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Hidden within the trees lining two breathtaking coves next to Bluff Beach,
Tesoro Escondido provides a simple, rustic, quiet, and laid back refuge for nature lovers.

Based on permaculture principles,the energy is generated by the sun and wind.
The water is collected by our rain catchment system and plumbed throughout the lodge.
And most of the grey water is used to water the gardens.

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Much like the weather, the surf is also unpredictable… as the swells come up suddenly without much warning, and go down just as suddenly. The surf can as easily be 1ft or 10ft. Unlike the Pacific where one is dealing with ground swells generated by distant ocean storms in the Pacific, surf forecasting is not as accurate or reliable inside the Caribbean, the swells can come up relatively quick and unexpectedly. To maximize your chances of hitting some good waves, plan on staying at least 10 days. There is so much to do, you will enjoy yourself no matter what!



Located right on the beach in a charming, 3 story guest house less than 1 km from Tesoro Escondido. Rustic and off the grid, rooms are nicely designed with a large outdoor space from which to take in the spectacular views.


We have a small restaurant serving breakfast and dinner with a limited but tasty menu and full bar also available on the premises.

We are 4 miles away from town, and do not have any grocery stores nearby. If you are planning to cook, we encourage you to make a food stop before driving up to Bluff. If you arrive through Changuinola, be aware that the food selection there is much larger, and also at times quite cheaper than on the island. Having said that, the main supermarket on the island “super Isla Colon”, on the main drag, is well stocked, and the “Super Gourmet” has a nice selection of deli and organic food.



The Bocas del Toro Islands are the surfing center of the SW Caribbean. Swell is produced by seasonally strong trade winds and cold fronts in the Caribbean Sea which produce potent short period swells.


Discover life under the sea
On a calm day, the crystalline waters at or around Tesoro Escondido, make it a perfect snorkel spot. Snorkel equipment is available for rent.
You will be able to see turtle and a lot of different fish hiding in the rocks around the beach. Be ready to have some fun and to explore a totally new world.

More than 900 recorded bird species
122 occur only as long-distance migrants. We are still learning about the birds around the archipelago and are happy to share them with you as we continue to explore and discover new species who either live or migrate here.

Bring your yoga retreats at Tesoro Escondido
Certified yoga, pilates and other rejuvenetation instructors are encouraged to consider Tesoro Escondido for their next yoga retreats.


Breaks directly at the main spot and at nearby spots

Dumpers - A reef bottom left hander. Steep drops and super powerful with a tube you could fit a dune buggy in. Bring your surf booties because the reef here is pretty gnarly for getting in and out of the water.

Punch – A reef bottom right and left break. It can get really good here, and you can get slotted in the tube on certain sections or hit the lip or do roundhouse cutbacks or airs.

Bluff – A sand bottom beach break, breaking very close to the beach. This place is normally surfed by bodyboarders.

Seasonal conditions
The surf season in Bocas is mid November until April. The rainy season in July and August can bring some great waves too and can also provide some short but intense swells. The weather on Bocas is unpredictable. Storms are common place, as is dense cloud cover, but so are spurts of sun and beautiful calm weather.


Ways to get to the camp

There are several airline companies flying to Panama City. Flight time from Miami is approximately 2 1/2 hours. You can also reach Panama by car (some of our guests have driven from as far as California, Georgia, and Canada!) but it will take a little bit longer.
You can either take a one-hour flight from Albrook Airport (domestic airport as opposed to international airpot). Two airlines fly to Bocas: Mapiex, and Aeroperlas.

If you wish to drive, there is one road from Panama City, going to the coastal town of Almirante. From there you will need to take the ferry to Bocas Isla (Isla Colon).

If you wish to take a bus, you will first transfer in the City of David, then go to Almirante. From there you can take a water taxi (30 minute boat ride).


PACKAGE Cabinas - from 85€ per Day/ Room
Dolphin Cabina
The Dolphin Cabina’s claim to fame is its breathtakingly beautiful view of a small sandy beach in a private little cove.That little beach is only steps away from your front porch! The Dolphin Cabina has a queen size bed, a kitchenette with an oven (Yes really!) and a private bathroom.

Turtle Cabina
Being in the Turtle Cabina is like being on a boat, but without the motion! Rest or sleep to the sound of the ocean just steps below! Please note that this cabina is the closest to the ocean, and during high surf, the sound of the ocean crashing is very loud in this cottage. The Turtle Cabina has a queen size bed, a kitchenette and a private bathroom.

Dragonfly Cabina
The Libelula is the largest of the cabinas, with kitchen equipped with fridge, 1 deck, and a private bathroom. The Dragonfly Cabina is the only accommodation with its own fridge. It has one separate bedroom with queen size bed and a small balcony, and one single bed and 1 double bed in the main living space. The larger deck faces the same little beach you can see from the Dolphin Cabina, and the little deck faces a small creek and tiny forested watershed in the back. It is just steps from that little beach and steps to the road leading to Bluff Beach.

PACKAGE Guesthouse - from 75 € per night/ room
Located right on the beach in a charming, 3 story guest house less than 1 km from Tesoro Escondido. Rustic and off the grid, rooms are nicely designed with a large outdoor space from which to take in the spectacular views.

Seafront Suite
4 people

Stunning Waterfront Apartment
up to 4 people
The downstairs apartment has 2 bedrooms, 1 with one queen bed, and the other with 2 queen beds and one bathroom. There is an enormous living room, a dining room and a private garden overlooking the ocean. There is a small kitchen but no fridge, so If you wish to keep anything cold there is a cooler and you will need to bring a block of ice. These are only available at the COOL SHOP. Small ice cubes in bags will not last overnight. The taxi driver can make a quick stop there as it is on the way.

Waterfront & Outdoor Living Space
2 people
Nice, airy room with private bathroom and terrace overlooking lush garden and ocean. Wet bar kitchen with no cooking or fridge. Complimentary tea or coffee available in the morning. The first floor room has one queen bed, a private bathroom, a bar sink and counter (no fridge) and living area on a large covered porch. It is breezy and peaceful. If you wish to keep beverage or fruits cold, there is a cooler and you will need to bring a block of ice. These are only available at the COOL SHOP. Small ice cubes in bags will not last overnight. The taxi driver can make a quick stop there as it is on the way.

2 Bedroom Apartment
up to 4 people
Top floor 2 bedroom apartment in charming caribbean style guesthouse right on the sea shore.

PACKAGE Rooms - from 42€ per night/ room
Rooms include:

- double bed (and single bed)
- private bathroom
- room cooler
- common kitchen area
- common living room

PACKAGE Suite - from 95€ per night/ room
Butterfly Suite
Casa Verde is a two story building, located 100 yeards from Casa Bluff, and just steps from the beach.The 1-bedroom suite, the Butterfly, is located on the bottom floor, and consists of a bedroom with 1 queen bed and a single bed. It is loft style, and boasts a living room with a fold-down, double size futon, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The kitchen has a small fridge and has a large deck connected to it.



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