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Diani Beach Rd., Diani Beach, Coast, 80401, Kenya
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Kenyaways and H2o Extreme offer convenient accommodation right on the spot, combined with a professional IKO certified center offering kitesurfing courses for all levels and equipment rentals for independent riders. Located in Diani Beach, Kenya, at one of the most spectacular and versatile spots world wide. 
Other activities such as SUP, windsurfing, surfing, kayaking, body boarding & yoga are available as well. 

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The hotel & water sports center are located directly at the beach & kite/surf spot, but tucked away under palm trees and other indigenous trees, with monkeys being regular visitors. The center of Diani is about 5km away and easily reachable by public transport or taxi. You can find a choice of restaurants and bars near by and also in the heart of Diani. 

The weather along Kenya’s coast excels with all-year-around tropical and warm temperatures. The average air temperature is around 30 degrees, water temperature about 26 degrees. This allows a wetsuit-free water sports vacation, however, we recommend to pack long lycras and strong sun cream to protect yourselves against the relentless equatorial sun.

Kenya experiences two wind seasons per year: KASKAZI, N/NE trade wind, blowing from mid December until mid of March and KUZI, S/SE trade wind, blowing from June until mid September.

The Kaskazi wind is a very reliable and steady wind with an average wind speed of 15-20 knots. Wind usually starts blowing about 10.30am and lasts all day until 6/7pm. As the general air temperature is very hot, the density of the air is not as high as in cooler spots around Europe, USA or South Africa.

The Kuzi season is the cooler season. The wind generally blows stronger with an average of 18-22 knots, but is slightly less consistent. Due to tropical rain storms passing through the wind and weather are more difficult to predict. The Kuzi usually brings decent sized swell with it: From June until October we are blessed with waves between 1.5m and 3m on big days. Perfect conditions to kite surf on windy days or to surf on no-wind days.

The white sand and spacious beach with the turquoise coloured and warm Indian Ocean offers the right conditions for every level and age. Generally the conditions in Diani are tide dependent. With the low tide we have flat shallow water within the lagoon and waves breaking out on the reef. This will please all free riders, free stylers as well has wave riders. The more the tide rises, the choppier the water gets inside the lagoon and the more narrow the beach gets. With the full high tide there is little to no beach left, deep water everywhere and a shore break. Small kickers in the shore break invite for boosting some extra air and the deep water also allows foiling throughout the lagoon.

Water sports enthusiasts of all levels and ages are welcome. No large group character or mass tourism. Kids courses are available, therefore families are very welcome. The general vibe is chilled out, yet professional. During the seasons 3-5 IKO certified instructors are available and teach in various languages such as German, English, Italian, French or Spanish.
The school was founded back in 2003 by Boris Polo, who was born and raised in Kenya. Boris started off with a small surf shack based at the original The Sands at Nomad and later on also at 40 Thieves Beach Bar. Due to the dependency on the tides and the amount of boats on central Diani Beach, he soon decided to move to Kenyaways Kite Village on Galu Beach, which offers the better and safer water and beach conditions for all water sports.

Boris not only helped to boost kitesurf and windsurf related tourism in Kenya, but he also explored Kenya’s remote places by kite. He was part of an expedition to cross the Chalbi Desert on land boards and was the first person to ever kitesurf on Lake Turkana, which is the largest permanent desert lake with the highest population of Nile crocodiles.

If you are also interested in discovering the diversity of Kenya, you are welcome to join the team on one of their downwinders, day trips to the flat water paradise Funzi or go on an individually tailored “surfari” to combine the best of Kenya’s beaches with an unforgettable wildlife experience.

Now the school is run by Boris's German wife Katharina. She works alongside a team of 5 local Kenyans, who help with kite repairs, launching/landing & supervision.


