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c/ La Milagrosa 7, Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canarias, 35660, Spain
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Surfing is a therapy. it can cure us, teach us, make us feel good. It can improve our lifestlyle and help our self esteem. At the Surf Therapy Surfschool we offer you the perfect way to get close to surfing. Surf is not only a physical activity, it is a way of connecting with nature, of clearing your mind. When we surf our problems fade away, everything feels fine. It is at this moment when we find ourself. There is nothing other than you, your board and the ocean.

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Surf is a sport that easily converts into a way of life for those who surf. It breaks frontiers and pushes down barriers.

It's all about letting it flow. This is one of the most important factors when coming into contact with the ocean. Getting washed by the first waves quickly teaches one that getting agitated and rigid are not the best solutions in moments of confusion. As such, one learns that being relaxed and calm are the best ways to affront such situations and are the fastest ways of getting to the surface and filling up our lungs with much appreciated air.

Calling nature 'mother nature' is not a name given limited to the art of creating life, but also refers to nature as a form of raising us up and helping up mature, as does a good mother. This is only possible if we know how to observe nature, to respect, understand and interact. It is this that has converted us, surfers, into a tribal group with different visions and Sensilility towards nature and life.

To a mere spectator, surf can seem just like any other sport, i.e. a physical activity to enjoy, have fun and to relax. The truth is that surfing goes much further than being just a sport. It is a philosophy, a way of life and a way of looking at life. In a certain way, one who chooses to surf chooses not to be in the city, one chooses to take care of the environment and to take care of himself or herself. Surf is a sport that demands, perhaps more than most sports a good physical fitness and of course good swimming ability. Surfing does not finish when we leae the ocean and put our board in its bag. Surfng is about loving the ocean, about loving nature, being barefoot on the warm sand, or on the damp shoreline sand. It is a passion for feeling good and for a healthy lifestyle. Surf as a whole improves important personal qualities essential in everyday life; patience, wisdom, perseverance and strength. Perseverance and strength are necessary to paddle out against the waves and currents, to fight against strong white-water and resist getting tired in order to get where we need to be. Once one has passed through the white-water and breaking waves to get to the peak it is then about patience, sitting on the board and waiting. One has to wait for the waves to come. They will arrive in their own due time, and when they do we have to decide which one is ours, which one do we want to take. After spending more and more time in the ocean and accumulating 'salt-water' hours we will have more knowledge and will know how to recognise good waves when we see them arrive.

When man understands nature, he will have begun to understand himself, feeling peace in his heart and harmony in his mind"

Many surfers have spent various years in the ocean. They have happily suffered getting up at the crack of dawn to go surfing, been cold and hungry. Many have left girlfriends or boyfriends and moved far away from family and friends in order to find their perfect wave. The perfect wave is different for each surfer, it is not only about the style of the wave but also about a combination of external factors that surround the wave; the climate, the people, nature... Don't ever leave the search!!



You can also include accommodation in your surf course, You can choose from Surf Camp Galera Beach, Club Las Palmeras, NH Hesperia Bristol Playa, FuentePark, Alisios Playa or our Surf House, you choose!

Surf Camp Galera Beach

Galera Beach is located in the north of the island of Fuerteventura, in the village of Corralejo at the seafront, a perfect place to spend your surf holidays, and just 10 meters from the beach!

You can do the surf camp in the Galera Beach in their apartments or in one of their villas, which are possibly located in the most privileged area of the bay of Corralejo and are fully equipped.

Surf Camp Club Las Palmeras

Club Las Palmeras*** is located in the main street of Corralejo, close of the bars, nightlife and the shopping center, is frequented mostly by young people due to good deals on accomodation prices.

NH Hesperia Bristol Playa

The NH Hesperia Bristol Playa is on the north of Corralejo, near of the north shore breaks and the beaches of Dunes National Park and El Cotillo, and close to restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, and nightlife area of Corralejo.

Surf Camp FuentePark

FuentePark is located in Corralejo, in the north shore of Fuerteventura, near the bests bars, restaurants and shopping malls, and only a few yards from Corralejo beach.

Surf Camp Alisios Playa

Alisios Playa Apartments are located in Corralejo, in Fuerteventura's north shore, close to best bars and resturants.

Surf House

The surf house has 1 room for 6 persons and 2 rooms for 2 persons each one, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, canarian garden and swimming-pool. It's at 100 metres from the downtown of Corralejo.



On our surf courses there are never more than 5 students per instructor so that we can teach you properly and with dedication. Its not just about getting in the water with a board!.

We will be with in the water with you as much as is necessary, not just watching you from the beach.

All instructors speak english. It is important that we understand our students and that you understand us.

We can pick you up from the airport if you need us to (just let us know in advance).

Top quality and new material!

Our instructors are ESSCAN qualified (Canarian Government) with International Lifesaving qualifications. they also have participation certificates in Surf Riding Coaching (International Surfing Association/ Australian Surf Coaching) and follow the most efficient and safest teaching methods accordingly.

All surf activities include full insurance.

There are surf courses for everybodies needs.
Beginner courses
Advanced courses
Individual courses



We also have our own surf shop. The Surf Therapy Fuerteventura surf shop is in Calle La Milagrosa 7, in center of Corralejo town. In our shop you can rent surf boards, buy used surfboards, surf stuff, originals Surf Therapy t-shirts.


All prices include:
7 nights accommodation
6 days surf course
Airport transfer
Surfboard and wetsuit
Daily transfer to the beach
Daily lunch pack (sandwitch, fruit, water, juice)  


Apartamentos Galera Beach             420€
Surf Camp Club Las Palmeras 440€
NH Hesperia Bristol Playa          390€
Surf Camp FuentePark 490€
Surf Camp Alisios Playa 420€
Surf House 320€




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