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Ctra. de la Playa, s/n, Valdoviño, A Coruña, Galicia, 15552, Spain
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The Camino Surf Camp in Valdoviño, Galicia - the perfect spot to indulge in the beauties of waveriding. The four kilometer long, white sandy beach just 300 meters from the Camp lines up with differently exposed bays and beaches in close proximity – you will find the right wave for every surfing-level. Due to its very exposed coastline in the Northwest of the spanish peninsula, Galicia is well known as one of the most wave-consistent areas in mainland Europe – you'll count the flat days on the fingers of one hand

We have different accommodation-alternatives for all sorts of budgets available, including our roomy and comfy cotton-tents with mattresses as well as luxury camping in a Beduin tent on a shady campsite, apartments in different sizes, family-friendy bungalows and our Surf-Villa with heated swimmingpool and open fire-place. The Camp itself offers many extras for the perfect surf-holiday: Indo-Boarding, Slack-Lining, Skateboarding, Wall of Boulder, Basketball, free Bike-Rental, Surf-Theater (Video-Beamer on big screen), snorkeling-gear, bodyboards, skimboards, parlour games, chill-out area, free tea, free WLAN, Internet-PC, surf-library with books and magazines.

Our Team consists of experienced and ISA-licensed surfing-aficionados from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Spain who contribute many years of experience to the Camp. The surfing classes are held according to well-established principles where advances come easily and naturally. The classes include video-analysis, the most important theoretical basics about surfing and of course many hours surfing the waves.

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You might have heard of Santiago de Compostela, the third most important place of christian pilgrimage, destination of the Way of St. James and capital of Galicia - but have you ever heard of the Meigas? These are "good witches", descendants of the old celtic druids, which are still popular within the galician folk.

Valdoviño, a real gem on the Galician coast, hosts the Camino Surf Camp. The beautiful, four kilometer wide, sandy beach Playa de Frouxeira - right on the doorstep - with its perfect surfing-peaks, a lagoon, picturesque hinterland as well as plenty of different surf-spots in range guarantee for a memorable nature- and surfing-experience.

The charming seaport city of Ferrol, just 20 km from the Camino base Camp, attracts visitors with a variety of spanish/galician culture: from the historic city center with its cafes and tapas bars to the majestic fortresses of San Felipe and La Palma. Besides, discos, clubs and pubs are also on offer: Party on!


We are small camp run by two surf-aficionados from Austria with a team consisting of austirain, swiss, german and spanish people. The majority of our guests come from Austria, Germany or Switzerland with some international visitors as well. We mainly speak German in the camp but switch to English if there is international people present. 

On average, our guests are 22+ years old with more and more families taking their holidays at the Camino Camp – with our child-care packages and kiddies-surfcourses this is a dream-come-true for surf-addicted parents. 

We focus on surfing and relaxing – if you want party, you will find what you look for at the local beach-club or at the Clubs in nearby Ferrol.



Base Camp:  The Camino Surf base Camp has everything on offer to make the most out of your surf-trip. Just a stone's throw from the wide sandy beach of Playa de Frouxeira, you snuggle up in one of our homy, luxury and roomy two-person-tents, equipped with mattresses and sheets. In the mornings you can check the surf just right away from the camp (beachview), go for a dawn patrol and improve your surfing skills in one of the Camino Surf courses later on. 
Make yourself at home in one of our fully furnished apartments, just around the corner from the Camino base Camp and within a five minute walk from our homebreak, Playa de Frouxeira. The cheerful apartments are equipped with kitchen, bathroom and a living room. Naturally, all of the Camino Surf base Camp facilities are at your disposal including the common-tent with lounge, internet-pc, mountainbikes, wall of boulder, slack-line, skateboards, table-tennis, chill-out area with surf-theater, parlour games and more...
Situated on the three-Star-Campsite only 300m from the beach Playa de Frouxeira and right next to the Camino Surf base-Camp, the cosy and fully furnished bungalows accommodate up to five people and are best suited for families. The convenient bungalows are equipped with a porch, kitchen, bathroom and a dinner table.
The Camino Surf Villa is undoubtedly considered the Ferrari of all the Camino Surf lodging options. About five kilometers from the base Camp, the early-19th-century stone-house combines classic galician architecture with modern amenities: Either you delve into a book in front of the open fire place in the stylish living room or you relax at the heated swimming-pool. If you have signed up for surfing classes, we will pick you up and drop you off right in front of the Villa. To enjoy a maximum degree of freedom, you are also very welcome to rent out one of our mountainbikes - free of charge, of course...  

Our Catering-Team constitutes a fundamental member of the Camino Surf family and looks after the physical well-being of our surfers by replenishing their carbohydrate reserves through fully-fledged yummie Surf-Food.

