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Imagine a surf trip where you have the “local knowledge” that will allow you to surf top-quality, uncrowded waves each day of your adventure. Surf Tours Nicaragua gets you access to Nicaragua surf that would be all-but impossible to find on your own, not to mention a huge hassle!   Our specialty is providing you with a no-hassle, highly experienced, Nicaragua surf adventure where you are sure to get some of the best waves of your life. Have a look at what our guests say on our Testimonials page for proof! Surf Tours Nicaragua provides surf tours of the uncrowded waves in north-central Nicaragua.   Surfing Nicaragua with us is an experience unlike any other because: We are north and central Nicaragua’s original Surf Camp and Surf Tour – our guides and staff are the most experienced and professional in all of Nicaragua, hands down. Don’t be fooled by the rest when you want the best of Nigaragua. Crowds are our enemy – our experience means we know more spots and the best times to get you to them to ensure you get uncrowded and empty lineups…not to mention we have secret surf spots that only we know about!

We keep our operation small – max. 11 surfers if multiple groups, or 15+ for cohesive groups – to ensure that northern Nicaragua doesn’t become overcrowded like surf in Costa Rica and southern Nicaragua (Popoyo and San Juan Del Sur). We are the closest operation to the airport in Managua (MGA), allowing you to maximise your Nicaragua surf time during your Nicaragua surf tour. We will pick you up and drop you off at the airport. We provide you with individual attention surpassed by none.

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The surfcamp consists of two places to stay, both have a waterfront location. 
Nicaragua’s north Pacific coast is relatively undiscovered, and thus provides an opportunity for surfers to experience what surf in Nicaragua and Central America was like 20 years ago. Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America, which guarantees that your experience will be one of pure enjoyment!

Here at STN, we are all about getting you into uncrowded surf. There are over 25 different surf spots that we get you access to in our custom-built surf pange (yeah…we have the only boat with T-top, board racks and stereo, and “Surf Tours Nicaragua I” is fully rigged for sport fishing) and in our three 4×4 rigs.


A smaller group size is usual with max. 11 participants. This camp is more of a relaxed style of camp, family friendly and with higher quality standards. Since it consists of two locations where you can stay it creates a less crowded atmosphere.



Originally from London, England. He has been travelling since the age of 4! and has lived in Europe, Fiji, Canada, USA, NZ and Australia.  After 2 years of architecture he got a 200-ton captains licence and crewed on super yachts for several years in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Pacific.   Alex has been surfing in Central America since 2002. In 2006 found himself back in Costa Rica where he started the Costa Rica Surf Institute. He and his wife, Larkin, took over as owners/operators of STN in June 2010.



Larkin was born in San Antonio and raised in San Diego, California. Growing up in a border town sparked Larkin’s curiosity of different cultures. After Majoring in Anthropology at Portland State University Larkin booked her ticket to Costa Rica in 2006 in hopes of learning Spanish. She came home from her trip with love in her heart for both surfing and for Alex. Larkin is a Yoga Alliance Certified 200RYT yoga teacher, and specializes in Classical Hatha and power flow disciplines.

Greg, a.k.a. “Goyo”

Has come to us with a stellar background in hospitality management and a lifetime passion for all things watersports.  He is an avid fisherman, scuba diver, spear fisher, sailor, and of course surfer.  He cut his teeth in the hospitality industry working for famous chefs Wolfgang Puck and Thomas Keller; His hotel experience was working with Wynn, MGM and The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.  Greg grew up on the beaches of San Diego and moved to Santa Cruz to attend University.  There he realized So-Cal was just the beginners class as Northern California produced some of the biggest and best waves in the world.  Always up for a laugh or the next adventure, he will be your fearless leader during your stay at La Flor Surf Camp.





3 Daily Meals
The fresh and finest ingredients prepared as you like them by our STN chefs
Vegetarian options available. We custom design your menu to suit, so if you have any food preferences or allergies, just let us know in the comments section of your inquiry form, and we will take it into account when planning your menu.

