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Avenida Sur on Isla Colón, Bocas del Toro, Bocas del Toro, , Panama
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Step back in time and indulge in a Caribbean surf adventure in Bocas del Toro, a truly stunning archipelago on Panama's north east Caribbean coast. Experience the unique blend of cultures and customs, adopt the laid-back local lifestyle in this tropical surf paradise and focus on yourself. Bocas del Toro offers perfect conditions for beginners and intermediate almost all year around. In our packages, we combine surfing with daily yoga sessions and land-based exercises to help you get started quickly. With 10+ years of experience in giving surf lessons, deep knowledge of the local surf spots, and a strong focus on quality in our surf program we think you'll have the trip of a lifetime. Join us and learn how to surf with us! Bocas Surf Retreats offers all-inclusive packages with a focus on sports and surfing, but takes care of all your additional authentic Caribbean activities as well. Adopt the laid-back Caribbean lifestyle and enjoy our local secrets... Located in the heart of Bocas Town and near our boat dock, our lodging partner, Surfari bed&breakfast, offers comfortable rooms that accommodate between 2 and 5 people and are equipped with a private bathroom, hot water, a/c and wifi. Our mornings start with a healthy and hearty meal on the roof top patio. After breakfast we head over to the boat dock to start our day. In addition to your surf-program, we fill our weeks with a variety of activities that are unique to Bocas del Toro. Tour the bat caves on Isla Bastimentos, snorkel around the crystal clear waters of Isla Solarte, practice your Spanish with local tutors in Bocas town, dance salsa to Latin beats, or learn how to cook some of the most popular local dishes. Tell us what interests you most and we'll help you arrange activities around your surf-program. Working together, we take care of all the details so you can fully enjoy your trip. We work only with small groups to ensure a quality experience.

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Bocas Surf Retreat is located on the main island of the truly stunning Archipelago “Bocas del

Toro” on Panama`s Caribbean Coast. Our base and private dock is located on Avenida Sur on

the main Island “Isla Colón”, right on the edge of crystal clear, tropical water. Your

accommodation is within walking distance, only 1 min away from our surf base and hang out

area above the water. While we’re on the water, it’s a short 2 min walk to the center of town.

This location gives our base a peaceful and laid-back atmosphere while you’re just a stone’s

throw away from busy Bocas Town with all its supermarkets, Caribbean style restaurants,

unique coffee shops and artsy local markets.

From our base we take you directly by boat to the best surf spots. The spots are only minutes

away from Bocas Town, but you’ll feel like you’re indulging into a complete new world! The best

month to learn surfing with us is from December until April and July and August. As you’re in the

tropics you’ll never have to wear a wetsuit and the waves are just perfect for beginners and




At Bocas Surf Retreat we only take small groups to ensure a family-like atmosphere. We believe

that your accommodation should be a place of peace and rest after a long day of surfing and

other activities. But don’t worry, if you feel like exploring the Caribbean nightlife (and it’s

definitely worth it!), you’re still in the perfect spot. It’s just a 2-min walk back to the main street

where you’ll find the most popular clubs and bars.

The average age of our participants is about 18-30, but we’re more than happy to welcome

anyone who feels ready for a new experience! As we’re experienced with all ages also families

would have a great time with us.

At Bocas Surf Retreat we speak English, Spanish and German.



Chapo, originally from Venezuela, came to Bocas more than 10 years with his wife. His passion

is teaching surf lessons and he works with all ages, all levels. He really loves working with

beginners and getting them into their first waves.

As the Surf Program Manager, Chapo will be responsible for experience while we surf and train

on land. Health and safety are his number one priority.

Christina, originally from Germany, came to Bocas more than 2 years ago and never really left.

She loves her home in Bocas and loves working with travelers to show them the best that Bocas

has to offer. She’s been surfing for the past few years and started with Chapos surfing lessons!

Christina is the Retreat Manager and will be your main point of contact for your entire trip.