The 10 rooms all have the convenience of a hotel, but the personal and friendly flair of a guest house. 5 rooms have gorgeous ocean view, 3 are in the garden near the pool & 2 more are close to the entrance of the restaurant. All rooms have an outside terrace or patio, en suite and hot water showers. Each room is individually decorated and no room is the same. All rooms are comfortable and equipped with linen, towels, and beach towels. There is fan cooling and mosquito protection in all the rooms, 3 rooms have air-conditioning as well. House keeping is done twice daily.

There is one apartment, which has one bedroom en suite, and the option of 2 sofa beds on the verandah and an extra toilet. It is a good option, if you prefer having more space, privacy and independency. This includes a kitchenette, fridge, tea and coffee facilities, a 2 hob stove and dining space. It is great for a longer stay or if you have children, who can bunk on the sofa bed, as you have lots of private living space. It is very comfortable and spacious, and filled with all the the amenities of the guest house, but with the privacy of your own home. The décor is rustic, simple and stylish, allowing the views and breathtaking surrounds to take centre stage.

All rooms have a private safe lock box & access to free wifi. Children of all ages are welcome and baby cots and baths can be provided on request. Car hire, airport shuttle services and tours can be arranged if wanted.

A simple complimentary breakfast is included in all the rates except children under 2 years on a complimentary stay. You will find the breakfast menu displayed in your room. Baby chairs are available on request. Additional breakfast choices are available at extra cost from the menu on the table. If you are having an early departure or going on a day trip early, a picnic breakfast can be arranged and packed for you.

The bar/restaurant "The Salty Squid" is located at the beach front near the water-sports centre. The food aims to make use of the extensive range of local produce, using fresh local organic ingredients, including an abundance of delicious and fresh sea food. With it's healthy and wide selection as well as reasonable prices the Kenyaways restaurant is very popular with in-house guests as well as Diani Beach locals.


Courses are either run on 2:1 or 1:1 ratio. We are an IKO affiliated center and therefore all instructors are minimum Level I certified with 2 seasons of teaching experience under their belt. Available languages vary from season to season, mostly English, German, Italian, French or Spanish. We welcome water sports enthusiast of all ages and levels.
Courses include all gear throughout the lessons. We provide: Kite, Bar, harness, safety leash, impact vest, helmet, shoes and water shirt. Since we are an Ozone Kite Center, the Catalyst is used for all our kite lessons. Boards (twin tip, directional, hydro foil) are available from Crazyfly and Lieuwe.
Apart from kitesurfing H2o offers windsurfing courses & rentals, SUPing, kayaking and body boarding. Other activities available in Diani are yoga, golf, snorkelling, day tours to Kisite Marine Park or Shimba Hills National Park, quad tours etc.


Breaks directly at the main spot and at nearby spots
Tide dependent either beach break or reef break in front of Kenyaways.
Beach break during high tide at the river mouth.

Seasonal conditions
Water temperature varies between 25-30 degrees. Air temperature between 26-35 degrees. High humidity.
Two windy seasons per year: KASKAZI from mid December until mid March, KUZI from beginning of June until mid September.
Surf/Kite surf season: June until October.

Crowd factor and local people
No localism. Kiting is possible all along the beach (no kite/surf zones and swimming zones). During peak times (Christmas/ New Year's) it can be a little crowded, but because of the large area/space you will always find a free spot for you.

Characterization of surroundings/region
Kenya's coast line is very tropical with lush gardens kissing beautiful white beaches. Kenyan people are over all very welcoming and helpful. 

Closest big city is Mombasa, where you'll also find Mombasa International Airport. The town is about 40km away from Diani, whereby the transfer usually takes about 2 hours. This depends on traffic in down town and at the ferry.

There are no vaccines mandatory to enter the country, however, we recommend to consult your family doctor for professional advice. 

Activities and facilities
Diani offers a variety of activities and trips. From snorkelling tours to a classic wildlife safari, Kenya will have you covered.

Ways to get to the camp
You can either fly into Nairobi and take a domestic flight directly into Diani Beach or fly into Mombasa and take a transfer by taxi to Diani. Costs for taxi are about 10 USD from Diani Airstrip or 40 USD from Mombasa.

