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Pototogat, Nyang-nyang island, Siberut,, Mentawais, Sumatera Barat, 58458, Indonesia
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"ULAU MANUA" means "Home of the gods" or "paradise" in the dialect of the Mentawai Islands !
It is precisely in this sense that the ULAU MANUA RESORT has in the heart of the best and most consistent waves zone Indonesia hold as an identity of the resort , the harmony between the traditional and the modern , simple and luxurious built. Our goal is to make our guests feel a true paradise since their arrival until the last minute of their stay .

Located in playgrounds, on the northern part of the Mentawai islands, we are surrounded by over 20 waves of international quality at about 10 to 15 minutes from the resort , the place where the ULAU MANUA RESORT has been built is a true surfing paradise , with perfect waves for surfers of all levels, from Hohlwellenund heavy perfect for experienced surfers in search of adrenaline and thrill , easy, fun, and super rippable waves by beginners and seniors without offering any kind of risk can be ridden . Apart from the excellent quality of the waves , the resort was blessed with about 15 minutes built on a large land area of 6 hectares with a private paradise beach with 1.5 km extension for 2 bays with crystal clear water calm and surrounded by palm trees and rainforest with waterfall.

We await you for an unforgettable experience in this paradise.

Masura Bagata

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Every wind is offshore or protected somewhere. Our swell window is huge, from 240 SW through to 165 SE, our area gets consistently hit by a lot of swell from the Indian ocean. Our waves are the closest Mentawai waves to mainland Sumatra, which means less travel time for you to access our perfect waves. We have waves that suit everyone from beginners to professional surfers. Our guest capacity is limited to 12 surfers, which means more waves for everybody!
Every difficult wave has an alternate and easier wave nearby. This means we can divide our group by different surf levels.
In addition to the huge variety of famous waves of international quality, there are still many other secret or semi-secret spots of excellent quality in the zone that we do not share on our website!


The resort’s bungalows or “UMAS” were built following the traditional building style of the Mentawais and are located on the ocean front featuring handmade beds made with local labor on our island using orthopedic mattresses, first quality bedding and curtains, AC, minibar, wifi internet, bathrooms with granite flooring and walls of porcelain tiles combining in harmony the simplicity of the traditional with the western luxury and comfort and breathtaking views. Our “UMAS” are designed to accommodate comfortably 2 to 3 people and we also have a family “UMA” that can accommodate 4 to 6 people. In special cases we can provide extra beds.



Located in Playgrounds, on the north part of the Mentawai islands, the Ulau Manua Resort sits on a large area of land of 10 hectares blessed with a private paradisiacal white sand beach of 1500 meters of extension covering 2 bays with calm and crystal waters full of marine life surrounded by palm trees and rainforest.

In addition, we also have on our land a small waterfall 15 meters high that is about 15 minutes walk from the beach and the water used for cleaning and bathrooms at the resort comes from an inexhaustible source of fresh water from this waterfall that forms a river bordering our land; Our water supply for cleaning does not depend on the storage of rain water in large containers ensuring always the purity and cleanliness of our water.

On our neighborhood there are over 20 waves of international quality surrounding the resort at about 10-15 minutes boat ride from the resort doing justice to the name ‘Playgrounds’ as it is a true surfing paradise, with perfect waves for surfers of all levels, from easy, fun and super ripable waves that don’t offer any kind of risk and can be ridden even by beginners and seniors to more serious, hollow and heavy waves perfect for experienced surfers in search of adrenaline and thrill.


Restaurant with 3 floors including games room, gym facility for weights training and functional training, yoga space,  dining room, lounge area, ‘home theater’ room, bar, bathrooms and kitchen. Construction with extremely solid structure about 15meters high, earthquake and tsunami proof located only a few dozen yards from the “UMAS”.
According to Roby, our local partner from the Mentawais, direct descendant of ‘Sikerei’ and former guide in the jungle of Siberut, “This is the biggest and best “UMA” ever built in all Mentawais!!"



In our zone, we have the highest diversity of good waves in the Mentawai Islands. Every wave is within a 25 minute speedboat ride from the resort.
Aiming for best possible use of your money and travel time, we have organized our schedule in order to allow our guests to surf on the first and last day of their trip, arriving on the resort late in the morning on the first day of the trip and departing the resort at the end of the morning on the last day. (PAID DAYS = SURFING DAYS) Two more surfing days on the package offered by us so our guests can make the most of their trip!


