-up having fun and a lot of laughs.

None, suitable for first-time surfers or those who surf a few times before and wish to get the right technique from the beginning in order to progress faster.

What You Learn
Introduction to safety Beach awareness: understand the area & safe place to enter Surfing equipment Paddling How to deal with small waves How to select basic waves How to mount, position, catch and ride a wave in prone & standing position Techniques: efficient paddling, board control, standing up, correct balancing stance

What Includes
10  hours lessons with a certified coach Surf equipment providing (not hardboard) 1 surf theory lesson Ratio: 1 instructor & 1 assistant / 8 students

Leaving the Nest: Get excited, challenge yourself, understand the waves and how it works, timing & take off and perform front & back side turns.

Comfortable with the basics of surfing Able to catch, balance and stand regularly and comfortably on broken waves without assistance Able to catch the occasional green small waves if the conditions let us do it 

What You Learn
Determine the best time to surf
Understand wave mechanics: how the wind, tide, swell, currents interact and how they affect the waves
How to read tide charts and swell forecast
Understand what waves to avoid and what to catch First steps on timing and take off with small green waves (if the conditions let us)
Basic front and back side turn as the first step to trimming the waves face

What Includes
10 hours surf lesson with certified coach
Surf equipment provided during the lessons (not hardboard)
1 surf on land session
1 fit for surf session
1 theory lesson
Ratio: 1 instructor & 1 assistant / 8 students

I want to be independent! Join the line-up and surf other waves. It takes courage, it’s exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. An adrenaline shot.

Good board control and balancing skills
Can perform front & back side turns
Timing & take off not consistent
Good fitness & swimming skills
Acquire the knowledge & ability to surf beach breaks with confidence 

What You Learn
Tricks to paddle out, overcome waves, navigate the surf & join line up
Perform front/back side trims along the waves face
Learn the importance of positioning to catch a waveUnderstand priority rules and surf etiquette
Accelerate your surf performance on: Timing & take off Wave reading & selection
Through in-depth photo and video analysis review and feedback, the real deal

What Includes
10 hours surf lesson with certified coach 
Surf equipment provided during the lessons (type of board depends on the conditions) 
1 surf on land session 
1 fit for surf  session 
1 theory lessons
2 video analysis Ratio: 1 instructor / 4 students

Booking our basic lessons you will receive 10 hours of lessons per week, all of them in the water. All with the best qualified and experienced instructors you can imagine, all our instructors will teach you not just how to surf, but how to enjoy the ride, and the most important of all, how to enjoy the learning process, in a lifetime experience.

With Dreamsea Surf Camp you can be assured of safety and comfort in the water, this is down to the fact that we provide one instructor per eight students. Our instructors will be in the water helping you out, so you will be able to take advantage of the personal attendance our instructors will give you. Your instructor will also be the same all week long, meaning you will be able to forge a relationship that will help get the best out of your lessons!

The surf camp instructors at our Surf Camp are the reason why Dreamsea surf camp stands out from all the rest, all our instructors have the surf instructor license, and most importantly surfing is their biggest passion – they love surfing, and crucially, they love teaching surf, so they will make a big effort to make sure you appreciate the surf as they do, all the while being safe. We guarantee you are going to love your surf instructor, the surfing experience, all the Dreamsea surf camp team and every second you will be with us.

Each surf lesson lasts 90 minutes, and you will receive a minimum of 10 hours per week, this makes Dreamsea surf camp the best option if you are really interested in learning how to surf. Of course in our surf camp in Portugal we have the best equipment, which you can use even after the surfing lessons, all for free.

Dreamsea surf camps: the wise selection!

Our goal is to give you a lifetime experience, that's why we organize a lot of different activities during the week.

- Trip to Lisbon
- Yoga
- Flunkyball
- Beach Volley Tournament
- Ping Pong
- Movie Night
- Barbecue and Farewell Party


Salema is located in a strategical point for surfing. Within 25km there are located a great quantity of amazing beautiful beaches perfect for learning how to surf. Depending on the swell and wind directions the surf conditions in the west or south coast are great, offering always a good point break for surfing

Ways to get to the camp

By plane: Traveling by plane is always a good choice, safe and fast, and if you are lucky also an economic way to travel, find a flight from your home city to one of the nearest airports, you can contact us to hire our economic shuttle service, we will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the surf camp. Find your best option in: Trabber or Skyscanner.