Deluxe Accommodation

Our Standard Package includes a stay at La Flor Surf Camp , 35 minutes southwest of Leon and just 1.5 hours northwest from the airport in Managua (MGA).

Surf Tours Nicaragua’s La Flor Surf Hotel sits directly on the beach and has surf directly in front with an additional 5 surf spots accessible within 5-10 minutes walk. There are another 10 breaks within 20 minutes by boat or 4×4 truck. All rooms come standard with air-conditioning and top-quality beds. When you are not surfing, the house offers a pool table, extensive libraries, fishing gear, loads of beach and water equipment, skateboards and much more.  Plus new broadband WiFi, webcam and beach front swimming pool!

Luxury Accommodation

Our Luxury Package includes a stay in our beautiful beachfront condominiums in Comunidad San Diego, just 1.5 hours southwest of the airport in Managua (MGA).


Condominiums offer living rooms, dining rooms, luxury bathrooms, full kitchens, multiple seaview terraces, air-conditioning, cable television, wireless Internet, beachfront pool, clubhouse and seafront restaurant. The condominiums sit right on the beach, and directly in front of Punta Bonita.

Luxury House Accommodation

Our Best of Both packages includes several nights in our beachfront camp (shown above as deluxe accommodations), and several nights in our private house in Comunidad San Diego, just 1.5 hours from the airport in Managua (MGA).

The house offers a living room, 2 bedrooms, dining room, luxury bathrooms, full kitchen, air-conditioning, wireless Internet, your own pool, clubhouse and seafront restaurant. The house sits 2 blocks from Punta Bonita and 5 mins from an excellent beach break.




The surfcorse consist of:

Transportation to local breaks by truck and/or boat
Surf Transportation
Unlimited guided surf tours each day by boat and/or truck.
Unlimited boat trips depending on conditions.
Depending on the package also Video analysis are possible.
The surf courses always take place in smal groups of max. 11 people.

Surf Photography/Videography – $40 per Group per Day for up to 4 hours


Surf Tours Nicaragua provides both in-water and land-based surf photography and videography to enhance your surf tour and help you to remember the incredible waves and adventures that you had during your stay with Surf Tours Nicaragua.You can hire our experienced surf photographers/videographers for the day or for the week to ensure that your adventure is documented in its entirety. You choose between a Photo or Video only package or you can combine the two for even more coverage. Either way, we will provide you with a DVD to take home with you that documents well your adventures with Surf Tours Nicaragua both in and out of the water.



We have almost 50 boards here ranging from 5’8 to 10’5 and the quiver is always updating! We also buy and sell boards.


Massage – $25 an hour

Nothing feels better than on site massage with our fully trained masseuse on a new massage table with local oils!  Marcia will revitalise your surf muscles, especially your shoulders, neck and lower back.


Spanish lessons – $30 to $50 per day or $200 per Week, less for more than one person.

Spanish lessons are 2 to 4 hours a day, usually in the afternoon so you can surf in the morning. Lessons include a qualified Nicaraguan Spanish teacher, textbooks and local excursions to practice what you learn.

You can have private classes or inquire for group rates.  Groups need to be of similar levels to learn together.  Your teacher can cover a variety of topics such as medical Spanish, construction Spanish or any other field you require.


Yoga Instruction/Practice – $15 per Session

Some have described surfing as “yoga on water.” Many yogic practices are similar to those experienced on the surf by bringing about feelings of balance, inner peace and bliss. Daily yoga exercises can restore your natural balance and harmony, bringing positive health to all aspects of your life – physical, mental and spiritual.Maximize your surf trip by isolating moments of satisfaction with a custom tailored yoga instruction/practice package with Surf Tours Nicaragua. Join our on-site instructor, Larkin, in Vinyasa, Power or Classical yoga disciplines for a quick morning/evening sun salute or full session.


