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km 26 route d´Essaouira, Imi Ouaddar, Agadir, 80022, Morocco
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We are Triangulo Surf Morocco. a new surfcamp located in Imi Ouaddar, a village next to Taghazout. Surrounded by the best waves of Morocco, we offer accomodation, surf and yoga lessons, cultural activities, and the best experiences with local people!

Our installations are new. We have individual and grupal rooms with common spaces like TV, kitchen to cook your own food or a fantastic chill out rooftop with sea views. 

If you are surf or yoga lover, this is your place. For surfers, we have daily excursions to the best surf spots. We are located just  4 minutes from Anchor Point, one of the best waves of Morocco. There are waves for all type of levels, since begginers to professionals. For begginers, we offer surf lessons and also we can provide any type of surf material.
If you are yogi, you will enjoy our beautifull yoga room in our rooftop with sea views. We offer also yoga lessons every day in the morning. We can provide yoga materials too.

We are open and friendly people. Always we can help you with any doubts or ploblems that you could have. Our team is made by local and european people. 

You can check our Instagram @triangulosurfmorocco or our web

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We are located in Imi Ouaddar, next to Taghazout, surrounded by the best waves of the country. In front of the camp, we´ve Imi Ouaddar Beach, a perfect place for surf begginers. Just 4 minutes from our surfcamp, we have Anchor Point, one of the best waves of Morocco.  In this area we have waves for all type of levels, since begginers, to professionals. The majority of the waves are righthander and there are pointbreaks and beachbreaks. Most of the waves are safe. Moving 5 minuts from the surfcamp wave 5 different waves. (Anchor Point, Killers, Desert Point, Lasource, Misteries...) and moving a bit more, you can continue finding perfect and not crowded waves. 

Triángulo is a camp where we want to transmit a familiar atmosphere, friendship and transparency. A place to feel like home, being relax. You can come with your friends or your family. We give you the option to stay in our sharing rooms or in the private apartments. also you can enjoy the sunsets in our chill out rooftop taking some beers or practicing yoga in our yogaroom.

Triángulo Surf Morocco is a surfcamp created by moroccan and basque surfers. A few years ago, we started making surftrips and one of them was to Taghazout. A destination so close to the Iberian Peninsula and at the same time so different, that we fell in love with it. 

We felt so comfortable and we started coming back frequently, until one day we decided that we should make this experience available for everyone! And here comes Triángulo Surf Morocco, a surfcamp created by surfers, for surfers. Actually the team we are working from Morocco and the others from Basque Country in Spain.


We are a surfcamp located in the moroccan coast with an incredible mix of sea desert views. We have diferent type of rooms: Individuals, sharing rooms and apartments. The individual and sharing rooms, they have common spaces like kitchen, tv or bathrooms. The apartments have their own kitchen bathroom, tv and balcony. In the price is included the private carpark, wifi, towels and cleaning room.

We offer half pension and full pension service. A continental breakfast every day at 08:00. The lunch could be made to take away or to eat in the camp. The dinner at 20:30 in the camp. All the meals are made by local food and typical moroccan foods like cous´cous, harira, kefta, tajine... Also we can offer special meals for veggis or allergic people. Near the camp there are diferent type of restaurants since local and cheap restaurants, to high standing ones.


We offer surf and yoga lessons. About surf, we have 3 types: Beginner, Intermediate, and advance.

Beginner: we offer beginner surf lessons where the surfers practice the basic techniques of surfing in forgivinf beach breaks. Here you learn your first steps of surfing. 

Intermediate: you will improve your style of surfing by surfing as many waves as possible in the lineup accompained by one of our intructors. In these lessons, we surf waves that require more technique. 

Advance: For those who want to surf the best moroccan waves at the right time, one of our surf guides will join you giving different advice and information about the waves. Making sure you score the best waves posibble on your trip!

If you don´t have your surf equipment, don´t worry. We will take care of it. At Triángulo we have a wide range of surfboards and wetsuits to acommodate all surfers. From beginner surfboards, to pro. Currently, for beginners, we work with Up Surfboards, a Basque brand with quality boards. Depending on your surf level, we will recommenda type of board so that your improvement is as efficent as possible. Those boards ar for surf lessons or to rent per days.

Apart of surfing activities, we offer yoga lessons, quad tours and cultural activities:

Yoga lessons: 
Come to enjoy the moroccan sunrises practicing the best Vinyasa yoga sessions in our yoga cabin with sea views in our rooftop. The yoga sessions are made on demand for groups formed by 3 people minimum, are 1 hour sessions and the price of the session is 7€ per person. If you don´t have equipment, we will lend it to you!