We offer a transfer service from Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS). Transfers from these airports are available upon request. The price is €40 per person from Lisbon Airport. This service is only available on Saturday:

Departure times from the airport : 10:30 | 14:30 | 18:30 | Late transfer**

Departure times from the camp : Early transfer* | 7:15 | 11:15 | 15:15

Note: All the transfers need to be booked at least 7 days before arrival

*Early transfer: the time depends on the first guest departure

*Late transfer: the time depends on the last guest arrival

By train: Traveling by train is also a good option, specially in mid-distance trips. The nearest train station to the surf camp is Grândola, 25 minutes by car from the surf camp, you can book our economic shuttle service from there for 10€ per person. This service is available everyday and anytime (grouped by similar times and with previous reservation).

By car: If you have your own car, it´s also a good option to get to our surf camp by car, once in Praia da Galé, there is a lot of free-parking areas where you can safely leave your car for a week or two. Check in Via Michelín the best roads to get to our surf camp, you can also check the distance, the approx. time you will spend and the approx. price your car trip will cost. Remember, the destination is:

Praia da Galé

7570-689 Melides, Alentejo, Portugal

Coodenates: N 38º 12.151 | W 8º 46.331


PACKAGE - Accommodation & Full board - from 269 € per Week / Person
This package includes:
The price includes accommodation for 7 nights/8 days in either glamping or normal tent, full board (breakfast, lunch box, dinner), free access to all our surf and camp equipment, camp activities and a lot of surprises. 

For stays of more than a week, there is a 30€ discount per person in each extra week.

Our camp is open from the 22nd of May to the 9th of October 2021

Starting Week Per person 1 person 2 people 1 person 2 people
22/05/2021 269€ 449€ 698€ 549€ 898€
29/05/2021 349€ 509€ 818€ 609€ 1018€
05/06/2021 349€ 509€ 818€ 609€ 1018€
12/06/2021 349€ 509€ 818€ 609€ 1018€
19/06/2021 349€ 509€ 818€ 609€ 1018€
26/06/2021 399€ 549€ 898€ 649€ 1098€
03/07/2021 399€ 549€ 898€ 649€ 1098€
10/07/2021 399€ 549€ 898€ 649€ 1098€
17/07/2021 399€ 549€ 898€ 649€ 1098€
24/07/2021 399€ 549€ 898€ 649€ 1098€
31/07/2021 399€ 549€ 898€ 649€ 1098€
07/08/2021 399€ 549€ 898€ 649€ 1098€
14/08/2021 399€ 549€ 898€ 649€ 1098€
21/08/2021 399€ 549€ 898€ 649€ 1098€
28/08/2021 399€ 549€ 898€ 649€ 1098€
04/09/2021 349€ 509€ 818€ 609€ 1018€
11/09/2021 349€ 509€ 818€ 609€ 1018€
18/09/2021 349€ 509€ 818€ 609€ 1018€
25/09/2021 349€ 509€ 818€ 609€ 1018€
02/10/2021 349€ 509€ 818€ 609€ 1018€

Dreamsea Portugal only accept arrivals from Saturday to Saturday in the normal tents and in Saturday to Saturday Saturday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Saturday in glamping tents.
ask for exception during low season (June, September and October

Extras Activities

  Normal Intensive
Surf Course: Level 0 140€/10 hours -
Surf Course: Level 1 140€/10 hours -
Surf Course: Level 2 190€/10 hours -
Yoga 30€/3 lessons 45€/5 lessons

Transfer services

Grândola train station 10€ Anytime (grouped by similar times and with previous reservation) Anytime (grouped by similar times and with previous reservation) Anytime (grouped by similar times and with previous reservation)
Lisbon airport 40€ 10:30 | 14:30 | 18:30 | Late transfer** Early transfer* | 7:15 | 11:15 | 15:15 Early transfer* (only drop off)



