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Ma rafrafge, Buruzu Magu Male, Laamu, -, Maldives
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ANLORAN is a boat built in Egypt, designed and adapted for surfers by surfers. The vessel, supplied of all imaginable comforts to spend however long period of time in Maldives islands is moored in Male the capital of the Republic of Maldives. Here in Male we have our offices where we occupy ourselves of the logistic necessary for each trip as well as keep permanent contact with the boat to deal with any unexpected situation.

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Highly consistent Indian Ocean South swells make the Maldives one of the planet's most consistent surf zones. Almost every trip offers quality surf every single day. All waves peel mechanically over perfectly contoured, coral reefs without the shallowness and danger found at many other surf destinations. Expect to surf waves peeling so perfectly you'll be in awe at how perfect Mother Nature can be. Waves can be enjoyed by both shortboarders and longboarders.

This is a place you can ride the best waves of your life without fearing for your safety. And if your home surfs are short beach breaks, you'll love the long rides (typically 100 to 300 metres) that allow time to enjoy the magic as well as perfect that next turn.

Expect offshore winds most days with equal numbers of lefts and rights typically averaging chest high to once overhead. These warm water waves can be surfed on all tides so you can literally surf all day long.

The water is warm enough to swim without a wetsuit, though a light suit is a good idea, for protection from the sun and coral.


The crew, with a great experience at sea, is formed by captain, a
cook, a mechanic, zodiac driver and waiter. All of which speak English. They are very respectful and friendly so our guest can find themselves comfortable and with a good service. In all the trips one guide and owner of the ANLORAN Andrew will be on board. He has 7 years experience surfing in Maldives and speaks English, Italian and Spanish.


The adventure begins in 2007, when Andrew, 20 years of experience enjoying and organizing surfing trips to major destinations on the planet, take a large step acquiring its own boat in order to operate a surf charter in the Maldives.

Finally the project becomes a reality of great efforts, Andrew offer surfers of all the planet to accompany them in this adventure, between atolls, waters turquoise and waves of great perfection. 

The project does not end here, because that are unique surfer proprietary of a boat in the country, looking for new areas where to surf without crowds…



ANLORAN has 10 bedrooms for 2 people. Each room has a bathroom. air conditioning , individual spacious beds and personal wardrobe. There is also a ample living room with a dining table, comfortable sofas, air conditioning, television, dvd and hi fi. Completely equipped kitchen
ANLORAN is equipped with, GPS, sounder, radar, USB radio 16 channels. There is a large terrace on the up deck where the covers of the surf boards are stored, perfect place to view the waves, and another in the prow. As for safety, the vessel is equipped with, life jackets, fire alarms, and other safety facilities. The boat also has snorkeling equipment and fishing gear....


A very important thing is the food of active sport such as surfing requires an adequate diet for energetic activity to enjoy the waves to the full. Our cook prepares 3 meals a day apart from the snacks between hours so the clients are well fed. For obvious reasons, fish, fruit, vegetables, meat, pasta form the main part of the diet on board. We offer Western as well as Asian food so the clients may try typical Maldivian food and get to know more about the culinary culture of this country. We assure an ideal and complete diet to provide the energetic requirements of our clients.




Surf course details
Available for experienced surfers for 30 USD in two or three sessions per day.


Fiberglass short boards for experienced surfers and epoxy fun boards for beginners available for rent for 20 USD/day


Snorkeling and fishing gear available for free.
Photos and video available of surfing action.


Breaks directly at the main spot and at nearby spots
The vessel anchor closed to the best spot of the day.

Seasonal conditions
The surf season coincides with the southwest monsoon and runs from mid February to November when the best swells are generated by winter low-pressure systems in the southern Indian Ocean. March and April provide a combination of excellent surfing and weather conditions.

Crowd factor and local people
No localism, just a few locals are surfers and they are supper friendly. The crowd range is medium but always depends about surf conditions.