Within Diani you can either get around by just walking along the beach, public transport such as tuk tuk, motor pike or taxi.
There are bicycles for rent as well.

Important details
A tourist visa is required to enter Kenya. You can purchase this before travelling online through the Kenyan immigration at 51 USD or simply get it at the airport on arrival for either 50 USD or 40 Euro (cash only).
Common currency is KES in all shops, bars & restaurants. However, most establishments will accept EURO and USD as well at their own exchange rates.
Language of the country is English and necessary to find your way around.


Surfing Lessons and Rentals - from 15 EUR

1.5 hrs Surfing Taster Lesson (semi-private) -  35EUR per person
2 students, 1 instructor:This lesson will give you a first taste of surfing. Topics: Body position while laying on the board, how to pop up, surf stance, first wave in white water.

3 Day (3 x 1.5 hrs) Surfing Beginner Course (semi-private) - 100EUR per person
2 students, 1 instructor:This course focuses on teaching the skills of surfing and how to handle yourself and your surfboard in the ocean

1.5 hrs Surfing Taster Lesson (Private) - 50EUR per person
1 student, 1 instructor:This lesson will give you a first taste of surfing. Topics: Body position while laying on the board, how to pop up, surf stance, first wave in white water.

3 Day (3 x 1.5 hrs) Surfing Beginner Course (Private) - 140EUR per person
Keen surfers who are after 1-on-1 coaching and training. Our instructors are there to help you learn and provide advice on all questions related to surfing.

1 hr Surfboard Rental - 15EUR per board
7' and 8' soft deck surfboards incl. ankle leash

1/2 day Surfboard Rental (max. 3 hrs) - 25EUR per board
7' and 8' soft deck surfboardsincl. ankle leash
Windsurfing Courses - from 30 EUR

Hourly Rate - 40EUR per person (private); 30EUR per person (in group)

Taster Session - 80EUR per person (private); 60EUR per person (in group)
                             2 hours for Complete Beginner

Beginner Intro Course - 150EUR per person (private); 100EUR per person (in group)
                                         4 hours for Complete Beginner

Full Beginner Course - 200EUR per person (private); 150EUR per person (in group)
                                       6 hours + 2 hours free rental for Complete Beginner  

Kids Intro Course (8 - 14 years) - 130EUR per person (private); 80EUR per person (in group)                                              4 hours fpr Complete Beginner

Kids Full Beginner Course (8 - 14 years) - 150EUR per person (private); 100EUR per person (in group)                                            6 hours for Complete Beginner

Kitesurfing Lessons and Courses - from 50 EUR

Hourly Rate - 75EUR per person (private); 50EUR per person (in group)

Taster Course - 210EUR per person (private); 140EUR per person (in group)
3 hours for Complete Beginner

IKO Level 1+2 - 700EUR per person (private); 440EUR per person (in group)
9 hours + 2 hours supervised rental for Complete Beginner

IKO Level 1+2+3 - 900EUR per person (private); 550EUR per person (in group)
                               12 hours + 2 hours supervised rental for Complete Beginner

Refresher Course
- 225EUR per person (private); 140EUR per person (in group)
                                 3 hours for all levels of Surfers

Progression Session - 140EUR per person (private); 90EUR per person (in group)                             2 hours to reach your goals

Kids Course IKO Level 1+2 - 450EUR per person (private); 360EUR per person (in group)                                  6 hours + 2 hours supervised rental for Complete
                                                 Beginner between 10 and 14 years

IKO Evaluation - 75EUR per person (private); 50EUR per person (in group)
                             1 hour for all levels of Surfers

Prices for Accommodation - from 44 EUR per night

Sea View Terrace Room - from 90 EUR per person
Sea View Room - from 75 EUR per person
Double Room with Aircon - from 70 EUR per person
Budget Room - from 50 EUR per person
Budget Small Room - from 45 EUR per person
One Bed Apartement - from 44 EUR (shared)

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