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Valle Ancho 12, Fuerteventura, Canarias, 35627, Spain
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Welcome to Adrenalin Surfcamp!

The Adrenalin Surf School is located in the small village of La Pared, in south-west of Fuerteventura.
The amazing sandy beaches of the island, the desert and the lava rocks, create a magical environment where you will find the best waves to start surfing or improve your level.
All year round, we develop surf courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced, always in search of the right spot and the wave conditions wich best suit the level of the participants.
The courses are made in small groups of max. 8 students per instructor. So you can enjoy a better quality and safety classes in a place like no other.
The Canary Islands are also called “the Hawaii of Europe“ due to their exceptional climate and their maritim potentia. Theyl are the perfect place for learning and practicing surfing

Don`t wait any longer and come to surf with us!

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Adrenalin surfschool was created in the year 2007 by Francis Zuber, local surfer and resident of La Pared for more than 10 years. Francis is from the French Alps, very close to the Mont-Blanc and has more than 20 years of experience in the art of gliding.
He is an experienced skier, expert in freeride and also lifeguard by the red cross and official surf instructor by the I.S.A. (international surfing association)
Adrenalin is an official surfschool of the F.E.S. (Spanish Surfing Federation):
After more than 12 years of enjoying and experiencing this unique and noble sport, Francis decided to teach surf to everyone who shares this passion for the sea.
Adrenalin surfschool works with the philosophy of sharing our knowledge with you.
The target of the school is to show you how, to follow you step by step, to advise you, and specially to have fun with you and share one of the greatest experiences that this incredible sport can offer you.
Surfing is a sport that takes a long time to learn and needs a lot of hours practicing. That´s why kids, as the future of our sport have a special treatment from the adrenalin team.
Being ourselves fathers as well, we are very aware of their necessities and worries. From the beginning we taught many families how to surf, as well as kids and groups of friends, etc... We know surfing is more than a sport, it`s a unique experience, a kind of life style, which is better if enjoyed with other surfers. We are all a big surf family !
Together, you will also learn to respect our special environment, the ocean, the beach, the sand dune. Please, join our next beach cleaning, if you want to keep surfing in the future, preserve the nature !
Adrenalin team.    




Apart-hotel in Costa Calma
Our Apartments are all situated in a green area, close to the apartment’s pool; a pleasant place to relax after a surfing day.
All apartments have a kitchen, a bathroom, a shower and a terrace.
Now it is time to choose between different formulas: breakfast, half-pension or all included, all of them very economical.
Close to the apartments you´ll find many restaurants of all kind: tapas, pizzeria, kebab and cocktail bars, as well as a shopping centers and a library. And within ten minutes’ walk, several club and discos.
But remember if you are going out, the day after we will go surfing!! Find the balance!!
Costa Calma is a touristic village very sympathetic and quiet, perfect for resting yourself after surfing.
The waters on the east coast are ones of turquoise blue reminding those of the Caribbean. Only 800 meters away from the surf-camp there is a spectacular white sandy beach which extends for 5km. to a huge natural lagoon; after that the beach extends southern to Jandia - Morro Jable.
The peninsula of Jandía is doubtless one of the most beautiful places in Fuerteventura. 
Costa Calma is situated on the thinner part of the island, only 5 minutes away from La Pared, on the west coast, where our surf-school is situated, just on the entrance of the village.




Day of surf:

- Complete stretching and warming up.
- 5 hours a day on the water (morning and/or afternoon)
- Theory about the different needs at school, at the beach or in the surf-camp about different issues: ocean conditions, tides, currents, surf area, priority rules, security, environment and more…
- Use and care of your board in and out of the water.
- Personalized coaching (less effort, more progress and fun).
- Video analyzes evaluation, comments and corrections.
- Beach games.

After surf:
- Excursion and juggling
- Barbecue / beach party / full moon party.
- Surf videos / music and surf culture.
- Indoboard / longboard / chill out area.
- Pool / board games.
- WIFI area.
- Mini-market. 

- Your surf session or surf camp in photo or video
- Massage and relaxation with Rainer, sport physiotherapist.
- S.U.P. (Stand Up Paddle)
- Visit to a surfboard factory with Julian (JOYAS Surfboards Shaper)


Have an unforgettable time at the beach with your family or friends, discovering surf and having fun on small waves. Learn to surf with soft boards, perfect for safety learning.
To participate:
- Be more than eight years old.
- Be able to swim in the pool for 10 min.
- Be fit.