Chapo, your local with his experience, skills and knowledge about the area, and Christina, with

a broad experience working in tourism and the passion to offer you a high-quality and authenitic

Surf Retreat in the Caribbean, will ensure that you have the best surf experience possible!



Located in the heart of Bocas Town and near our boat dock, our lodging partner, Surfari

bed&breakfast, offers comfortable rooms that accommodate between 2 and 4 people and

are equipped with a private bathroom or dorm, hot water, a/c and WiFi. Bed linen and

towels will be provided, but don’t forget to bring your electrical adapter (US standard).

While we’re located in the heart of town you can still enjoy sea view fom the roof-top




Bocas Surf Retreat offers half pension. Our mornings start with a healthy and hearty meal on

the roof top patio. Vegetarian or allergic to something? Just let us know and we will adapt to

you. For your other meals you can either visit the restaurant on the roof-top terrace or you

explore many of the delicious restaurants on the main street! As there are many supermarkets

around you will never be left hungry and you can find something for every budget. Eating local

or going out to waterfront restaurants – up to you!



5 times a week you will have a lesson in the morning for in total 2.5 hours. This includes theory

every time. To ensure you get as much attention as needed to progress fast we never take

more than 4 students per instructor. The classes can be hold in either English or Spanish. We

totally adapt to your level of surfing, so wherever you are at the moment, we will improve on that

together and go to appropriate surf spots. If you surf for the very first time you will have a blast

in our waves. Within 1 week you can easily manage to stand up and catch waves on your own,

but your surf instructor will still be right next to you.

Every time we go with our private boat to the surf spot, so you can pack a small bag (for water,

camera, etc.) which can be left on the boat and accessed any time during the lesson.

If you are only interested in surf lessons without accommodation, no problem, just let us know.



For a fast learning process, comfort and security we’re providing soft top surfboards for

beginner lessons. You can use these as well as our rash guards outside of course hours –

without an additional fee. And we even get you to the surf spot by our boat. If you are more

experienced and would like to progress on epoxy or fiberglass boards, no worries, we can

organize any kind of surfboard for you with our rental partners in town.

As the Caribbean Sea is always warm just bring your swimming suit and a lot of sunscreen!



In the Bocas Surf Retreat Package there are up to 4 Yoga classes and 1 land-based exercise

per week included. Both take place in the afternoon and last for an hour. Once a week we also

take all our students on a private adventure tour by boat where we explore Bat caves on Isla

Bastimentos and show you the best snorkel places in the crystal clear water in the area (full day

tour, drinks and fruit included).

You still have some time and energy left and really feel like absorbing the Latin culture? Speak

to us and we organize Salsa classes, Caribbean cooking classes, Spanish lessons, Beach bike

cruise and beachvolleyball or another full day island hopping tour.



Breaks directly at the main spot and at nearby spots

For beginner and intermediate there are both beach and reef breaks in the surroundings that

provide nice and gentle waves. Depending on daily conditions and your experience we choose

the right spot. In any case, it’s just a short boat ride from our dock. We can usually choose

between Old Man’s, Black Rock, Wizard Beach and Las Cabañas Beach. Never crowded and

there are spots for everyone!

Seasonal conditions

You can surf in the Caribbean Sea in Bocas del Toro between December and April and in July

and August. Another great advantage of Bocas del Toro as a surf destination is that surf doesn’t

depend on the tide, so you can really go surfing any time of the day. Many times we have

perfect conditions in the morning which provides clean and consistent waves. The water

temperature will be so warm that your board shorts or bathing suit is more than enough (28-

29°C in average)! ;) Also with very warm air temperature all year round it’s really hard to be cold

here. So even during occasional rain which happens from time to time in the tropics, the ocean

is the best place to be then!

Crowd factor and local people

If we go to our beginner and intermediate places the surf spots won’t be crowded and are way

less competitive than other surf spots in Bocas del Toro. We always make sure you have

enough space to practice on your skills. It’s no problem to share waves and we teach you the

most important rules about that. So generally spoken our spots are more quiet than other places

and every surf you will make new friends right on the wave.