From a hearty breakfast in the morning, where you also prepare your packed lunch for your day on the beach, to the well-balanced dinner at night you should lack for nothing more. You may book full-board on a daily basis or you go for the 7'6"er Culinario-Package which includes: 7x Breakfast with packed lunch and 6x dinner. Naturally, vegetarian cuisine will be provided on request.

And if you are more into self-catering: no worries. The common-tent is equipped with a fridge, a gas stove and tableware as well as a coffee-maker and a kettle. Reveal your inner chef and whip up some tasty meals!

Furthermore, there are many opportunities to get in touch with the local cuisine like the renowned Tapas Bar "A Saina" at Playa de Frouxeira, the Cafe and restaurant located on the campsite or the restaurant "El Gitano" just next to the Camp, where chef Paco prepares delicious regional maritime specialities.



All surfing classes are held exclusively by ISA-licensed surfing instructors (Ineternational Surfing Association). There are no specific schedules as we always try to plan the sessions according to the conditions of the waves, the wind and the tides.

All courses include about one hour theory and three hours surfing per day. All equipment and beach transfers are included. The 5-day-courses also includes a video-analysis and our organic-cotton, fair-trade camp-T-Shirt.
The course-language is either German or English, on request, Spanish lessons are available. Taking surfing-lessons is not bound to participating in the surfcamp.  
We offer surfing-lessons for all kinds of levels:

Beginner Surfcourse:
During the beginner course our experienced surf-coaches will set you off on your surfing journey and introduce you to the joys and thrills unique to this beautiful and recreational activity. The five-day, 20-hour course, consists of daily surf sessions on our homebreak, Playa de Frouxeira, or on one of the surrounding beaches. Besides, we will impart a basic theoretical understanding of the ocean and the waves and fine tune your surfing-technique with video analysis.
Intermediate Surfcourse:So you have been surfing before and you already manage to stand up on smaller waves but you want to push it to the next level or feel the need to refine your techniques? In this case our Intermediate Surf Course is your best bet. Improve your take-off, learn how to catch "green" waves or surf "down the line" on the unbroken wave. The expert tuition and guidance of our experienced surfing instructors and the professional training methodology, including in-depth video-analysis twice, ensure for fast and easy learning in a fun and save environment.

Advanced Surfcourse:
Join in on the advanced course, improve your surfing and get going with maneuvers: our instructors provide you with useful hints right where you need them: in the line-up. During the five day course we bring your surfing to perfection. Following up on your actual skill-level we individually improve your style and teach you new moves. Heaps of time in the water, onshore-balance-training sessions, two intensive video analyses, theory lessons and our staff who is always happy to share know-how with you, ensure for fast and fun learning.

Kiddies Surfcourse:
Your kids are hot about surfing? Don't hold them back but let them develop a feeling for the sea in a safe and fun environment. We offer courses specially designed for kids from 7 to 14 years of age. Your loved ones will gently and playfully learn the basics of surfing in small groups while our instructors watch them carefully and ensure maximum safety at all times.


We use surfing equipment from BIC and NSP and for our advanced surfers also fiberglass and balsa-wood surfboards form our partner Kun_Tiqi. 

All surfing equipment can be used outside course hours upon consultation at no extra charge.


Yoga: Yoga and Surfing is the best combination. As of now, you can relax your stressed muscles after a day of surfing by doing some yoga sessions afterwards. Body and spirit will get to some peace. Afterwards you will be really relaxed and soon taking the next wave.

Child Care: We offer child care during the surf courses. It depends on the weather if playing inside the camp or outsite. Creativity, movement and the experience of beach and sea are in the center of attention.

Car rental: We can organize a rental car for you, if desired.

Action-Adventures: Many other sportive opportunities are on offer through our partners on site: kayaking, canyoning, climbing, horse-riding, paintball and much more...




Playa de Frouxeira
Camino Surf's Home-Break: Playa de Frouxeira's four kilometers of beautiful sandy beach, also known as the "Ho'okipa of Europe", is a well exposed beach-break where you'll always find a wave for yourself.
Wave: Beach-Break (sandy bottom)
Swell direction: N, NW, W, SW
Wind direction: SE
Tide: all tides
Crowds: empty/moderate

Playa de Pantin
One of the best-known surfpots in northern spain and venue of the annual "Pantin Classic" WQS-5-Star Surfcontest. A very consistent break with perfectly pealing waves - can get crowded, especially on weekends.
Wave: Beach-Break (sandy bottom)
Swell direction: N, NW, W
Wind direction: S
Tide: sall tides
Crowd: moderate/crowded