Quad tour:
If your are a motor fanatic, mountain lover and you would like to have a different moroccan experience, test our quad tours! Starting from the surfcamp and with a guide, ride the different routes through the Imi Ouaddar mountains next to the sea. Enjoy the views and a typical moroccan lunch in the mountains with locals! These routes are 3 hours long and the price of each session is 45€.

Desert tour:
If you would like to know the touareg culture and you are a desert lover, definitely this is your experience. Enjoy 3 days in the desert accompained by guides, doing different routes on quad and camel, visiting desert villages and living the touareg culture. Sleep in desert tents and enjoy the typical moroccan food. The price of these 3 days experience is 240€.


Breaks directly at the main spot and at nearby spots
Those are some spots that are near from our surfcamp:

Anchor Point: The most prestigious wave in the area. It has sections to maneuver and pipes. Just 4 minutes from the camp.

Misteries: Next to Anchor Point, right hander with sections for maneuvers. It works frequently.

Killers: A long perfect rippable wall with several peaks to choose from. Also right hander and it´s really near from the camp.

Anza: A beach break with different peaks for all levels. Very consistent and works best when the swell is small. Part of the WS 5000 Pro Taghazout Bay was celebrated here. 15 minutes aprox from the surfcamp.

Boilers: It is one of the most exposed spot in the area hence its consistency. A fast right hander with sections for maneuvers.

There are more spots for all levels and most of them have to be surfed with the low tide.

Seasonal conditions
The best season to surf in Morocco is from september to may. The weather is often hot and during the winter you can surf with the 3/2mm wetsuit.

Crowd factor and local people
The most famous waves like Anchor Point, frequently are crowded, but always you can move to other spots and surf them almost alone. The local people let others to surf always if you respect the priorities in the peak.


Characterization of surroundings/region
We are located in Imi Ouaddar, the next village from Taghazout (5 minutes by car). We have Agadir to 30 minutes and there is public transport to arrive. In general Imi Ouaddar is a fishing village really relax. Is not crowd and we have a very beautifull beach for beginner surfers. If you love to get into different cultures, this is a fantastic place to know perfectly the moroccan and north african culture. Local people are muslims and they are really  friendly. There are some hospitals near to Imi Ouaddar and the cost of living is  cheap comparing with Europe. Most of people here speak bereber, french and english.

Activities and facilities
There are different restaurants in Imi Ouaddar or Taghazout, they are fantastic places to take a smothie and it healthy in front of the beach. If you want to go party, you must move to Agadir where you can find some discos.


Ways to get to the camp
To get to the camp you have to take the fly to Agadir´s airpot, which is the closest one. Once in the airport, we give you the option to take bring you to the camp for an extra price. Other way is take a taxi from the airport to the bus station and there, take a bus to Taghazout where we can takeand bring you to the camp. 

Important details
If you travell from europe, you don´t need visa. And the flights are not expensive. 


SURF LESSONS PACK  - from 449 € (7 days / 6 nights)
If you are a surf fanatic like us and you want to improve, this is your pack. Enjoy a pure surfing experience, doing two sessions per day surfing the best waves of Morocco. Ideal pack to see big improvements and learn fast from the instructions of our surf coaches.

This pack includes:

Transfer from the airport or bus station of Agadir.
Continental breakfast every day.
Lunch and dinner with local food every day.
Morning surf session.
Afternoon surf session.
Visit to the Zocco of Agadir.
Local moroccan Hamman (optional).
24/7 service cleaning.

SURF AND YOGA PACK  - from 499 € (7 days / 6 nights)
Enjoy a week of disconnection, with a daily surf and yoga session. Enjoy the best waves of Morocco for all levels and improve your surfing. Also perform your yoga doing lessons in our rooftop jaima with seaviews in the hands of our yogi.

This package includes:

Transfer from the airport or bus station of Agadir.
Continental breakfast every day.
Lunch and dinner with local food every day.
Morning surf session.
Yoga session in the sunset.
Visit to the Zocco of Agadir.
Local moroccan Hamman (optional).
24/7 service cleaning.

FUN PACK  - from 559 € (7 days / 6 nights)
If you like to make different plans, and you are an adventurer, the Fun Pack will show you different experiences you can do in Morocco. Enjoy quad routes through the mountains that surround us, visit the Paradise Valley Natural Park enjoying its 10-meter jumps into the water and all this without forgetting about surfing!

 This package includes:

Transfer from the airport or bus station of Agadir.
Continental breakfast every day.
Lunch and dinner with local food every day.
Daily surf session.
A quad bike route through the mountains.
Visit to the Zocco of Agadir.
Visit to Paradise Valley
Local moroccan Hamman (optional).
24/7 service cleaning.




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