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Dutch Bay Road, Kalpitiya, Puttalam, 61358, Sri Lanka
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Dilsiri, Léo and our staff are stoked you want to stay at our Hotel and Kiteschool. We are located on the West Coast of Sri Lanka in Kalpitiya, on the peninsula of Puttalam.

You can experience Flatwater, Waves, Lagoon with wind averages of 18-20 knots during our Summer Season: May to October. In Winter Season  (Still 26 Degrees): December to March you can experience afternoon winds. Its also great time to see the Dolphins and Diving.

The Indian Ocean ideal for freeriding and wave riding in front of the camp. The Kalpitiya Lagoon is a perfect spot for beginners and freestyle while The Puttalam Lagoon is great for Downwind and Camping Trips. We are the best in Organized Kite Trips. We can bring you in 6 differents spots : Kalpitiya lagoon (free safety boat), donky spot (free safety boat), magic spot ( vella, kitetrip), Puttalam lagoon (kitetrip), Kappalady lagoon, dream spot.

You can buy gear at affordable rates from our Kite Shop. We have an in-house Kite Repair Services as well.

Wide array of Bungalows & Glamping Experiences are spread out throughout the lovingly maintained garden. We are rated #1 on tripAdvisor. We offer a lot of free activities and services. We also provide activities and excursions for no wind days and none kiters.

Our guest love our food: local fruits and vegetables from the village, fresh seafood brought in by the fishermen each morning. We have Sri Lankan Cuisine like Rice & Curry, Hoppers and Kottu as well as a range of Western Dishes. We have free tea, coffee and drinking water around the clock.

We have many Sustainability Projects going on, feel free to inquire and join in the cause. We are the first and most enthusiastic Kiters in Sri Lanka. Feel free to contact us for additional information.

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With more than a dozen spots around Kalpitiya, you will be kiting in heaven. We have Flatwater, Waves, Lagoon. Experience uncrowded sessions! Wind blows at an average of 18-20 knots almost every day during our Summer Season – May to October. We also have a Winter Season - December to March when we have afternoon winds - Winter is still 28 Degrees!

On one side of the peninsula is the Indian Ocean: ideal for free-ride and wave riding. On the other side is Kalpitiya Lagoon, a perfect spot for beginners and freestylers. In between: Puttalam Lagoon, with perfect flat water, it’s great for downwind trips and kite safari, freeride and camping on islands. There is something for everyone, allowing you to come in groups with different levels. We are the best in organized Kite Trips which happen many times a week.


Our story commences with a calling, a calling to follow a dream. Dil and Leo both loved Kitesurfing and it was as if all forces of the universe brought them together, through a blog, an email, a kite trip and then a friendship which ultimate lyled to them teaming up to start of the most EPIC Kiting Company in the World.

The piece of paradise in Kalpitiya is a reflection of the joint personalities of bothDil and Leo. Architects and Landscapers were not used, everything you see – even the placements of each rock in the garden is theirs. The atmosphere is that of a chilled-out vibe where once you enter you tend to forget the worries of the world ; you might never want to leave !

Kitesurfing Lanka prides itself of its staff, each a unique personality that you will get to know when you visit. Almost all share in the passion of Kitesurfing even though some might not even know how to swim ! They’d continue to smile, inquisitive to know about you and the stories you will like to share.

Our ethos also includes making a difference, we have been able to positively change a sleepy little fishing village and create a new industry in Sri Lanka. An industry which gives hope to those who had none. We strive to ensure that our presence does not adversely impact the environment and take it upon ourselves to be the stewards that share this message.


Dilsiri Welikala – Joint Owner: Sri Lanka’s first IKO qualified instructor and easily the most enthusiastic of kiters in Sri Lanka. Dilsiri is well known in Sri Lanka for his passion for all watersports and nature! Interestingly enough before deciding to live by the beach he worked in a company that made Victoria’s Secret! He has a passion for the arts and loves to play Scrabble.  From 2017, he will spend more time setting up the new camp Vayu on the Adams Bridge – Thalaimannar

Léo Moret – Joint Owner: IKO qualified instructor. Fanatic for any sliding sports (Kitesurf, Kitesnow, Surf, Paragliding). Great cook. He will love to share is passion with you and bring you in one of the awesome kite trip that he organize ! He’s the numbers man of KSL! From 2017 he will spend more time to set up the new freestyle camp : Kappalady kite camp.



Our kitecamp is situated in the fishing village of Kandakuliya in Kalpitiya, north west part of Sri Lanka. The property is a coconut estate with a beautiful exotical garden. It has 19 bungalows with a private bathroom and toilet, one 3-bedrooms Villa with 2 bathrooms, and 13 deluxe tents with a common bathroom.

The setting is amazing! The property is surrounded by the lagoon and faces the Indian Ocean. In our camp, you’ll find privacy, tranquility and beauty. All the food is homemade and international. Vegetarians to carnivore will be happy with the varied choice in our daily menu. It will be our pleasure to welcome you in our little paradise.

