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Chergui Kaouki, Sidi Kaouki, Essaouira, 44000, Morocco
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Since 2008 you can find the Surf Villa designated for all water sports fans in Sidi Kaouki, 20 km south of Essaouira., Morocco. Following the Motto “ body – mind – soul & surf! ”, we offer everything a surfer wishes for to have a perfect surfing day and live the endless summer.

•       Material rental for: Surfing, Windsurfing, Kite surfing, Stand up Paddle
•       Surf coaching and Spot Guiding
•       Yoga
•       Healthy food and drinks at Art Restaurant
•       All facilities like showers, lockers, hammocks
•       Accommodation and airport transfer
•       And much more fun activities to enjoy holidays in Morocco

In summer you can surf in the morning and wind or kitesurf in the afternoon. In winter you can surf and do yoga. The best is on four floors you find enough space to prepare for the session, eat and drink, chill or enjoy music and art.
Our vision is to connect body mind and soul via surf, Yoga and good & healthy food in a relaxed moroccan atmosphere, far away from a busy city. Situated in Sidi Kaouki we are in the middle of the nature and its wildlife, we have waves all year long.

Morocco has everything you will not forget in your live: an impressive and unique nature with tall mountains, enormous desert, many miracle oasis,  never ending beaches or hidden secret bays; winds to make you crazy in summer and best of all INCREDIBLE WAVES all year around!
Yes, this old but very lively nature will embrace you magically with it´s beautiful architecture, handmade art, twirling cities with exquisite gardens, secret alleys and puzzling marketplaces at idyllic locations.
Discover and get lost in the divers colors, smells and sounds! In just 4 airplane hours you can reach this dream spot. There are several weekly flights from all large airports in Germany to Agadir or Marrakesh. Upon arrival, there is a taxi waiting  to shuttle to Sidi Kaouki. Travelling from Paris or Casablanca, flights go directly to Essaouira which is just 15 km from Sidi Kaouki.

The artistical Moroccan villa provides all facilities and serves as a Surfstation and Clubhouse. The station is situated directly at the beach with direct access to the spots so there is no need to carry around the material over long distances.
Dressing rooms, lockers, to leave personal belongings, toilets, showers, restaurant, WIFI, material rental, surf shop and chill zones are all included in the building. The large terraces on the ground and in the first floor invite to relax or dine in the sun and also offer a fantastic view over the ocean and the spots, to observe the cracks on the water. Weather for breakfast, lunch or dinner our professional chefs create delicious healthy food and drinks to obtain the energy level for the next surf. You have a choice of vegetarian, gluten free, organic food and more.
In the evening drinking the traditional peppermint tea and watch the red glowing African sun to set is a very unique experience besides the surf here. Finishing a complete surfing day everyone comes together in our villa to enjoy music, watch surf movies, chill inside or at our fire place, share the experiences of the day, eat, drink and relax.

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Sidi Kaouki, Essaouira, Morocco: directly at the 5 kilometer long beach with embraced by reef breaks, beautiful landscape and wildlife, etc.)- distances to surf spots, town centre, other important sites- description of spot; one spot or various spots?- surf conditions directly at the camp and at nearby spots


Target group, every surfer (surf-windsurf-kitesurf- SUP) 6-99 years old, Girls Camps, camp size family atmosphere, surf and Yogacamps, average age 30 - main language French, english, german, camp- family-/child-friendly- dogs permitted


 Owner: Felix Gerl

Team of 12 -15 , 3 teachers (Amine, Jamal, Abdl Hamid), 2 camp maintainers (Aziz and Hassan), 1 vietnamese chef and 2 moroccan chefs (Duc, Hicham and Hassan) 3 Service persons (Abdul, Ibrahim and Mohamed, 1 manager (Irina) and freelance teachers –

Already as a kid Felix travelled to Morocco with his parents, in 2005 he parked his van at the beach and after a while he decided to stay at this little paradise where he found perfect conditions: in summer wind or kitesurf. The constant wind in summer is even stronger than in Essaouira and here you have long waves of 1-3 meter, which you can ride backside with the help of the side offshore. In Winter the wind stops and the swell picks up to ride the lonely waves of the different spots at the station and nearby.

