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Kardamena Kos, Kos, Kos, 85302, Greece
Tel: +34 828 668 899,
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Let’s face the truth. What’s a common description of the best windsurfing spot? A “paradise” for those addicted creatures seeking windsurfing excitement and speed.
High winds non stop, sand blowing in your face, “wild west” facilities on the beach some phrases to describe windsurfing heaven.
Kardamena is not only that. While you are windsurfing or having a crack on a SUP, your friend(s) can enjoy a cold coffee right at the beach or a cocktail in front of the swimming pool next door. Do you have kids (who don’t like to give it a try with our “kid’s special learning program”) with you? No problem! Next to our Club there is a kindergarten playground that will provide them many hours of fun.r

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There will be always someone watching you, and a 50hp rescue boat on the water ready to intervene in case of emergency.
Five more watersport clubs on the bay all with rescue boats and cost guard station within a mile distance, result to the safest bay in the island!
If you’ve ever been worried about getting started in a new sport because you didn’t want to be the only beginner around – then Spinout Windsurfing Camp is just for you.
You’ll learn windsurfing while sharing the experience with other beginners as you gain new skills each day. After riding the beautiful turquoise waters you’ll have unforgettable adventures and discover Kos island.
You can always count on our support and enthusiasm and let us take care of all the aspects of your vacations in Kos.
The only thing you have to do is have fun and enjoy your staying.

Windsurfing since for ever…
National Speed Champion: 2010-2011-2012-2013-2015
European Speed Championship: 5th place for 2014
Odyssey of Speed: 1st place for 2013
Raced more than 120 national and international competitions in slalom & formula &speed.
Spoken languages: English – german – french – greek

Owner & Manager
Windsurfing since 2000
Nationality: Greek
Spoken languages: Greek – English – French

Windsurfing since 1995
Nationality: Greek
Spoken languages: Greek – English -French



As a participant of the Spinout Windsurfing Camp, you can stay in our club FREE of charge.
Your sleeping place will be located just 40 meters far from the water! It’s under the wooden roof of our club that will protect you from the sun/wind/rain. Please don’t imagine anything fancy (did we already mention that it is for free?). Bring along your sleeping bag and share a freedom experience! Fully equipped kitchen / hot shower / WI-FI usage included.
If you would like to stay in an apartment building, there is also a chance for that for an additional fee. Our cozy one bedroom apartment is located right next to our club, just 50 meters from the sea.

Since it is a real Camp, where you are going to sleep in sleeping bags, you also have to bring with your foot.
This means: Self-Catering!


You will have a windsurfing lesson every day with one of our enthusiastic instructors – trust us, in one week they will teach you how to windsurf – even if you don’t want. After/before your lessons you can practice your new skills with our brand new top class equipment.
Race board and sails hire in special prices and after level evaluation of the windsurfer.
1 board – 2 rigs including water base rescue.
Unlimited usage of stand up paddle boards – this will make you the master of balancing on the water without even realising it. You’ll not only be having great fun… but in fact you’ll be practicing.

Fun after Windsurfing
We will never let you to get bored – unless you want to be. You can visit the best spots of the island – and believe us, we know them all. We will have a night visit to the mineral springs where we can enjoy the hot water right on the beach, under the stars – and far away from the crowds.
Expect also some barbecue parties on our beach (we cannot get bored of those), bike trips, and some fun while visiting the best bars in the nearby Kardamena town – which is well known amongst partygoers for its rock solid night life.
No wind? No problem! You can just hop on the next island to check the moon-like landscape of the active volcano of Nysiros.



Breaks directly at the main spot and at nearby spots
North winds and meltemi are blowing endlessly here, but the hangover never let someone pay attention. The N and NE side-shore wind is stronger in the morning, creating fine flat water conditions near the bay and choppier further out.
Every afternoon hot “meltemi” wind changes direction to NW offshore, keeping the water flat all across the coast and producing ideal conditions for young guns or beginners.
Speed seekers will have a serious blast when it’s blowing harder.
During the pretty rare windless days we organise SUP fun races in order to keep our visitors performance and spirit high!

Seasonal conditions
1st period: Mid May to mid October 2019
2nd period: July & August 2019

Characterization of surroundings/region
At Kos city exists famous Casa Romana, a glorious roman villa, with mosaics, murals and a part of roman road. Near Casa Romana is also the Roman Market, that constitutes apart of ancient market. In the Freedom square exists Pane Nteferntar. In center of this building is a dome while the appreciable decorative element in his interior is the round frames with verses from the Korani.
Most important site of kos Island is the Asklipion, hardly four kilometers outside from the capita, in the region of Virgin Mary of Tarsus. It is dated before 4th century B.C. and gave Kos enormous fame at the Hellenistic years. It was a version of modern health center, dedicated to Asklipios, the god of medicine.
At Kos was given birth Hippocrates (460-357 B.C) father of medicine, who promoted pathology, diagnostics, surgical, gynecology and obstetrics specialties. It is world wide known the Hippocrates Oath, that say the new doctors in the start of their career. In the center of the city exists one enormous platan that is supposed to have been planted by Hippocrates and started medicine lessons in his shade. Beside the big plantan is found the pane of Gazi Hasan Pasa, remnant of Ottoman domination.
Means and outside from the city exist many old Christian churches. We distinguish the royal of Saint Ioannis Precursor with important murals of the 12th century and appreciable temple.

Activities and facilities
Spin Out windsurfing club is located in Kardamena, a place well know for its crazy and wild night life, yet to be discovered as a Speed – Slalom – Freestyle Windsurfing Paradise.

Ways to get to the camp
Free transfer from and to the airport for 2 weeks program.


PACKAGE A - from 269€ per Week / Person
This package includes:

- Basic Accommodation
- Gear Rental



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