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Playa Negra, Los Pargos, Guanacaste, 50303, Costa Rica
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The Search for Your All Inclusive Costa Rica Surf Trip Is Over!

Welcome to Real Surf Trips, home of the most swell exposed and wave-rich surf zone throughout Costa Rica's Guanacaste coast.

From beginner surf packages to the most perfect waves for experienced surfers looking to progress to that next level; this is exactly what an all inclusive surf trip is supposed to be. Whether you're looking to book a vacation rental for the entire family, or you just want to add in a few yoga classes to your Costa Rica surf trip, Real Surf Trips features every amenity and experience Costa Rica has got to offer!

Nestled deep in the confines of a quaint and comfortable community whose charm can't be duplicated, all you have to do is show up at the airport and we take care of the rest: first class accomodations, one-of-a-kind service and over 20 years of local surf knowledge, guaranteed to give you the Costa Rica surf Trip you've been dreaming of!

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Playa Negra is an old coral volcanic reef break that is a perfect reeling right. All around Playa Negra are amazing spots, many still are not surfed. At high tide, Playa Negra is an easy wave with a dry-hair paddle out. At this tide it is common to see 20-30 surfers out — many being beginner surfers. At low tide a slamming barrel forms over a shallow reef leading to a ramp section. The paddle out (rock dance) at this tide looks frightening to beginner surfers (but is basic). At this tide and especially with a little onshore wind it is uncommon to see more than a few surfers taking advantage of these amazing waves. Morning winds are light offshore and there are many surf breaks (some of the best in the world) with plenty of perfect peaks to choose from. The beach breaks only work with favorable wind conditions so we tend to focus on these spots during mornings, when the wind is good. Every variance in swell angle opens new possibilities in where we surf. We have reef breaks for every swell angle and condition, from a wave very similar to Playa Negra (never seen more than 6 surfers out there) to outer reefs reminiscent of the Eastside of Oahu, to a perfect A-frame reef setup that comes to life when the swell is too far south for Negra- only 5 minutes from our location).


Bob Witty – Managing Director / Co-Founder
Growing up  in Santa Cruz, California. Bob spent his time surfing and racing motocross in his youth, After graduating college with a MBA, Bob took a job “over the hill” working in the tech industry during the big boom. After working at several successful start-ups, he came across a unique opportunity to develop and open up a surf camp in the Dominican Republic.  His love for Central America and collaboration with hometown buddy Tony Roberts brought him to this magical coastline and Real Surf Trips was born.

Tony Roberts – Surf Photographer / Co-Founder
As Quiksilver Latin America’s lead principle photographer, Tony Roberts, AKA “TR”, has spent the last 20 years exploring and photographing Central America’s coastline. When not behind a camera lens, TR can be found in the water surfing, or taking care of his daughter, Xia.



The Real Surf Trips Wavehouse was completed in May ’09 after two years of meticulous construction. Luxurious in every detail, our property is an expansive hacienda with a gorgeous swimming pool all just steps from the beach.

Wavehouse Features:
4,000 sq ft
18-ft ceilings
Two full-service kitchens
Five large bedrooms
Four full private bathrooms
Three large living rooms
Four Satellite
TVs Air Conditioning & ceiling fans in every room
Swimming Pool and Private patio
work desk & with free Wi-Fi internet


Our food is healthy and high in protein; focusing on nutritional balance while utilizing fresh local ingredients catering to meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.



All Inclusive Costa Rica Surf Trip:
The All Inclusive Costa Rica Surf Trip is set up around 17 surf spots on a 5 mile stretch of coastline featuring different wind, tide, swell angle, and lighting set-ups. 

Women’s Radical Wellness Retreat:
Our schedule was will as unpredictable as the wave forecast. In addition to the groups collective voice and goals, mother nature’s weather will determine what activities we can do and when. Your package will include daily surf or SUP lessons, with 1 group boat dive scheduled. You may snorkel at the top and enjoy the view, or Chanelle will guide a mellow introduction to free diving with breath work. Yoga will be practiced daily in some form, in addition to a workshop on how to integrate the 8 limbs of yoga. Again these Yang activities will be inspired by a Yin energy from within. Come play, laugh, and expand yourself with our version of a Women’s Wellness Retreat. Hosted by Chanelle Sladics and Kjersti Buaas, two Professional Snowboarder’s with great passionate to preserve the beauty of our planet and ourselves. X-Games Bronze Medalist, Chanelle Sladics, also a Yogaworks graduated teacher and avid environmental activist. Kjersti Buaas, Olympic Bronze Medalist, has 15 years of experience competing on the snowboard world tour and is currently going into her 4th Olympics!