Colonial City Tour

Leon is Nicaragua’s most famous and storied colonial city. You have the opportunity to enjoy a day trip to the city that is called the “Jewel of the North.” Leon offers excellent food options, beautiful colonial accommodations, great nightlife and incredible history. Viva Leon, Jodido!!!Leon is the university center of Nicaragua. Traditionally the most liberal city in Nicaragua, Leon has a blossoming tourist industry that combines a “Pura Nica” experience with the amenities that you expect during your vacation. Leon’s cathedral is the largest in Central America, and its central park provides a setting to enjoy a cocktail and dinner at a nearby restaurant while observing the bustle of the city.


Volcano Hikes – $30 per Person

Northern Nicaragua boasts five active volcanoes and five other inactive volcanoes. Surf Tours Nicaragua offers both daily and extended stay tours of volcanoes such as Cerro Negro, Telica, Cosigüina, Mombacho, Masaya, Apoyo and Momotombo, amongst others.  Bring your hiking shoes, as these volcanoes are the real deal. If hiking is your thing, or you would just like to enjoy the best view in Nicaragua, ask us about our volcano tours when making your booking.


Volcano Boarding – $40 per Person

If you have ever dreamed of snowboarding down a volcano (yeah, pretty far-fetched dream), now is your opportunity. A short hike up Cerro Negro Volcano grants you the opportunity to take an exhilarating ride down the black sand produced by this active volcano cinder cone.Let us know when you are booking your surf tour if this adventure interests you, and we will fit it into the schedule. Tours include equipment rental, transportation and necessary instruction.


Juan Venado Island Tour – $40 per Person

Juan Venado Island Nature Reserve is formed by an estuary that extends from Las Penitas to Salinas Grandes. Surf Tours Nicaragua provides tours of the mangrove and wildlife-filled estuary. You can expect to see large and small saltwater crocodiles, iguanas, egrets, blue herons, and more. Mangrove tours can also be combined with fishing and beach combing tours to make a full day. As well, a “mysto reef” lies offshore of the island that has yet to be surfed, but is rumored to look like one of the best waves around!Your tour includes lunch and refreshments, and you can add dinner at the beach in Las Penitas if you so choose. You will be provided with a guide that is well-versed in the ins and outs of the fantastic marine reserve at Isla Juan Venado.


Live Baseball Games – $10 per Person

Baseball is religion in Nicaragua! Unlike the rest of Central America, soccer takes a back seat to baseball. Due to the incredible climate in Nicaragua, live baseball is played almost year round. Nicaragua hosts four farm teams that are all associated with Major League Baseball clubs in the US or Canada.Competition is fierce with budding talent in constant circulation throughout the league, and the games are an experience like no other! Afternoon and evening games are regularly played and include alcoholic beverages, so ask about availability and pricing when you are booking your surf tour.


Cowboy for a Day – $40 per Person

Ever dreamed of being a cowboy? Would you like to be involved in a real roundup, ride an ox-cart, and act as a legitimate ranch-hand for a day? Now is your opportunity. Surf Tours Nicaragua offers the opportunity for you to be a “Cowboy for a Day.”We will take you to a working cattle ranch outside of Leon, teach you how to saddle, mount and ride a horse, teach you to prepare and drive an ox-cart, and how to milk a cow. All in the span of a day! Your tour includes breakfast, a tasty traditional Nicaraguan BBQ, and a swim in a nearby lagoon to cool you off after you hard days work.


Fishing – $200 per half day

We offer inshore, offshore or estuary fishing with our captain Marvin who has 20 years experience and knows all the best spots in the area. The price includes all the fuel, bait, rods, tackle, lures and guides you will need.

You can expect to catch Red Snapper, Snook, King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Yellow Fin, Rooster fish and maybe even a Marlin or sail fish!





Characterization of surroundings/Nicaragua

Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

Nicaragua takes its name from Nicarao, chief of the indigenous tribe then living around present-day Lake Nicaragua. A friendly and peaceful country that at times, received an undue share of negative press, Nicaragua is really one of the safest places to visit in Central America. With more than a decade of political stability, this democracy has moved steadily forward, leaving behind the war-torn ’80?s, remembered as one more chapter in it’s turbulent past.