Characterization of surroundings/region

Bocas del Toro is a truly stunning archipelago on Panama’s north east Caribbean coast. From

the main island and our base, Isla Colón, most of the other islands are within sight of the port.

You can easily visit the other islands by short water taxi rides (which are already fun on their

own). As Panama is a Spanish speaking country of course it helps to speak Spanish, but you

get along with English very well as there are a lot of expats and tourists. The locals are nice and

welcoming and Bocas Town is a very safe place during day and night. The currency in Panama

is the US $ and we recommend to have a travel insurance. There are no special vaccinations

needed, but please reassure with your local health institutions if you have any doubts.

Activities and facilities

Bocas del Toro offers anything you can imagine: Bars, discotheques, shopping facilities,

supermarkets, a cinema, gym, a bustling nightlife, a brewery, beach, snorkel, diving, horseback

riding, daily events, great restaurants, jungle tours, Spanish schools, Salsa lessons, cooking

lessons, coffee shops over the water, great food, tropical islands, coral reef, SURF and much

more! Time will just fly by. Additional activities can be arranged upon arrival.



Ways to get to the camp

To easiest way to get to the camp is to take an international flight to Panama City and from

there either a night bus (+ water taxi from Almirante – Bocas) or a domestic flight to Bocas del


You can also fly to San José (Costa Rica), and from there you take the bus (+ water taxi from

Almirante) or another flight to Bocas del Toro.

Once you arrive at the airport we come and pick you up. Both the airport and the water taxi

stations are in the middle of Bocas Town, nothing here is far away from anything!

Important details

As a tourist you don’t need a special visa as long as you don’t stay for more than 180 days.

For prices of domestic flights from Panama City please check and from

San José The transfer from Panama City to Bocas will be about $38

(comfortable night bus + water taxi) and from San José to Bocas about $70. If you need more

detailed advice we happily help you out. Let us know your international flight details and we let

you know about the best ways to get here.


PACKAGE A - “95” rate per night (665/7)

This package includes:

Private room – 5x surf lessons (each 2.5 hours incl. theory) – full week surfboard rental – rash

guard – boat transfers to surf spots outside of class hours – 1x land-based exercise – 4x yoga

lessons – private room with bathroom – a/c – WiFi – hot water – breakfast buffet on rooftop

terrace – bed linen & towel - customizing your schedule and arranging additional activities to

your needs & budget – local insights and travel advice before coming to Panama – Snorkel &

Bat Cave day tour (incl. drinks & fruit) – airport pickup


PACKAGE B - “88” rate per night (616/7)

This package includes:

Dorm bed (4-bed) with ensuite bathroom - 5x surf lessons (2,5 hours incl. theory) – full week

surfboard rental – rash guard – boat transfers to surf spots outside of class hours – 1x land-

based exercise – 4x yoga lessons –– a/c – WiFi – hot water – breakfast buffet on rooftop terrace

– bed linen & towel - customizing your schedule and arranging additional activities to your

needs & budget – local insights and travel advice before coming to Panama – Snorkel & Bat

Cave day tour (incl. drinks & fruit) – airport pickup


ONLY ACCOMMODATION A - private “45” Rate per night (315/7)

This package includes:

Private Room - ensuite bathroom – a/c – WiFi – hot water – breakfast buffet on rooftop terrace 

bed linen & towel


ONLY ACCOMMODATION B - 4-bed dorm (price per person) “30” Rate per night


This package includes:

Dorm in 4-bed dorm - ensuite bathroom – a/c – WiFi – hot water – breakfast buffet on rooftop

terrace – bed linen & towel

ONLY SURF COURSE A - “45” Rate per day (225/5)

Private lessons (1-2 people)

5x surf lessons (each 2.5 hours incl. theory) – rash guard – boat transfer to surf spots 

ONLY SURF COURSE B - “40” Rate per day (200/5)

Group lessons (3-4 people)

5x surf lessons (each 2.5 hours incl. theory) – rash guard – boat transfer to surf spots



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