Beginner Surf Trip in Playa Negra, Costa Rica:
If your are interested in learning to surf and a vacation in Costa Rica then look no further. Enjoy hands-on surf instruction while learning proper surfing techniques necessary to consistently catch fun waves. Our location features one of the best learn-to-surf waves in the world and when it’s time for you to depart our surf camp, you will have the surf skills and confidence necessary to surf on your own. Stay at the house and Real Surf Trips will take care of the rest. The beginners surf trip includes daily trips to local beaches & includes 1.5 hours of daily surfing instruction as well as a daily surfboard rental & rash guard. We go to beautiful and safe beaches with mellow-breaking waves with a gradual sloped sandy bottom.

All Inclusive Costa Rica Experience:
Our All Inclusive Costa Rica Experience features the following plus 1 FREE night, a Free surf lesson and 1 activity per day.

Costa Rica – Nicaragua Combo Trip:
Real Surf Trips is now offering a brand new adventure in Nicaragua! This multi-country surf tour provides the ultimate vacation for surfers and families a like. Starting in Costa Rica at our epic location in Playa Negra, Costa Rica and winds up in Playa Colorado, Nicaragua. After 5-7 days of epic conditions in Costa Rica, on to Nicaragua to enjoy surfing a variety of peaks and reef breaks. Experience offshore winds blowing open good barrels all day, everyday – a unique wind pattern found only in the southern region of Nicaragua. The surf at Playa Colorado is world-class. Since the beach and surf is only accessible by those staying at Hacienda Iguana or by the few surfers who get dropped off by boats – the surf and beach remain unspoiled so you can always find a peak all to yourself. There’s a good chance you’ll get the best barrel of your life right in front of your house!


The Northwest Pacific region of Guanacaste is the driest area of Costa Rica with beautiful beaches that stretch for miles. The ‘Gold Coast’ is a prime area for sun and relaxation. Little rain and consistent warm temperatures offer visitors an enviable climate, breathtaking beaches and lovely Pacific sunsets. The land is still ”virgin” and undisturbed. It is still customary to see real cowboys, wild horses, cattle traffic jams, and wild bull fights, an experience that makes Costa Rica unique. A cultural experience that is becoming rare-if not extinct. When you’re not surfing there is plenty to do — check out the beaches and explore the tidal pools. Nearby, discover all kinds of wildlife including Howler Monkeys, Iguanas, Toucans and much more. Chill at the local hotel and have a cold beer, play pool or grab your skate deck and hit the new Playa Negra skate park!

More Activities:
River Rafting 
Boat Trips – Surf or Fish Snorkeling 
SUP Tours 
Surfboard Rentals
Yoga Lessons 
Canopy Tour & Zip Lining 
Horseback Riding 
Mountain Bike 
Waterfall Hike



With some of the most consistent waves and surf breaks in the region Playa Negra is an incredible surf spot in the northwestern region of Guanacaste. This dark sand beach holds a reef break making it ideal for the beginner surfer as well as the expert surfer. The pristine beaches of Playa Negra are dark-colored and rocky in many parts. For sun-bathing and swimming there is a stretch of sandy, protected beach some 100m south of the famous break.
Playa Negra is unique in that it breaks on all tides, picks up most all swell directions and holds almost any swell. It is the area’s swell magnet, therefore super consistent. Conversely, Playa Negra is the first to pick up swells and hold them the longest, a surfer’s dream.
Playa Negra may be a little harder to get to; and in some cases even find — by driving through local dirt roads without directional signs but worth the adventure, but dont worry, you are with us. Plus, we are strategically poised to go explore some of the lesser-known spots that will go nameless. Let’s just say they are close by and no one wants to show you where they are. 


Playa Negra is located in Costa Rica, close to a town called Los Pargos. It has developed to be a small village catering to the active lifestyle featuring: a yoga center, adventure tours, several small shops, surf shops, surf rentals and various cabinas and hotels. Playa Negra offers several restaurants: famous Peruvian food at Cafe Playa Negra, French cuisine at Villa Deevena, Tex Mex at Jalepenos and Pizza at La Vida Buena. The atmosphere in the streets is safe & laid back – maybe it’s the great surf of Playa Negra which puts this happy grin on the faces of most people you meet here.


Arriving at Liberia International Airport

The best way to get to Playa Negra is to land at Liberia International airport. There are numerous regular flights from the USA landing at Liberia airport: Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Continental and our partner jetBlue Airlines all fly from major cities daily. Liberia airport is only a 1.5 hour drive from our location and our shuttle service will be waiting to pick you up. Please check with us for the best fares available. We stay on top of all airline deals and would be happy to keep you posted on the best fares available.