Playa de Rio Meiras
Right next to Playa de Frouxeira, this picturesque, sandy beach is embedded within rugged cliffs and is considered a retreat especially on days with big swell. On such days, it can get quite crowded.
Wave: Beach-Break (sandy bottom)
Swell direction: NW, W, SW
Wind direction: SO, O
Tide: all tides
Crowds empty/moderate

Playa de Campelo
This halfmoon-shaped bay, enclosed by steep cliffs, holds off northwesterly winds and is therefore considered a surfing-paradise and relaxation retreat especially on windy days. A bit tucked away - you might encounter a wave just for yourself, particularly on weekdays.
Wave: Beach-Break (sandy bottom)
Swell direction: NW, W, SW
Wind direction: SO, O
Tide: all tides
Crowds: moderate/crowded

Playa de St. Xorxe
The large bay of St. Xorxe (or San Xurxo) hosts a number of interesting surfing opportunities which develop their true potential especially on days with southerly winds. Typically, this beach does not get as sizeable and crowded as the more prominent and close-by Playa de Doniños. Therefore, St. Xorxe always constitutes a welcome alternative in the Ferrol-Area.
Wave: Beach-Break (sandy bottom)
Swell direction: NW, W, SW
Wind direction: SW, S, SO, O
Tide: all tides
Crowds: empty/moderate

Playa de Doniños
A very well-known surfing-gem on the Galician coast. The northerly part of the beach hosts some powerful lefts and rights. Due to its proximity to the close-by town of Ferrol and A Coruña, it can get pretty crowded - particularly on weekends.
Wave: Beach-Break (sandy bottom)
Swell direction: NW, W, SW
Wind direction: SW, S, SO, O
Tide: all tides
Crowds: moderate/crowded

Seasonal conditions

Due to its exposed coast-line, Galicia is well known as a swell-magnet in Europe. The water-temperature is quite low – even during summer it hardly ever exceeds 18 degrees centigrade.
Galicia is blessed with regular rainfalls, which tints the countryside with a luscious green and keeps the temperature at some moderate 20 – 28 degrees centigrade during summer-months.


Still widely untroubled by mass- and surf-tourism, Valdoviño is the place to spend a quiet surfing vacation. You'll find a wave just for yourself and your buddies. The local surfers are very friendly as long as the holiday-surfer treat them with respect. In the last couple of years, some local-waves developed.



Characterization of surroundings/region

Galicia, located in the uttermost northwest of Spain, was considered the end of the world - Finisterrae - until the discovery of the Americas. Up to now, this remote part of the Iberian peninsula is widely untroubled by the effects of mass-tourism and therefore still considered an insider tip. Rolling sand-dunes and endless white sandy beaches string together with ragged cliffs and lagoons of all sizes. The mountainous natural preserves harbour wild horses, grazing within the ruins of ancient celtic settlements.
Valdoviño, a real gem on the Galician coast, hosts the Camino Surf Camp. The beautiful, four kilometer wide, sandy beach Playa de Frouxeira - right on the doorstep - with its perfect surfing-peaks, a lagoon, picturesque hinterland as well as plenty of different surf-spots in range guarantee for a memorable nature- and surfing-experience.


Ways to get to the camp

By plane

The two main airports in Galicia, Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña, are both well connected by a number of airlines, including low-fare ones like ryanair.
We have airport-transfers on offer or you choose to go by bus to Ferrol and then on to Valdoviño.

Via Autobus:

- Ferrol – Valdoviño: Monbus, Autospaco

-  A Coruña – Ferrol: Arriva 

-  Santiago de Compostela – Ferrol: Monbus

Airport-Transfer (per car; one-way):

Santiago de Compostela: 08:00 - 21:00: €90,- / 21:00 - 08:00: €105,-

A Coruña: 08:00 - 21:00: €60,- / 21:00 - 08:00: €75,-



  17.5. -
7.6. -
5.7. -
6.9. -    
Tent - One week € 279,- € 339,- € 359,- € 339,- € 279,-
Luxury Beduine Tent - One week   
€ 299,- € 259,- € 379,- € 359,- € 299,-
Shared Apartment - One week € 3199,- € 379,- € 399,- € 379,- € 319,-

Our Surf-Packages include the stay in a comfortable and big two man tent with mattresses, in a luxury Beduine Tent or a stay in our shared Apartment and a five day surfcourse (20 hours).

You can book if you want to a full board package at the camp, this includes 7x breakfast and lunch-package as well as 6x dinner (+120,00 € per person - to pay directly at the camp).

Prices are per week and person.

++ not binding availability request ++

One Week overnight stay in a two man tent (with mattresses) and a five day surf course you can get for € 279,-.

Here you can find our prices:

Season: May till October

Surf courses: start on Mondays, no problem if arriving on another day. On Sunday there is no course. 

Offers of extension; possible if you are already there and if available - not binding on participation in a surf course. 

Information of pricing, see list. 



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