The nickname “land of lakes and volcanoes” describes this beautiful and fascinating country well. Two great lakes, Xolotlán (Lake Managua) and Cocibolca (Lake Nicaragua) occupy roughly 10 percent of the countries surface area, and are the largest in Central America. Running nearly parallel to the pacific coast is a chain of 58 volcanoes, six of which are active. The country also boasts the longest rivers in Central America, vast coastal lagoons, and hundreds of miles of sea coast. As the largest and lowest Central American country, Nicaragua is essentially an emerging “land bridge” between Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Centrally located between North and South America, Nicaragua has benefited from the astonishing blend of flora and fauna from the two continents.

Nicaragua Currency

Nicaragua’s currency is the Cordoba, named after Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba, the Spanish founder of the colony of Nicaragua. The U.S. dollar is also an official currency in Nicaragua, and it is advisable that travelers from other nations bring currency in U.S. dollars. Major credit cards are increasingly accepted throughout the entire country. As of September, 2008, the exchange rate of Cordobas to U.S. Dollars was roughly 19 codobas to 1 dollar.




Important details

Entry and exit to/from Nicaragua are very easy, but keep the following in mind as requirements:

Passport valid 6 months beyond your intended stay in Nicaragua.

Ticket for return or onward travel.

Tourist card (US$5.00) when arriving to Nicaragua (must be paid in U.S. dollars), valid for 90 days in Nicaragua. A valid entry stamp is required to exit Nicaragua.

Airport Departure fees are included in the price of your ticket.

What should I bring?

Bring some or all of the following – THESE ITEMS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED FOR YOU

Passport valid 6 months beyond intended stay in Nicaragua

$10 entry fee

Extra cash (US Dollars) for Add-Ons, beverages, tips and incidentals.  Only clean untorn $ bills are accepted in Nicaragua.

Single Day Board Bag (this is a single board bag, not a sock; to ensure the safety of your board)

Extra Leash


Rash Guard

Ding Repair Kit

Sunblock – Not available for sale so be sure to bring



Beach Towel

Bug Spray – Not available so be sure to bring


iPod Player

Shoes & socks (volcano hikes)

Light long pants (mosquito protection & volcano)

Light long sleeve shirt (same)


Benadryl and Epipen (if you are allergic to anything)

New & Old Surf Mags – THANKS!!!

DVD’s to watch on the projector

Basic First Aid (Bandaids, gauze, aspirin, Neosporin, Imodium AD, etc.)

Toothpaste, Toothbrush

Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap

Anything you might want to give away to locals such as old clothing, electronics, toys, sports gear, fishing gear etc.  People are really poor here and anything you might not want they will find a use for!




* Discounts will be calculated in the booking process (first step)

PACKAGE A - DELUXE PACKAGE from $950 per Week / Person

This package includes:

7 Days Surf Transportation
Unlimited guided surf tours each day by boat and/or truck.
Unlimited boat trips depending on conditions.
6 Nights Deluxe Accommodation
Large house with 5 private rooms, ensuite bathrooms, 2 level oceanfront views with hammocks, beach side dining, A/C, fishing gear, extensive libraries, billiards, snorkeling equipment and over 40 boards in our quiver available to rent!
broadband WiFi, webcam and beach front swimming pool!
One free colonial city tour, or fishing trip!
3 Daily Meals
The fresh and finest ingredients prepared as you like them by our STN chefs
Full-Time Surf Guide and Airport Transfers

Surf Tours Nicaragua’s La Flor Surf Camp sits directly on the beach, 45 minutes southwest of Leon and just 1.5 hours from the airport in Managua (MGA). Prices are per person. Children under 13 are free if in the same room, half price for kids 13 to 15.

1 – 3 Surfers* $1150
4 – 8 Surfers $1050
9+ Surfers $950
Additional Nights  $110

  *SOLO TRAVELERS please specify if you need a private room as there is a $150 surcharge for this during busy weeks.  If your happy sharing let us know. 