Dreamsea Surfcamp (Mélides, Portugal) Average Rating: 8.0 - Total Votes: 1

Value for money
This reviewer told us :

Das Camp selbst befindet sich am Ende eines sehr großen, portugiesischen Campingplatzes, der selbst sehr abgelegen liegt, aber Einrichtungen für den alltäglichen Bedarf anbietet (Restaurants, Bäcker, Supermarkt, Swimmingpool, Billiardbar, Basketballplatz usw). Das Surfcamp befindet sich inmitten von Pinienbäumen an direkter Steilküste mit Blick über einen km-langen Sandstrand (toller Sonnenuntergang !) Man schläft in Zelten bzw. Tippis, welche mit Matratzen ausgestattet sind. Je nach gebuchter Leistung verfügen die Tipis sogar über eine stylische Einrichtung von Mobiliar. Ansonsten gibt es noch diverse Tische mit Stühlen, ein paar Sofas und Sessel sowie Hängematten, eine Slackline, eine Tischtennsplatte und eine eine Miniramp im Camp. Ausgenommen vom Glamping-PLUS benutzt man die Santitäranlagen des Campingplatzes. Dafür muss man so 3 min / 300-400 m Fußweg einplanen. Wenn man viel trinkt und eine schwache Blase hat, ist das auf Dauer ein bisschen nervig, aber Schritte Sammeln ist ja gesund ;). Die Atmosphäre im Camp ist total entspannend und unaufgegezwungen, obwohl täglich wechselnde Aktivitäten angeboten werden. Als Beispiel sei neben Surfen und Yoga genannt: Müllsammeln am Strand, eigenes Skateboard gestalten, Brainstorming-Gruppen zu verschiedenen Themen/Projekten, JAM-Session, Ausreiten am Strand, Trip nach Lissabon usw. Also es werden wirklich super viele Aktivitäten angeboten, die total unaufgezwungen und inspirierend sind, die man so vielleicht woanders nichts geboten bekommt. Der einzige Nachteil ist, dass man manchmal (nicht immer), wenn man in Ruhe lesen oder quatschen möchte, zum Strand oder woanders hingehen musste, weil man immer beschallt wird. Sei es von der Hintergrundmusik oder der Beschallung der angebotenen Aktivität. Das Essen im Camp ist sehr gut. Ausgewogen, ohne viele Zusatzstoffe, größtenteils Vegan, wenig tierische Produkte und Fleisch. Das Angebot aufzuzählen würde den Rahmen sprengen. Das Frühstücksbuffet war nahezu täglich gleich, Mittags gab es immer einen erfrischendes Nudel/Couscous-Salat mit Brötchen und Olivenöl und Abends war Buffet, täglich wechselnd. Mal nach thailändische Art, mal nach libanesischer, portugisischer, italiniescher Art usw, Besonders zu empfehlen ist, dass Stilles Wasser rund um die Uhr zur Verfügung steht. Mein TIP: von ca. 18 Uhr Abends mit 10 Uhr Morgens ist es ziemlich frisch: Also besser 2 Hoodies und 2 Jogginghosen einpacken. Eventuell eine Mütze für nach dem Duschen


Der Spot ist nur wenige Hundert Meter entfernt (Berg ab). Es werden keine weiteren Spots angefahren. Das heißt je nach Swell, gibt es keine Ausweichmöglichkeiten und gegebenfalls hat man Pech und es sind keine Wellen zum Surfen vorhanden. Die Wellen sind nicht besonders hoch und brechen sehr schnell. Eher für Surfeinsteiger zu empfehlen (Weißwasser und Takoff Üben) oder für jene, die wirklich sehr schnell den Pop-off drauf haben. Freitags gab es eine Theoriestunde zum Thema Surfbedigungen und Surfausrüstung. Natürlich wird das Personal die Jahre wechseln, aber die drei Vortragshaltenden, die ich erlebt habe, haben die Theoriestunde unglaublich informativ und unterhaltsam gestaltet.

Other (e.g. Surroundings, Nightlife, etc.):

Ab 23:30 ist im Surfcamp strikte Ruhe angesagt. Aber man kann den Berg runter gehen und ist sofort an einer Beachbar.


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