In 2008 started Felix to build the villa from surfers for surfers at the still hidden surfs spot of Sidi Kaouki and run it together with one friend. His focus lied in wind and kitesurfing and to serves some energy giving food.

Starting once with 2 people nowadays you find a great team of 11 persons which always improves their Villa and its services to provide all surfer souls everything they wishe for to get their body mind and soul connected through surf, yoga, healthy food and drinks.

As well the village developed some more accommodations than just the campsite.

Still at this spiritual place you will not find just some surfers, the hippies always traveled here to get their space, freedom and unity.



 type: hotel, apartments, camping, situation: with sea view,  room types: single room, double room, triple, private or shared bathroom, kitchen, balcony, garden- extras: carpark, swimming pool, internet, TV, (bed linen, towels, hair dryer – all depends- yes and no), etc.- electrical adapter necessary? NO- storing of valuables- in our station

smoker or non-smoker accommodation? Morocco has no non smoking zones, but we have a lot of space here


surf camp: half pension, individual bookings with different accommodation: self-catering: kitchen provided? YES-

Larbis Shop, Bread Bakery, - restaurants nearby or directly at campsite? Both

From 1 euro to 6 euro(price level)- catering by surf camp: special meals for vegetarians/persons who are allergic to something,

Own restaurant – breakfast and dinner included + 1 bbq at the beach, yes, gluten free food, Glutamate free food, vegetarian food, organic food from local farmers, allergies should be told in advance




Up to 8 people 1 instructor, 2-3 hours course when at homespot, if another spot 3-4 hours course, every day lessons, special packages for 3 days or 7 days, individual booking possible, surfguiding, beach break and reef break at sidi kaouki, imsouane, cap sim, and more, all levels welcomed, language english, French, arab or berber, only course participation (without accommodation) possible? YES


Up to 15 people with 2-3 instructors, 2-3 hours course when at homespot, if another spot 3-4 hours course, every day lessons, special packages for 3 days or 7 days, individual booking possible, surfguiding, beach break and reef break at sidi kaouki, moulay, essaouira and more, intermediate levels, advanced levels, language english, French, arab or berber, only course participation (without accommodation) possible? YES


Up to 3 people 1 instructors, 2-3 hours course when at homespot, if another spot 3-4 hours course, every day lessons, special packages for 3 days or 7 days, individual booking possible, surfguiding, beach break and reef break at sidi kaouki, moulay, essaouira and more, beginner, intermediate levels, advanced levels, language english, French, arab or berber, only course participation (without accommodation) possible? YES


We offer different surf lessons depending on the already existing  surf skills and the personal goals on surfing. If Beginner, intermediate or advanced, clients can choose of 2hours for testing or up to one week full course, starting from ?? Euro per day. If clients don’t bring their own material or want to try out different shapes of surfboards in our rental service we have 29 divers surf boards:            

•       Shortboards
•       Malibus
•       Longboards
•       Softboards
•       Bodyboards

We have especially for us shaped SidiKaouki Minimalibus as well! For sure we will help to find the best board and the ideal peak depending on the surf level of your clients.

If visitors wanna surf on their own and just need to get to a spot surfguiding will help them to find the perfect peak. Our employees will lead the clients securely to all spots in our Surf Shuttle Bus which fits all material as well.


Breaks directly at the main spot and at nearby spots

Sidi Kaouki in Central Morocco is an exposed beach break that has quite reliable surf and can work at any time of the year. Offshore winds blow from the south. Tends to receive a mix of groundswells and windswells and the ideal swell direction is from the northwest. The beach breaks offer lefts and rights. The quality of the surf isn't affected by the tide. Even when there are waves, it's not likley to be crowded. Watch out for rocks.

Seasonal conditions


Crowd factor and local people

 No crowds at all at homespot, if locals are in the water they share, if you respect them!
Secret spots without anyone in the water


Characterization of surroundings/region

Sidi Kaouki is located 150 km North from Agadir and 28 km South Essaouira directly on the Atlantic coast. This easy?going town has been known for a wonder healer called Kaouki who lived in the Marabout. People have pilgered to this town for over 500 years and up until now, the beach has not lost any of it´s mystical power.

This piece of earth is known worldwide for it´s dreamy surf possibilities. It is the crème d´crème for enthusiastically wavers. In the 5 km bay you will find enough spots to ride on the clean shore broken waves which are between 1-3 m high.

