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We are here for making your holidays as good as you can imagine.

Everything is designed for you to have such a good time that it will be difficult to forget.

You will find not just amazing waves for your level, warm water and sun all year long, but also nice places,  friendly people, stunning sunsets, olorful places, tasty food, easy-going lifestyle and our staff ready for making your holidays unforgettable.

We have different kinds of programs depending on your abilities, skills and expectations.

Have a look and choose which is better for you…


…and have the time of your life.

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We offer two Surf Camp Houses in different areas to suit everybody’s taste.

For all of you who like it private and quiet, we can recommend our charming accommodation “Auberge Sunset” in Tamrakht which is surrounded by mountains and green banana gardens. It is the heart of Surf Coast Morocco.

Those who prefer the buzz of a Surfer’s Hot Spot are most welcome in our „Surf Coast House“ in Taghazout. Both are perfect starting points for catching Moroccos waves.

Everybody from surf beginners to professionals, individual travelers, families or groups – everyone is welcome to stay with us. With a passion for surfing and an open heart for people from all over the world, we not only want to teach you surfing but – also you having the best time of your life.

Surf Coast Morocco is inspired by all the people we meet every day. So when a day of surfing ends, have a nice chat with us and share your surfing experiences and stories about life.


Surf Coast Morocco is a small Surf Camp with a family-like atmosphere, run by Moroccan and German surfer souls.

Reda – the Moroccan part – worked for several years as a Surf Teacher and Guide in different Surf Camps in Taghazout, Morocco and knows the Atlantic Ocean like the back of his hand.

Julia – the German part – has a diploma degree in social sciences and professional experience in project management and handles the daily business at Surf Coast Morocco.



Auberge Sunset Tamrakht:

Auberge Tilila – surrounded by beautiful nature and far from touristic hustle and bustle – is the perfect place to escape daily life and find tranquility and peace.!

Two large terraces overlooking mountains and lucious green banana gardens.!

The upscale hostel is located near Aourir, Banana Village, with its traditional Cafés & Shops. Have a nice chat with local people and enjoy authentic moroccan culture. Banana Beach is in walking distance.

Coast House Taghazout:

The Surf Coast House with a cool and easy-going atmosphere, surrounded by traditional moroccan houses.

Located in Taghazout – the Surfers Insider Tip – it is perfect for getting in touch with young locals and Surfers from all over the world and chilling in one of the many beachside cafés & restaurants.

A Prime Location with a large beach & ocean view terrace.



Let the sunshine in your heart and start your surfing day with a delicious moroccan and continental breakfast on our terraces: Sweet Moroccan mint tea, fresh coffee and milk, moroccan harira soup, freshly baked bread, omelette, pancakes, honey, jam, fresh fruit,cereals, cheese, olives and eggs.


The Lunch package will be served at the beach. Enjoy a fresh made salad or sandwich filled with fish, meat or cheese and vegetables and as dessert delicious fruits. Take a good break and listen to the sound of the waves while eating!


After a long day of surfing and activities at the beach a delicious dinner of international and moroccan cuisine with hot tagines, fish or meat, veggies, fresh bread and salads will wait for you on our beautifulterraces.

Once a week all our guests are invited for a barbecue.

Using fresh and healthy ingredients is our priority, so you can start your next day with a smile and full of energy.

If you have any food intolerances or allergies please feel free to inform us.



We welcome everyone from absolute surf beginners to intermediate and advanced surfers, singles, groups and families – the best surfing vacation is waiting for you here at Surf Coast Morocco.



Paradise Valley: 
This inland gorge is another great outdoor recreation destination near Agadir. Mountain trails lead to Berber villages, and waterfalls at Ida Ouatanane tumble off the cliffs during the spring. The winding gorge is filled with palm trees, and the chance to visit a traditional Berber village is a real treat. It’s a full daytrip, but well worth the effort.

Agadir (Souq): Agadir is a major modern city in the southern part of Morocco. It is of interest primarily because of its location, as it is surrounded by the Anti Atlas, the sahara desert on the Atlantic coast with many national parks, and secluded beaches which are all easily accessible.