You are not a rookie any more. Together, let´s go get more adrenaline, and let´s try catching your first green waves. Our instructors will help you every day to improve and perfect your technique.
To participate:
- Have level one (or at least 15 days OF practice)
- Be more than 14 years old.
- Be able to swim in open waters at least for 15 min.
- Be very fit.


 Are you not succeeding?!

Let’s surf together in order to improve your surf, your performance on the water, your speed on the waves, your styleat turns and much more...
To participate:
- Having level 2 (at least 30 days of practice)
- Be  more than 16 years old
- Be able to swim in open ater at least 20 min
- Be in excellent form.



Situated on the heart of the Atlantic, just 80km away from the African coast of Sahara, the island of Fuerteventura is a real natural paradise, the perfect place to get lost in its non-ending beaches and incomparable landscapes.
Declared “ world natural biosphere reserve “, the island offers us a great variety of white sand, black sand or volcanic stones beaches. From the typical touristic beaches, with all facilities and services, to wild beaches where you can enjoy the nature in a more intensive way.
And for those looking for something more spectacular than beaches, the island has a great landscape offer, with many volcanic and desert spots and a beautiful wildlife.
In the south of Fuerteventura you can make many activities: scuba-diving, with amazing spots to discover; the constant alizios winds in summer provides a world class scenario for windsurfers and kite-surfers: of course climatologic conditions are also perfect for kayak or sport-sailing lovers all year round.
And we dont forget the king of water sports on the island, surfing. 360 days/year of waves and a bunch of world class spots.<br />In the south of the island begins the “Peninsula of Jandia“. On this area between la Pared and Costa Calma we can find a huge sand zone like a desert which is known as Jable. There you will find some giant sand dune from west to east coast which hides a wild local “flora and fauna“and which ends in a spectacular white sand beaches with blue turquoise water.<br />From Costa Calma to Jandia, there are many beaches, one of them is the famous “playa de La Barca“, where tides create a spectacular natural lagoon. The perfect beaches to walk, relax, or practice kite or windsurf. On this spot, is taking place every year for more than 25 years now, one of the best events of the Windsurf & Kitesurf world cup, which doesnt come alone, bringing us as well the famous “ La Carpa”, the Biggest Party on the island (from 15th of July to the 10th August +-).
Looking more south, we find Jandia, with his impressive lighthouse and long white sand beaches, surrounded by El Saladar, a natural lagoon form by the tides and also a reserve for several kinds of birds and wild animals. At the end of the beach well find the charming village of Morro Jable, where you won´t resist the temptation of enjoying a delicious fresh fish with seaviews.<br />After Morro Jable, you can keep driving on a dusty road and discover plenty of beautiful white sand beaches and amazing landscape. At the crossroad you can go to Cofete, a wild beach 10 kilometers long with absolutely nobody, no swimsuit is needed... but watch out! The sea is very dangerous there. On the other road we head to the “Punta of Jandia“, with a majestic lighthouse-museum and a small fishermen village where you can have a delicious Canarian fish-soup or a fried fish while listening to local fishermen telling their stories about fishing.<br />For good food lovers, in Esquinzo 5 km before Jandia, you will find one of the best restaurants of the island, El Marabu. Another option is in the village of La Pared, at the restaurant La Bahia where you can taste fresh fish or tapas while enjoying a spectacular sunset over the sea.<br />The touristic villages of Costa Calma, and Jandia/Morro Jable, have plenty of restaurants, pubs, and ice-cream dealers. Theres also a wild nightlife with plenty of clubs and disco-bar.
Discover Fuerteventura, love at first sight!


Shuttle airport – surfcamp and back /car rental/ bus. 

The shuttle form the airport to Costa Calma with us costs 100€ 5 persons and each trajectory (20€ person).
You can rent a car directly on the airport from 14€ a day.
Daily bus shuttle service (company Tiadhe – linea 10) to costa Calma)





7 nights + 5 days course:
transfer from the camp or the school and back
instructors and the surf-camp´s program.


1 day (4hs) - 45€
2 days (8hs) - 90€
3 days (12hs) - 125€
4 days (16hs) - 165€
5 days (20hs) - 200€
6 days (24hs) - 220€

All courses include:
- Insurance
- Shuttle service
- Wetsuit & Surfboard

Together we choose the course which suits your level best.
Clases are made in reduced groups, max 8 students per instructor.
Kids up to 14 years old surf with 10% discount.



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