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Welcome to the Bobo Surf’s Up, the professional surfing school in Cabarete, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. We are located directly in Bobo´s point surf spot, At the surfing beach called ‘Encuentro’, the most famous surf spot of the Dominican Republic, where the Atlantic Ocean hits the north coast, creating good beach breaks, point breaks and reef breaks. Our Surf school is 5 minutes drive  from Cabarete and 20 minutes  from (POP) Puerto Plata International Airport.

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Location and surf conditions

Bobo Surf’s Up, the professional Surfing School of the Dominican Republic in Cabarete.  located directly at the surfing beach called Encuentro (at Bobo’s point surf spot) on the beautiful north coast of the Dominican Republic. It is a perfect and strategical place for beginers to learn and practice with safety in the reforming white water, while at the same time the intermediate and advanced surfers can perform and enjoy the unbroken clean face of the waves.our accommodations are located only 4 minutes drive from Bobo Surf’s Up surf school

Camp operator

What really makes of us authentic and unique surfing school in the Dominican Republic, is that our surf school is run by the local surf expert, Victor Peralta (aka Bobo) – a former Dominican Republic surf champion. Originally born in Santo Domingo – the city capital of the Dominican Republic, Bobo moved to the north coast of the Dominican Republic more than 20 years ago, in the search for better waves  and the ideal surfing life style. “Surfing is my passion, teaching is simply my total devotion” says Bobo. He had almost three decades surf experience in free surfing, traveling, national and international surf competitions, including 14 years as a professional surf instructor.


Accommodation types

Deluxe lodging at Ocean Dream or Premium lodging at Harmony Residence and stay in luxury condos in Cabarete.
We can offer private lodging for single,couple, family and friends , studios, 2 or 3 bedroom condos at Ocean Dreams Residence, all with garden / pool view,balcony, only steps from Cabarete beach, with fully equipped kitchen, own bathroom, A/C, TV with cable and Internet WI-FI connection, full security, parking,quite and relaxing .
And if you looking for ocean view and confort you can stay at Harmony residence just located same area.


What makes Ocean Dream and Harmony so attractive is the proximity to the little village of Cabarete, with supermarkets, stores, bars and many different restaurants within a short 5 min walking distance.
To our Surf school  Bobo Surf´s Up at the surf beach it’s a short 5 min drive. 
We will provide you (with surf and accommodation packages) daily breakfast and  five meals in some of the restaurants that we have for you to choose in town.


Surf course details

We offer professional local services included surf lessons,surf courses for beginners,intermediate and advanced surfers.
Every lesson included: 2 hours surfing lesson with Full surf equipment . full theory on the beach according to your surfing level,  essential surf rules, learn how to paddle, standing and stance position ( ocean and surfing safety) warm up, waves and ocean knowledge., Handling  surf equipment in and out of the water .(We make sure, you get the suitable surfboard) according to your skills and body type. This will help you to improve faster in your learning., (surf boards are really essential tools ! )We provide you with professional coaching and supervision ,so you’ll learn in the correct way and best way for you step up into a higher surfing level. (Practice in the white water , we’ll push you in your first waves )

Our surf course programs are based on 3 and 7 days intensive training surf course ,in which you can learn as much as possible according on your skills. “After teaching beginners how to surf in the last 14 years, I’ve seen  most of the possible mistakes and obstacles that we all need to  overcome as a beginner, in order to learn to surf and to be able to step up into a higher level. Surfing is one of the most difficult sports to learn without receiving the correct surfing instructions can be really hard. With  our help , you will be able to avoid many of those common mistakes that  cause frustration., Our motto is ‘never give up’ Follow it and you will feel the positive results. (We will program you and help you with all your needs, so you”ll be able to understand where and how to practice ,base on your surfing skills)

Day 1-Full theory on the beach, with basic surf rules,learn how to paddle, standing and stance position, ocean and surfing safety, stretching, waves and ocean knowledge.Handeling surf equipment, in and out of the water board and leash we”GUARANTEE YOU to CATCH YOUR FIRST WAVES” we push you in your first waves,you be able to get into the feeling of surfing!!

.Day 2-how to catch the inside white water on your own.                                                                              .

.Day 3- how to turn sideways in the inside white water and to do the “turtle dive” .

.Day 4- how to go to the out side waves, how to catch it, taking off and to turn sideways to face of the wave.

.Day 5-practice turning sideways outside waves ,wave selection, priority and how to deal with wipe outs

.Day 6-learn to use smaller surfboard and learn how to do the ” duck dive” in the outside waves.

.Day 7- how to handle on your own, in the outside waves.

Surf materials

Every lesson included full surfing materials: 2 hours  with full theory on the simulator at the beach  and after to practice in the waves¨white water (we will push you in you first waves) so you will be able to get the feeling and a faster improvement,also after lesson you can use surf board for free, if you like to practice on your own.
-Board rentals; are available  per day, week or month.Our rag has a quiver of all sizes and types of surf boards in fiber glass, epoxy and plastic from short boards , fish, gun, fun board, long board and body boards

*available SUP board*


Characterization of surroundings/region:

Dominican Republic is an independent nation on the island of Hispaniola, second biggest island in the Caribbean, between the island of Puerto Rico and Cuba, part of the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region, sharing to the western third part of the Hispaniola island with the republic of Haiti,  making Hispaniola one of two Caribbean islands are shared by two different countries. The Dominican Republic is surrounded in a third by water, having to the north the Atlantic ocean and to the south the Caribbean sea.

Dominican Republic Surfing has it all – offering some of the best and most beautiful exotic locations in the planet to learn and enjoy the surfing adventure. We are located in a small surfers-town called Cabarete only 20 minutes away from the International Airport (POP) Puerto Plata at the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Cabarete beach with lots of comfortable beach-bars and restaurants invite you to relax and dream about a perfect day in the evening sun, also offering perfect conditions for kite boarding, wind-surfing and sailing activities.


Ways to get to the camp:

Take a plane to Puerto Plata international airport(pop) and we will pick you up in 20 minutes you will be at our accommodations facilities!
If you arriving in Santiago de los caballeros ,Santo Domingo or Punta Cana  we can set the transfer to us.



Package A

One studio- max 2 pers.

PRICE: $ 1,000 us per person in double bed ocupancy

Private Accommodation: 7 days / 6 nights in studio at Ocean Dream Residence, with garden / pool view, fully equipped kitchen, A/C, TV with cable, Internet WI-FI connection 
own bathroom ,a door step to Cabarete beach,full security,electricity 24 hr,parking.
-5 days course wiith 2 hr daily private or semi-private surfing lessons (max 2 students per instructor),full surfing  theory on the beach and practice in the waves with with full coaching and supervision at the professional surfing school in Cabarete Bobo Surf’s Up.
-Full surf equipment according to your skills and body type. 
-Daily transportation to and from the  P/P  
-Two ways trasfer from (pop) international airport.
-One activity of your preference such as SUP, Snorkel, banana boat.
-Daily breakfast
-5 meals with 1 drink, in some of the restaurants in town that we have for you to choose!



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