Essaouria: A large fishing harbour, the old medina with its fortified walls and a long sandy beach. Enjoy the french flair and take your time to explore Essaouiras rich culture: diverse art galleries, spice markets and the easy-going local people

Marrakech: Feel the magic and oriental vibe of the Red City where Moroccan tradition meets modernity. !

El Gezira: Amazing red Cliffs of El Gezira in Mirleft, a tiny town with beautiful sandy beache


Breaks directly at the main spot and at nearby spots

Banana Beach: A long right hander breaks from this small beach, often sheltered from the Northerly winds; it provides an all level wave more consist at low tide. When you have finished up on this wave you are a hundred yards away from Banana village. This little town is famous for its tajines and sweet bananas

11 kilometers: Left hand wave which is close to the surf house and most of the time it is not busy. 11 Kilometers is a point break where you can improve your surf in low tide and high tide.
The first Australian who surfed this place was the famous surfer Taj Burrow. This beach is long and sandy. If there is no surf you can make other kinds of sport there for example running and yoga. Or just relax in the sun and charge your batteries for the next surf session.

12 kilometers: It’s a nice wave at a sandy beach and it’s not too powerful. In 12 Kilometers you can find an easy left and right hand wave for beginners and intermediates.

Devil’s Rock: this point is right in front the village of Tamraght.Good waves for all surf levels,offering punchy lefts and rights with a mainly sandy bottom.When big swells wash the sand banks away, you can notice the rocks for a couple of weeks before the sand banks build up again. It can get very crowded.

Panorama: A sand bottom point break,quiet and very beautiful place,great for beginners With it’s fast hollow right-hander sections, be sure to get a good rush at this spot.

Hash Point: Hash Point got its name over people being lazy from smoking too much of the whacky backy and couldn’t be bothered to walk up to Anchor Point. In all honesty there are better waves in the region and this is one of the most fickle breaks out there (working only on a westerley swell and at mid to high tides). That being said, the fact that it is in the center of Taghazout means that it is so easy to get to that you will always find yourself having a cheeky little session on it.

Anchor Point: A great surfing point and the most crowded.Very big waves that are known throughout morocco,which produces a long right-hander peeling off the rocks. An endless succession of long mellow speed walls.

Mysterys: A surfing point where anyone can hang out in a friendly atmosphere,Sharp rocks and sand ,The right hand section provides a nice ride especially on the incoming high tide, the ideal swell angle is from the northwest.

La Sourse: Fresh water springs bubble up from the onshore rock formations forming ‘the Well’ providing performance walls and a high lifting A-frame perfect for all levels of surfing abilities. On the push on a small swell the right handers hold up towards the cliffs while the rarer lefts break out towards the beach section. Small reef sections combining with sandy sections provide a clean wave mostly.

Killer Point: Named from the Killer whales that come occasionally to enjoy the calm of this bay.Sharp rocks and sand,Deep water right hand point break,best on large north eastern swells and low to mid tides with long walls breaking from the outside across the bay.The Waves begin opposite of large rocks then come in. If you are staying at our luxury Killer point apartments, the waves brings you till your door steps.

Draculas: Vampire teeth shaped rocks give the name to this big swell handler. A fast right hander pushes some punchy often large sets definitely not for the faint hearted. Known as Boilers evil twin!

Boilers: This place is a right hand reef break with different conditions in onshore and offshore with clean conditions. It’s next to Dracula’s. You can surf Boilers in high tide and in low tide.

Tamri: A sandy beach break and a strong currents.For beginners just be aware how far you have drifted down the coast. Works on different tides, depends how the banks are, and olso on the swell.

Imessouane: Sharp rocks and sand,very good waves for all levels Right hand point break and high tides with North-Easterly winds.If the spot works well it’s beautiful.Sometimes the whole beach works, not just the point, so there’s space for everyone.

Tifnit: Tifnit a great local fishing village famous for its cave houses “grots” and probably one of the best swell magnets in the area of Agadir. This little gem can make your trip worth while with its miles of empty breaks and wild beach’s.With a number of reef’s beaches and slabs along this coast there is a wave for everyone!