Characterization of surroundings/region

The Maldives lies in two rows of atolls in the Indian Ocean, just across the equator. The country is made up of 1,190 coral islands formed around 26 natural ring-like atolls, spread over 90,000 square kilometers. These atolls structures are formed upon a sharp ridge rising from the ocean, making way for their secluded uniqueness.

Each atoll in the Maldives is made of a coral reef encircling a lagoon, with deep channels dividing the reef ring. A string of islands take their places among this atoll ring; each island has its own reef encircling the island lagoon. The reefs of the islands, alive with countless types of underwater creatures and vibrant corals, protect the islands from wind and wave action of the surrounding vast oceans. This unique structure of reefs and channels makes navigation almost impossible for the passer-by without sufficient information about these waters.

Ninety-nine percent of the Maldives is made up of sea. The people of the islands are widely dispersed across the atolls, with about 200 inhabited islands.

Activities and facilities

The Maldives is considered one of the best places in the world for underwater photography. Sights such as schools of 10,000 to 100,000 fish or groups of 30 to 30 manta rays or eagle rays are frequently seen in and around the Maldives. Marine life in Maldives is full of unexpected surprises and sights. Snorkeling is one of the best ways of discovering the hidden world of underwater right over the shallow reefs.


Ways to get to the camp

As your plane breaks through the clouds revealing the emerald islands below, prepare for one of the most exciting flying experiences. The runway of Hulhule’ airport, that runs parallel to the shore creates a (rather safe, of course) adrenalin rush, for a second, when it makes you think that the plane is landing on water.

Important details

Tourists are issued a 30-day visa on arrival. A valid travel document is necessary. You can obtain circumstantial visa grants through the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Male'. Your passport must have a validity of 6 month after the arrival date to get in the country.


PACKAGE A - SOTHERN ATOLLS/GAAFU DHAALU - from 163 € per Day / Person

This package includes:
-Meeting at the airport
-Welcome drink
-Accommodation in double cabins
-Full board (3 meals per day, snacks early morning and after last surf session) coffee, tea and water
-Surf Guide
-Dingy capacity for 10 passengers
-Snorkel and fishing gears

Not Included:
-Domestic flights
-Soft and alcoholic drinks
-Service charge (5 US$ day/guest)
-Special diets

-Internet WIFI connection 20 USD no time limit
-CD with all action photos of the trip

-Exclusive full charter rate 1.850 US$ / day up to 10 surfers, extra surfer 145 US$ / day
-Individual bookings, 185 US$ day / person
-Special diets, as vegetarian or allergic must be requested in advance and will be an extra charge of 10 US$ person/day
Service Charges
At the end of the trip all passengers give a tip to the crew gratifying for the service, the normal amount is 5 US$ / day / guest

PACKAGE B - NORTH AND SOUTH MALE ATOLLS - from 110 per Day / Person

April  to November, open boat, any dates any number of passengers, please check for availability.


This package includes:
-Meeting at the airport
-Welcome drink
-Accommodation in double cabins
-Full board (3 meals per day, snacks early morning and after last surf session) coffee, tea and    water
-Surf Guide
-Dingy capacity for 10 passenger
-Snorkel and fishing gears
-GST and GREEN tax

Not Included:

-Soft drinks (2 US$)
-Beer (4 US$)
-Liquors (please consult)
-Service charges (5 US$ per day / guest)

-Individuals bookings, 125 US$ per day / person.
-Late check out (after 12.00 noon) 50% of the cost of one day).
- Special diets, as vegetarian or allergic must be requested in advance and will be an extra charge of 10 US$ person/day.
-Airport transfers two ways by dhoni:

1 surfer.................200 US$
2 surfers................100 US$
3 surfers..................75 US$
4 surfers or more......65 US$

Also Avaliable:
-WIFI connection to Internet 20US$ no time limit
-Video recording and photos
Service Charges:
At the end of the trip all passengers give a tip to the crew gratifing for the service, the normal amount is 5 US$ / day / guest



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