Lagoon View Bungalow

There are 2 types of lagoon view bungalows, they all have private bathroom and toilets: 6 with private open air bathroom and 4 with private in-room bathroom. From your terrace you can enjoy the beauty of the mangroves and the beach.

Garden bungalow

The tranquility of the garden view bungalows is ideal for nature lovers. The bungalows have a private outdoor bathroom and toilet, surrounded by plants. From your terrace you can enjoy a direct view of our tropical garden.

Family Bungalow:

In kitesurfinglanka, We have several options for families or large group of friends wanting to share the same space. Offering you our luxurious villa that overlooks the Indian Ocean or our family bungalows with lagoon and garden views.

Our large wooden villa is situated at the back of the camp surrounded in lush garden. It is ideal for groups, with 3 rooms to rent, a kitchen and large terrace areas. The villa is fully equipped including everything you'll need for a home stay feel.

Our exclusive family size bungalow has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The rooms are separated by a cosy patio that includes wooden furniture and sofas for everyone to enjoy the garden.

All of our other family bungalows have 3 - 4 beds in the same room with a open attached bathroom, all include terraces with nice views.

KSL Villa

This beautiful wooden house enjoys superb views over the Indian Ocean. It has 2 floors with 2 terraces and 2 gardens. Enjoy this excellent four-room apartment, including private kitchen, with your family or friends. This is our best pick if you come over with a group of people or if you want up standard!

Rent the whole villa for up to 8 people (and at least 5 people). Below 5 people, the villa is rented by floor (max 4 people per floor). The upper floor has an access to the garden.

Deluxe Tent

The tents are set in the middle of our tropical garden. Big and comfortable, they come with a fan, mattresses, a bedside lamp, a mosquito plug and some furniture to pack your clothes. All Tents have access to our common bathroom and toilets.


If you are looking for more extravagant accommodation right on the kitesurfing spot, then you will love our beautiful catamaran. UP TO 7 PERSONS


At KSL in Kalpitiya we have an awesome chef who cooks for you: fresh produces all year, local fruits, vegetables and fresh seafood caught by the fishermen front the Kite camp. Our chef from Sri Lanka mixes subtly Sri Lankan cooking like Rice & Curry, Hoppers and Kottu as well as French specialties such as Roast Chicken, Filet Beef Marinade and many others international specialties.  Did we forget to mention our desserts!

Our restaurant can receive outside guests, like couples, families, friends and groups, everyone can come to enjoy of KSL buffet or choose the option “a la carte “.

At the morning for your breakfast you can enjoy of the rich buffet of fresh fruits, yoghurt, cereals, omelets, coffee, tea and milk.

Every Friday night we have a big BBQ with prawns, calamari, pork, chicken, sausage, potatoes in abundance. A lot of travelers like this moment because the atmosphere is very friendly.

If you are vegetarian, vegan, or others special diets, our chef will prepare a special meal for you.

If you celebrate a birthday, a wedding or for any reasons you can order anything you wish: Homemade cake, lobster, fillet beef…


Our bartenders make delicious fresh juices with fruits of the village, like pineapple, papaya, mango, banana. If you are dehydrated from a long kitesurf session we suggest drinking a royal coconut to refresh your mind and body.

We have national beers and a rich list of cocktails to enjoy in the evening and before you leave Sri Lanka you must try the traditional and famous alcohol, Old Arrack made from coconut trees.

The KSL bar has an espresso machine with a Sri Lankan coffee, “Old Ceylon”. Come at the bar and choose your “Café”: Espresso, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Café Royal, Espresso Banana and Café Shakerato.

Every Friday and Saturday night KSL organize an open mic with a professional guitarist, each guests can sing and play music or just enjoy the jam session.



We have some of the BEST KITE LOCATIONS for beginners to learn this amazing sport in the WHOLE WORLD! The conditions are perfect. Our flat water lagoon is great for absolute beginners and advance riders alike!

What are we offering ?
kitesurf lessons (from beginners to supervised riding)
personalized kite coaching (for experimented riders willing to improve their level)
gear rental

All our instructors are International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certified.

We will ensure that you will get a pre-course manual to help speed up the learning process. Upon completion, students will get their IKO Kiteboarder Cards which enabled them to rent and use kitesurfing gear anywhere in the world. Options to purchase Kiteboarder manuals are also available. Free T-Shirt is also given while stocks last!