Activities and facilities

Massage: Experience the pleasure of a massage with Argan oil. Argan oil comes from the argan tree, Mainly in the southwest of Morocco, between Agadir, Essaouira and Taroudant. It is widely used in traditional cooking but it is also used for its beneficial cosmetic properties, as it is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants.

Hamam: If your arms are hurting and your body feels tired after all the surf. Try to relax and visit a traditional Hammam. In a Moroccan Hammam you will usually find a series of rooms from hot to cool.(free)

Horse and Camel Ride: Experience the sunset on the beach on a ride setting out from Banan beach towards Taghazout … An extraordinary and compelling experience.

Quad and Buggy: Tear your way through the countryside in a two-seater buggy. A fantastic way to get the adrenaline pumping and show off your skills. Stop mid-way…

Cooking Class: Learn the art of Cooking with our cooking class. Choose from a range of hands-on cooking classes taught in English. Take your class in a fun, with a relaxed atmosphere.

Car rental: Our car rental service offers you low prices, great service and new vehicles , enjoy  vacation, do yourself a favor and rent a car with us !!

Jet Ski: Come Make Your Own Waves with our jet ski service , Our Jet Ski experience will leave you feeling in the sky, prepare yourself for an adrenaline rush, our beach is a sight you will remember, ride the waves alone or with an instuctor, which ever you prefer.

Paintball: Paintball is a sport and leisure in general between two teams whose players are equipped with a protective mask and a pitcher propelling balls colored gelatin , live this experience with us!

Racer Car: Karting is a discipline of motorsport which takes place on circuits 700-1 500 meters and a width of 8 meters on average up to forty karts simultaneously during a race, we propose also this service!


Surf Beginners - from 350 € per Week / Person

This package includes:

- Accommodation in Auberge Sunset Tamrakht or Coast House Taghazout (from 380€ per week)

- surf lessons

- Wetsuit

- Surfboard

- Surf spot transfers

- Transport airport/ bus station

- beach party

- ping-pong table, games and books

- Breakfast, lunch and BBQ Night

- Visit to the Souk

- Hamam

- Party in Agadir

- Free Wifi

- if you stay more than 6 days you will get free professional photos & vidoe of you taken by our photograph

Surf Guiding - from 315 € per Week / Person

This package includes:

- Accommodation in Auberge Sunset Tamrakht or Coast House Taghazout (from 350€ per week)

- surf guiding

- Wetsuit

- Surfboard

- Surf spot transfers

- Transport airport/ bus station

- beach party

- ping-pong table, games and books

- Breakfast, lunch and BBQ Night

- Visit to the Souk

- Hamam

- Party in Agadir

- Free Wifi

- if you stay more than 6 days you will get free professional photos & vidoe of you taken by our photograph

Surf and Yoga - from 455 € per Week / Person

This package includes:

- Accommodation in Auberge Sunset Tamrakht or Coast House Taghazout (from 350€ per week)

- surf guiding / surf lessons

- Yoga lessons

- Wetsuit

- Surfboard

- Surf spot transfers

- Transport airport/ bus station

- beach party

- ping-pong table, games and books

- Breakfast, lunch and BBQ Night

- Visit to the Souk

- Hamam

- Party in Agadir

- Free Wifi

- if you stay more than 6 days you will get free professional photos & vidoe of you taken by our photograph



Surf Coast Morocco (Taghazout, Morocco) Average Rating: 9.0 - Total Votes: 1

Value for money
This reviewer told us :

I stayed directly in Taghazout and had a nice private room with bathroom and a double bed. From my little balcony i had a view to the busy little town and even some surfspots.


I had several teachers during the stay and each one taught me something very important. They took time to analyse my mistakes and showed me how to improve my skills. I started surfing in the white water and when i left i already took the bigger waves in the green water :)

Other (e.g. Surroundings, Nightlife, etc.):

I had a Yoga lession every evening (i can really recommend this for surfers). It was a very good experience, as this was my first time doing Yoga. My teacher was very sweet and she adapted the lessions to my needs.


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