- Surfboards (2-4):
- one shortboard good for turns for the smaller days; one shortboard good for barrels with a bit extra thickness for more paddle power on medium heavier days and one medium board good for barrels with good thickness to paddle on bigger waves. *At the Mentawais you can surf bigger waves on shorter boards!
- Boardshorts (2-3)
- Wax (3-5 – tropical warm water)
- Leashes (3-4:  one thin comp leash, two regular 6’ and one bigger and thicker 8’.
- Leash strings
- Fin sets (4): small, medium and big waves; for turns and barrels.
- Fin keys (2)
- Wax comb
- Waterproof sunscreen (lots of it)
- Rash guard (long or short)
- Surf hat (optional)
- Helmet (optional)
- Reef booties (optional)
- Ding repair kit / sun cure (optional, strongly recommended)



Characterization of surroundings/region

The ULAU MANUA RESORT is the result of a dream that resulted in the association of the company Bali Surf Connection, a pioneer in organizing surf trips around Indonesia based in Bali since 1995, along with other surfers who share the same dream and a local guide from the Mentawais who has deep knowledge of the region and still have direct roots with the Shamans “Sikerei” from the Mentawais .

The BALI SURF CONNECTION, founded in 1995 by Rodrigo ” Digone ” Mascarenhas, has become a reference among surfers worldwide, especially among Brazilians, being a company pioneer in organizing surfing expeditions throughout Indonesia with extensive experience organizing trips to almost all the surf camps and resorts of Indonesia countless times over these almost 20 years of operation based in Bali.

Our local partner from the Mentawais Roby Mayersha is a direct descendant of the ‘Sikerei’ (Shamans of the Mentawai islands from the heart of Siberut jungle) and still has relatives living in the jungle keeping alive the ancient tradition of the people of the Mentawais, besides also having extensive experience in resorts having worked for over 10 years as a guide on the islands. His wife Tika is also a direct descendant of the ‘Sikerei’ from the Mentawais and one of her uncles is a ‘Sikerei’ (Shaman) living in the jungle of Siberut today.


Ways to get to the camp
The crossing from Padang – Resort – Padang is done on a private speedboat with AC and reclining seats and takes about 3-5 hours depending on weather conditions. Price: USD 300 per person round trip extra from the resort’s price. This rate includes all transfers from the land (since arrival at the airport in Padang) and water shuttles (boat) round trip from Padang to the Ulau Manua Resort. For our transport Padang-Ulau Manua Resort-Padang  we will use the BALQIS boats (min. 5 guests per trip) from a local company from the Mentawais that have extense expeience in the business and have been doing this journey for many years for many resorts. Thanks to its design (long boat) that allows it to navigate safely in extreme winds and stormy conditions, this boat is safer and more stable than the big speedboats as it can navigate in any weather conditions. This way we will have a much greater chance of guaranteed departure on the scheduled dates avoiding delays and inconveniences due to bad weather. Equipment on board: The Balqis is equipped with GPS, compass, USB radios, flares and life vests; Confort The Balqis has reclining car seats, FAN, TV and DVD ensuring total comfort during your trip. Most guests travel relaxed sleeping or watching a movie. We have 3 boats “Balqis” available for the resort’s use: 1 – Twin 40HP engines for groups up to 6 people w / luggage (5-6 hrs crossing) 2- Twin 100hp engines for up to 10 people with luggage (3-4 hrs crossing) 3- Twin 200hp engines for up to 14 people w / luggage (2-3hrs crossing)


PACKAGE A - from 1700 $ per 10days/09nights / Person

This package includes:
– The best waves in the world –
– Unique, one-of-a-kind shaman ceremony on the end of the trip (depending on availability)
– Two surf sessions per day with our speedboat transportation. These trips include snacks, cold drinks and use of fishing equipment
– 3 complete meals/day + juices and snacks

– Unlimited water, 3 juices, 01 fresh coconut milk per day
– Use of all resort’s equipment (fishing, snorkeling, kayak, SUP)
– Unlimited wifi Internet access throughout the resort
– Ulau Manua Resort t-shirt

– $4/day Mentawai Government tax
– $12/day Indonesian Hotel tax



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