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15 Swakop St, Swakopmund, Swakopmund, 9000, Namibia
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Our tours cover the main surf spots of Namibia. We offer guided tours to all the local surf spots. Explore the sandy beaches, discover empty surf spots and if you’re lucky, get barreled out of your mind! Whether you are interested in surfing Skeleton Bay or a first time surfer, we are exactly who you are looking for!
The coast of Namibia offers very safe surf spots for all levels. There won't be any strong current (beside Skeleton Bay), any dangerous reef and no sharks or other dangerous animals.

Next to surf spots for beginners and experts, Namibia offers amazing sceneries. Enjoy a trip with us to Sandwich Harbour where the Dunes meet the ocean or take a safari trip inland to the Etosha Nationalpark and witness wildlife upclose. 

We are located in Swakopmund, an old german town at the beautiful Skeleton Coast of Namibia. While you find a shoppingcenter and many modern restaurants in town you will always find a quiet place at the beach to relax and watch the dolphins which often come close to shore. 
For the lazy days between the surflessons we offer guided tours to african adventures like swimming with Cape Fur seals, driving through the desert or stand-up paddling in the lagoon surrounded by pelicans and flamingos.

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Situated along the Skeleton Coast, surrounded by sand and sea is our small harbour town, Walvis Bay. Known for its natural beauty and rough seas, the Skeleton Coast offers an experience of a lifetime.
For those that are starting out, we provide specialized tours and even lessons at easier surf spots.
So even if it is your first time, we have all you need to ignite the passion for surfing by providing single and group lessons to get you started!

For all the intermediate students we choose one of many great spots, which are mostly empty during the week. Once you paddled out you will get the chance to choose your perfect wave, small or big, left or right. Quite often we even get visited by dolphins.


The Swakopmund Backpackers is located in Swakopmund, 200m from the beach.
There is a fully-equipped kitchen and the rooms have a shared bathroom fitted with a shower. You find rooms for 4, 6 and 12 people with free WiFi and daily housekeeping. 
Shops and restaurants are near by.
Private rooms from 35€, Doorms from 12€. 


Self-catering, kitchen provided
Restaurants nearby and a genuine Italian Pizzeria right next door.


Our trained surf guide will take you to the best surf spot according to your needs, either in a private session or in a group. Needless to say, coming to a desert, well it can be easy to get lost. You will benefit in so many ways from their local knowledge and their surfing experience.
- Kayaking
- Stand-up paddling
- Swimming with seals
- Camelriding
- ATV duneriding
- Exploring the sand dunes
- Bird watching


- We operate between the two local towns Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. Our focus is to provide you with the best surf possible. As we do rely on the natural elements, we can't always promise world class waves. But when the stars do align, you will witness Namibia's precious gem: Skeleton Bay. Although it doesn’t break all year long, when it does, you have the opportunity for the ride of your life. Regarded as one the “Top 10 waves to ride before you die”, it is a ‘must-surf’ for all die-hard surfers out there.
- Average water temperature: 17 degree
- Average air temperature: approx. 18 degree (June-November), 25 degree (December-May)
Activities and facilities
Approximately 30 km from Walvis Bay, you can find the city Swakopmund, which you can visit for cultural or shopping trip. But also Walvis Bay is perfect for a sightseeing trip. A huge biodiversity and great landscape make Walvis Bay to an interesting place. 



PACKAGE A - from 200 € per 5-Days / Person

This simple package includes:

5 surflesson on the best 5 mornings out the week.
One lesson takes 2-3 hours (depending on your energy) and includes all the gears required. A warm beverage will be served after the lesson (coffee or hot chocolate).
Excluded is accomodation.

PACKAGE B - from 400 € per 6-Days / Person

This package includes:

6 Day-program including 5 surflessons, sightseeing, a deserttour and swimming with the seals.
A local tourguide will be all yours for 6 days, pick you up and show you the best coffeeshops, restaurants and secret surfspots. After a nice surfsession at the beach he will drive on the sandunes with you. You get to swim with seals and if you're lucky there will be dolphins to say hi. Non-alcoholic drinks are included.
Excluded in this package is accomodation and food.

PACKAGE C - from 100 € per Day / Person

This package includes:

A trip to the famous Skeleton Bay.
Our local surfteacher will take you through the sandy beach to the best surfspot where you get the chance to ride this dream wave. Non-alcoholic drinks and lunch is included.

PACKAGE D - from 800 € per Week/ Person

Our popular all-inclusive package creates your perfect week.
The day is all yours. You get to decide if you want to take a surflesson, see skeletonbay, go kayaking at the lagoon, do stand-up-paddling with seals jumping around you or just enjoy the scenery and drive up the dunes. We have all the ideas and you decide each day. 
Included are all the non-alcoholic beverages, a local lunch and homemade pastries as a snack to keep you going. No wish will be left open after this week.
Accomodation included in a shared room in our backpackers in town.

Obviously you can always just book a single surflesson with us.
The price for 1 lesson is 50 Euros, including all the gears required.



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