There are not many spots in the world where it is so comfortable to hit the waves. You do not have dangers such as cutting open your feet, etc.

Fine sand beach as far as the eyes can take you!

The next largest city Essaouira has been called the pearl of Morocco. Artists from the whole world gather here enjoying the history and charm of this city. You will really enjoy the activities in the small streets and marketplaces of Medina.

In Sidi Kaouki you will find the old berber culture which is very laid back and different to arabic villages. Here most of the people speak berber, arab, and French.  In the little restaurants, Riads and Hotels you can speak as well english. Here in Sidi you can mostly pay in cash with Dirham and sometimes Euro, Dollar or swiss franc. The local restaurants and shops are really cheap and simple, but you can find some westernized restaurants with foreign owners as well.

Activities and facilities

Essaouira is Morocco's most likeable seaside town, with a colorful dock of working fishermen, fresh sardine grills, whitewashed and blue-shuttered houses, and feathery Norfolk pines. Dark, narrow rooms beneath the town's medieval ramparts originally stored ammunition. Later, they housed donkeys and goats. Now, the cubbyholes are home to the finest marquetry artists in the world. You can wander through the harbor of essaouira, its fishmarket and the bubbly medina, In the medina you can shop the really unique handcraft of morocco: carpets, edibles, leather, , jewelry, marquetry, metalwork, pottery, perfume and more.

More infos:

First and most prominent of the handicraft traditions are carpets and rugs, hand-knotted and in some cases, still coloured with vegetable dyes. Designs (apart from the Turkish-inspired patterns of Rabat carpets) are predominantly traditional to Berber tribes. Their colours and symbolic motifs enable experts to pin down not only the area in which a carpet was produced but sometimes the tribe or even family that made it. Top-quality carpets sell for thousands of dirhams; more affordable and easily portable are Berber rugs, kilims or blankets.


Edibles – spices, nuts, oils, olives, sweets
Edibles are a popular purchase. As well as spices, nuts, herbs, olives and Moroccan sweets, possible buys include argan oil, produced in the southwest. It is sold, either on its own or mixed with ground almonds (a nut butter called amalou).

Leather goods are widespread, from unpolished leather bags and belts to distinctive pointed slippers (babouches) and ornate pouffes, studded and dyed. Some leather goods are finished in a style closer to Italian designer luggage..

jewelry is available for sale everywhere, although one of the best places to buy it is in Tiznit’s famous silversmiths’ souk and in the souks of Taroudant, Essaouira and Marrakech. Dull silver is the basic material: heavy but beautifully decorated bracelets, delicate filigree rings, chunky necklaces of semi-precious stones (or occasionally of plastic, for the unwary) are most commonly found. Slightly more unusual, and sometimes antique, are decorated daggers, scabbards, or Qur’an boxes, covered with silver-wire decoration. The fastenings are often a weak point. Beware, too, of silver-plating masking what the Moroccans call b’shi-b’shi – meaning rubbish.

Marquetry is another traditional craft: wooden furniture, ornaments, chess sets and small wooden boxes made in cedar, thuya and oak, as well as boxes and mirror frames inlaid with camel bone. Many wooden goods are inlaid with veneers or mother of pearl. Often the quality of finish is less than ideal: hinges are points to watch. The woodworkers’ ateliers at Essaouira are an ideal place to buy (and to watch the manufacturing process).

Metalwork ranges from copper or brass items such as trays with fine, ornate hammered designs (which, along with a small folding wooden stand, make attractive tables) to wrought-iron and pierced copper or brass lanterns, mirror frames and tables with tiny hand-carved zellige-tile inlaid tops. There is also custom-made, contemporary designer furniture which is in good supply in Marrakech’s ironworkers’ souk near Madrassa Ben Youssef.

Pottery ranges from the rough earthenware of household pots and crocks to gaudy (and predominantly tourist-orientated) designs and beautiful blue and white, green or coloured ceramics from the main pottery centres of Safi, Fez, Meknes and Salé. Marrakech and Essaouira both have extensive pottery souks.

Perfume is loved by Moroccans of both sexes. Western brands are admired, but traditional scents, such as musk, orange flower, patchouli and amber, remain popular and are usually found in pure essential oil form in the spice souks and apothecaries of most medinas. Incense is used in the home on special occasions and for perfuming clothes.

