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Pulau Masokut, Katurai, Sumatera Barat, ----, Indonesia
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Mentawai surf camp Siberut is a traditional beach camp resort located on the island of Nyang-Nyang, one of the most beautiful island in Mentawai. The White sandy beaches, countless palm trees, beautiful coral reefs and breathtaking waves of this island will deliver a priceless experience to you, family and friends. These unique island characteristics classify, ultimately, Nyang-Nyang as a hidden paradise!
The surf camp displays facilities with a typical Indonesian atmosphere which ensure an enjoyable family experience. The resort is located along the white sandy beach and despite of its traditional decoration, the resort offers modern style amenities with comfort and affordability; you will certainly experience a unique holiday.

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Mentawai Island chain, which also happens to be the most wave-rich area. We are smack-bang in the middle of more than 10 islands, each with pristine beaches, swaying palm trees and coral-encrusted reefs, along with an amazing number of surfing set-ups, 5 straight out the front and another 25+ waves within half an hour of camp. We aim to share our high end location and facilities at a low end price with enthusiasts from across the world.
The best time of year to visit us is March to October (the biggest swells are in June to August), but there are waves all year round. The ‘off season’ usually has empty line-ups and is a great time for less-experienced surfers to visit as swells are usually a little smaller – for this reason, we open in March and stay open until the beginning of December



Now you can stay in budget-priced traditional Mentawai bungalows, right on the beach of Nyang-Nyang island, South Siberut. Just a short 5 minute walk to excellent surf at E-Bay. With Beng-Beng, Nipussu and Pitstop a short walk close by. Our camps cater for small groups, offering traditional Indonesian family hospitality and modern but basic facilities. White sandy beaches, palm trees and coral reefs - Camp Siberut offers an exciting budget-priced experience!


Every morning breakfast is served before or after the surf. Either banana or pinaple pancakes with chocolate milk or scrambled eggs with fresh tomato and butter toast. As well always fresh fruit, coffee and tea.

Yummy yummy yummy, I got love in my tummy… For lunch you have Mie or Nasi Goreng, Fish, Chicken or Pork with vegetables and fresh fruit  as desert.

In the evening  you can have fine stew, red snapper, marinated bbq chicken with rice, potatoes, fries, noodles and various other very tasty dishes. You will love it, promise.



Traditional  bungalows right on the beach on the stunning and hidden island of Nyang-Nyang. The camp can cater for a maximum of 10 person and provides a traditional feel with modern facilities. Accompanied by an Indonesian family atmosphere offers a unique and memorable stay. The Mentawai Islands have plenty of amazing surf and breaks such as E’bay, Beng-Beng, Nipussi and Pitstop are all within walking distance from the camp. With white sandy beaches, palm trees and coral reefs, Camp Siberut offers an exciting and priceless experience.



Characterization of surroundings/region

The Mentawai Islands are group of islands off the west coast of Sumatra. They are an isolated paradise situated in the perfect geographical position for the almost constant Indian Ocean swell trains, every island is post card perfect where coconut palms & jungle meets an ocean full of pristine coral reefs and unmatched waves. Very few surfers return home from here disappointed with the wave quality, quantity and consistency. It is known across the globe as having “the best waves in the world” a claim rarely disputed. Being so close to the equator, the winds are extremely light and variable, unlike other parts of Indonesia which are strongly affected by seasonal trade winds. This means we have an abundant of rights and lefts almost every day. The islands are picture perfect in all directions, and loaded with unique flora and fauna. In the furthest reaches of the larger islands, it is possible to witness one of the last truly unchanged ancient cultures, the jungle-dwelling Sarereiket people.


Ways to get to the camp

how get from Padang to mentawai islands then mentawai islands to surf camp

from from kuala lumpur to padang with flight then from padang to siberut with ferry boat from harbour siberut to surf camp with speed boat

how get schedule the return ferry from padang to muara siberut harbour then muara siberut to padang harbour

AMBOLO’s SCHEDULE(Overnight Ferry):
-Departures from PADANG:
 -WEDNESDAY 7pm arriving at destination the day after at 3pm(one stop in north Siberut).
   -FRIDAY 7pm arriving at destination the day after at 6/7am

Departures from SIBERUT:
   -THURSDAY 4pm arriving at destination the day after at 6/7am(1 stop in north Siberut)
    -SATURDAY 7pm arriving at destination the day after at 6/7am

Departures from PADANG:
   -every TUESDAY-SATURDAY 7am arriving at destination within 6 hours(1 stop in north Siberut)
     -every THURSDAY at 7am arriving at destination within 3 hours (no stop)
Departures from SIBERUT:
  -every TUESDAY-SATURDAY 3pm arriving at destination within 3 hours(direct to Padang,no stop)
    -every THURSDAY at 1pm arriving at destination within 3 hours(no stop)


ACCOMODATION FOR 7, 9 or 12 days

Please send request for offers & prices!



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