PACKAGE B - LUXURY from $1280 per Week / Person

This package includes:

Package Includes:
8 Days Surf Transportation
Unlimited guided surf tours each day by boat and/or truck
Unlimited boat trips depending on conditions
7 Nights Luxury Accommodation
Luxury beachfront condominiums with ocean-front verandas, living room, dining room, A/C, satelite TV, wireless internet, jacuzzi tub, luxury beds, beachfront pool and ocean-side restaurant
3 Daily Fine Dining Meals
The fresh and finest ingredients prepared in a variety of our great restaurants
Full-Time Committed Surf Guide and Airport Transfers

Prices are per person, 2 person minimum. High Season November 15th – May 1st Low Season May 2nd – November 14th Holiday Season*
2 – 3 Surfers $1880 $1680 $2080
4 – 6 Surfers $1480 $1380 $1630
7+ Surfers $1380 $1280 $1530
Extra Nights $170 $160 $185


PACKAGE C - LEARN TO SURF PACKAGE from $1000 per Week / Person

This package includes:

7 Days Surf Instruction & Transportation
20 hours of surf instruction
Video analysis
Transportation to local breaks by truck and/or boat
6 Nights Deluxe Accommodation
Private rooms, private bathrooms, oceanfront view, hammocks, beachside dining, A/C, various games, and extensive libraries.
3 Daily Meals
The freshest and finest ingredients prepared as you like them by our Surf Tours Nicaragua staff
Surf Equipment Rental
Includes surfboard, leash, rash-guard, wax, and everything else you might need
Full-Time Surf Instructor and Guide and Airport Transfers
The best time to learn is mid November to mid March, as the waves are normally smaller so you can surf a wider variety of spots and have higher success rate.  It is possible to learn during the bigger months of April till October, but can be very challenging.
SPECIAL OFFER: Learn to Surf Packages from $1150 a person during December 2013 till February 2014, for groups of 2 – 3.  Groups of 4 from $999!  Come learn or improve your surfing in waist to head high waves with all day offshore winds!

Surf Tours Nicaragua’s La Flor Surf Camp sits directly on the beach, 45 minutes southwest of Leon and just 1.5 hours from the airport in Managua (MGA). The camp offers 5 suites, beachfront rancho dining.  Prices are per person. Children under 13 are free if in the same room, half price for kids 13 to 15.

1 – 3 Surfers* $1400
4 – 8 Surfers $1200
9+ Surfers $1000
Additional Nights  $150

  *SOLO TRAVELERS please specify if you need a private room as there is a $150 surcharge for this during busy weeks.  If your happy sharing let us know. 

PACKAGE D - FAMILY PACKAGE from $1150 per Week / Person

This package includes:

Kids under 16 are free if in the same room!
You can bring your kids for free on either the deluxe, learn to surf packages (the luxury package is 10% off for kids under 16)
For young kids child care or trips to the local school can be arranged.
Spanish lessons, volcano and colonial city tours are all popular add ons for families.
6 Nights deluxe Accommodation stay in our camp
3 Daily Meals
The freshest and finest ingredients prepared as you like them by our Surf Tours Nicaragua staff
Full-Time Surf & Adventure Guide/Instructor and Airport Transfers
Deluxe camp. Prices are per adult, kids under 13 free when rooms are available, kids 13 to 15 are half price if in the same room.

2-6 Guests $1150
Additional Nights $110

PACKAGE E - BEST OF BOTH PACKAGE (NORTH + SOUTH) from $1300 per Week / Person

This package includes:

3 nights at the luxury house, 3 nights at the deluxe camp
Get to surf 2 zones in a week in style, we will let the tides decide whether you start at the camp or our new luxury house.
6 Nights deluxe and luxury Accommodation
stay in our camp and our luxury house
3 Daily Meals
The freshest and finest ingredients prepared as you like them by our Surf Tours Nicaragua staff
Full-Time Surf & Adventure Guide/Instructor and Airport Transfers
Deluxe camp and luxury house, surf 2 locations in one week.Prices are per person.

2-6 Guests $1300
Additional Nights $130


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