Arriving at San Jose International Airport
The other option (and not recommended) is to arrive at San Jose International Airport.
If you do, our suggestion is to get a connecting flight with a local airline (SANSA or Nature Air) to Tamarindo airport or take the bus to Guanacaste. Daily flights are available and about $100 each way, but book way ahead, flights are usually crowded.

WARNING: Be careful as there are board bag restrictions and not allowed on some flights. Take into consideration the amount of time it will take to make it to Playa Negra, you will lose a half day on either end. If you make the trek from San Jose our shuttle wll be gladly waiting for you! In all our experince we highly recommend flying into Liberia.


PACKAGE A - All Inclusive Costa Rica Surf Trip from 1249 $ per Week / Person

This package includes:
Double occupancy in our 5 bedroom Ranch Style home in a private gated beach community at Playa Negra.
12 passenger van for airport pick ups, drop offs, surf destinations and any activities.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner everyday, with delicious and nutritious meals to support high intensity surfing.

ALL Inclusive Costa rica Surf Trip
Number of Surfers 5 Days – 4 Nights 7 Days – 6 Nights 10 Days – 9 Nights Extra Days
2 $1099 $1,449 $2049 $195
3 $999 $1,349 $1,849 $170
4 – 6 $899 $1,249 $1,749 $160

PACKAGE B - Beginner Surf Package Pricing from 1449 $ per Week / Person

This package includes:
Double occupancy in our 5 bedroom Ranch Style home in a private gated beach community at Playa Negra.
12 passenger van for airport pick ups, drop offs, surf destinations and any activities.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner everyday, with delicious and nutritious meals to support high intensity surfing.
Daily surf lessons
Board, leash and rash guard

Beginner Surf Package Pricing
Number of Surfers 5 Days – 4 Nights 7 Days – 6 Nights 10 Days – 9 Nights Extra Days
2 $1,399 $1,749 $2,349 $200
3 $1,199 $1,549 $2,049 $180
4 – 6 $1,099 $1,449 $1,949 $170

PACKAGE C - All Inclusive Costa Rica Experience from 1449$ per Week / Person

This package includes:
Double occupancy in our 5 bedroom Ranch Style home in a private gated beach community at Playa Negra.
12 passenger van for airport pick ups, drop offs, surf destinations and any activities.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner everyday, with delicious and nutritious meals to support high intensity surfing.

All Inclusive Costa Rica Experience Pricing
Number of Surfers 7 Days – 6 Nights 10 Days – 9 Nights Extra Days
2 $1,649 $2,349 $195
3 $1,549 $2,149 $170
4 – 6 $1,449 $2,049 $160

PACKAGE D - from 1695 $ per Week / Person

Lisa Andersen Surf Camp Pricing
Dates Price per person
May 26 – June 1   $1,695 early-bird sign up before year end
July 27 – Aug 3 $1,995 after January 1st



Real Surf Trips (Guanacaste, Costa Rica) Average Rating: 10.0 - Total Votes: 1

Value for money
This reviewer told us :

Accommodations are superb. All the creature comforts of home that you could possibly need or want. Pool, super comfy beds with a/c in each room, tv's galore, wifi, plenty of lounging space, and most importantly we didn't have to make our meals as that was included and provided for by Bob. Although if you like to nosh all throughout the day like me, I'd advise you to bring plenty of snacks or you can take a short walk into town and grab something. We were lucky in that his son, Bobby was there and who happens to be a chef. He cooked up some delectable, mouth watering meals for us. Thanks for the grinds Bobby! But make no mistake , Bob who usually does the cooking is no slouch in the kitchen, whipping up enough tasty, hearty meals to satisfy even the most ravenous of appetites. Thanks to you also Bob especially for the delicious banana pancakes, but maybe next time you should try it my way, yeah they're a little misshapened but still savory:)


Insanely good waves. Don't let people tell you Costra Rica is a soft crowded wave. Bob's crew will show you exactly where to be and when to be there. You can be as mellow or as intense as you want. Been surfing for years and never hired a guide - first time and would do it again in a hearbeat. Take care of all the boards, food, transportation, scheduling etc so you can just surf and chill. Great team for surf training, post surf massage or yoga, zip lines and other adventures for non surfers. Real Surf Trips is the real deal. Pura Vida

Other (e.g. Surroundings, Nightlife, etc.):

The seasoned surfers in the group couldn't get enough: one beach in the backyard and another a 5 min drive provided plenty of material. There is a reason these guys did two or three sessions a day. Can't say enough good things about Real Surf Trips...


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