Woodwork such as boxes and turned containers made of thuya, a lavishly grained, aromatic wood that grows only on the the Atlantic Coast, is what Essaouira is famous for. Elaborately painted wood is also a Moroccan tradition: look for ornate painted mirror frames and hanging wall shelves of all sizes.

Furthermore you find a lot of hidden cafes, restaurants or even surfshops in the little alleys. If this is not enough besides surfing to do, you can lose the rest of your energy in the clubs or music bars close to the medina.


Ways to get to the camp

There are several weekly flights from all large airports in Europe to Agadir or Marrakech. Upon arrival, there is a luxury taxi waiting to pick you up and take you directly about 170 km to Sidi Kaouki. From Paris or Casablanca, you can take flights directly to Essaouira which is 15 km from Sidi Kaouki. If yor are already in Morocco you can travel as well by train and local buses.

Important details

3 months tourist visa upon arrival, no special application to provide, airport transfer costs round about 700 dirham or 70 Euro, if you come with more people you can split the costs. With more than 5 people you will get a mini bus. As well we will take care of your surf equipment.

From Essaouira you can take a local sharing taxi for round about 10 Dirham or the local bus going every one or one and half hour. The taxi takes 30 minutes, the bus costs 6 Dirham from Bab Doukala in Essaouira ( the big door or entrance to the medina) well that depends on how many stops are made, if you are lucky it takes 30 minutes. If not maybe one hour.

From Marrakech you can take a local bus for 100 Dirham ( you have to ask around there at the train station) 3 – 4 hours with supratours ( From Agadir you can take CTM buses or Pullmann for round about 100 Dirham as well.


ONLY ACCOMODATION - from 25,- € per Night / Person
Pricelist Rebali Riads

 Dar Etoile (shared pool)
Double accupancy 145 €
Quadruple accupancy 170 €
 Dar Azreq (shared pool)
Quadruple accupancy 190 €
Dar Jeseli (shared pool)
Quadruple accupancy 190 €
Dar Mevada (private pool)
6 accupancy 290 €
Riad Sila (private pool)
Double accupancy Room 95 €
Double accupancy Master Suit 120 €
6 accupancy 3 bedrooms 310 €
8 accupancy 4 bedrooms 385 €
Riad Valmar (private pool)
Double accupancy Room 95 €
Double accupancy Master Suit 120 €
8 accupancy 4 bedrooms 430 €
10 accupancy 5 bedrooms 500 €

Pricelist Hotel Windy Kaouki

 Double apartment ground floor (Sahel Edelweiss, Atlantic)
Double accupancy 32.50 €
Triple accupancy 28.33 €
Quadruple accupancy 25.00 €
 Double apartment 1st floor (Tafoukt, Argil)
Double accupancy 35.00 €
Triple accupancy 30.00 €
Quadruple accupancy 26.29 €
 Double apartment with 2 balconies (Bosco)
Double accupancy 37.50 €
Triple accupancy 33.29 €

MATERIAL RENTAL - from 15,- €

Pricelist for material


Rent for windsurfing/kiting material  
 term of lease price
3 days 145.00 €                      
4 days 170.00 €                     
5 days 187.00 €                      
6 + 7 days 242.00 €                      
8 days 264.00 €                      
9 days 286.00 €                     
10 days 308.00 €                      
11 days 330.00 €                      
12 days 363.00 €                      
13 + 14 days  396.00 €                     
  optional equipment
Carbon boom   18% surcharge (on basic price)    
Wood edition   12% surcharge (on basic price)    
Rent for surf material  
term of leas price
2 hours 15.00 €    
3 hours 20.00 €                  
1 day 25.00 €                       
2 days 45.00 €                       
3 days 60.00 €                       
4 days 75.00 €                     
5 days 85.00 €                       
7 days 110.00 €    


 Kite lessons incl. all accessoires
2 hour 40.00 €


 surf lessons incl. all accessoires
2 hours 70.00 €
4 hours 140.00 €
6 hours 200.00 €


 Airport transfer
Bidirectional for up to 4 persons 140.00 €
 Car rental
E.g. Fiat Uno per day 28.00 €



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