A typical kite lesson day : 3 hours class in the morning and 2 hours class in the afternoon (one kite day is about 5 hours of kitesurfing).


gear rental


Dolphins and Wahles watching
Motorbika Rental


There are several small islets, reef and sandbanks on the North of the peninsula, between the Ocean and the lagoon, which present a perfect place for downwinders and other kite trips, including camping on the desert islets.   Kitetrips are organized on a weekly basis.  However we are able to be flexible to cater to your specific need as well. Prices can vary according to the location, the duration and your personal requests. The price includes the boat/vehicle transport (if necessary), food, drink and lodging (dependent on the duration of the trip).   Wave Riding Epic Downwind Sessions (Lagoon/Sea/Both) Island Hopping in Paradise Excursions to other parts of Sri Lanka


Discovered by Leo and Dil, this spot is one of the best in the world. We travel by boat from Kalpitiya passing a peaceful landscape which separates the lagoon from the ocean. After one hour we stop on a small island to setup our kites, then we kite 10km downwind, along sandbars, passing quiet fishing villages- a great time to play around, explore the untouched coastline before arriving at our favorite spot in Sri Lanka!

 Safety boats will be following behind to help if you have any problems and will watch out for you all day. Enjoy a 2.5km bay, at a perfect angle to the wind, creating world class kiting conditions. Off-shore wind gives you kilometers of glassy flat water and so much space. We have a comfortable kite station on the Island with hammocks, beanbags, chairs and plenty of shade, with a nice view of the kite area. We also offer advanced lessons at this spot for those of you wanting to progress with new tricks. We provide a tasty lunch and cold drinks, safety boats and return transport. Experienced IKO Level II instructors will be watching over you for your safety. We offer overnight camping here as well for continued fun!

Donkey spot is located 300 meters from the camp, this is a wave spot and flat water spot. We provide a free safety boat to this spot 2 times a week. This spot is walking distance from the camp. The wind quality of this spot is really good.

This is large expanse of sheltered water between here and the mainland of Sri Lanka. There are some lovely places to kite around and explore. We will take you on a journey, starting close by KSL; we will travel by boat for 25mins to our favorite little island we found there, where you will find huge areas of flat water to play in. Kite around small islands, go upwind exploring before we kite further downwind, landing close to Kalpitiya where we will be brought back to the camp. We provide drinks and small snacks and a safety boat. IKO Level II instructors will be on the trip watching over you.

Dream spot is located 15 minutes boat trip from the Kalpitiya lagoon. A sand bank separate the sea from the lagoon so one one side you can enjoy the wave in the indian Ocean and on the other side the flat water in the lagoon. We organized half day kite trip to this spot. Price is 25 euros for the trip.

Kappaladi Lagoon is 15km South of KSL, it is a small lagoon offering flat water and space for around 15 kiters. It is not connected to the ocean, making it very safe. The ocean is just 20m across the beach where you can enjoy a beach break and swells! A Tuc Tuc will take you down to Kappaladi, just 25mins away, it will wait for you and bring you back to the camp for 1500LKR. Please ask a member of our staff to book you a Tuc Tuc.


Please respect the kite school there and try not to get in the way of the lessons going on…. There is a beach hut you can use – but please use the “Visitors Area”! The lagoon is waist deep in most places, it’s a good place to progress your riding, it’s also a great place for photos!


Your journey to KSL can be via our taxi (easiest option) or by public transport.

From the Colombo/ Airport drive along the Main Negombo Road

You need to pass the town of Chilaw and proceed on to the Puttalam Road

Drive along the Puttalam Road until you reach the Palavi Junction at the 120 KM Post

Turn left at this junction and drive along the Kalpitiya Road for 36 KM

Just past the 36 KM you will come to a junction called Kandakuliya Beach Road. There is Tuk Tuk stop and stores at the junction.

Turn left at this junction and proceed for approximately 3 KM (don’t turn to any other roads, stick to the tar road)

You will pass the Muslim School and the road will bend to the right. On the right hand side you will see a gravel road (we also have a Kitesurfing Lanka sign board on the wall at the top of the road).

Turn right there and proceed until you go over a culvert.

Once you go over the culvert on the left is a big blue gate. That’s us!

** If you come by bus and stop at the Kalpitiya Bus stand, we have a regular Tuk Tuk driver. His name is Lal and he can bring you to our camp for Rs. 500 (Euro 3) +94724485500.


PACKAGE Accomodation  - from 210 € per Week / Person

Room Single Double Triple Quadruple
Lagoon view bungalow 1-4 pax 72 € / per personFull board 57 € / per personFull board 55 € / per personFull board 50 € / per personFull board
Garden view bungalow 1-3 pax 59 € / per personFull board 49 € / per person Full board 45 € / per person Full board /
Family Garden-Lagoon  bungalow - Villa 3-10 pax 49-80 € / per person Full board 49-60 € / per person Full board 45-60 € / per person Full board 45-60 € / per person Full board
Tent 1-3 pax 35 € Per Person 35 € Per Person 35 € Per Person /
Villa 3-10 pax / / 60 € / per personFull board 60 € / per personFull board

PACKAGE Prices Kiteschool  - from 240€ per Week / Person

Lesson Type Details Duration & Price Per Person (Includes gear rental, transport)
DiscoveryKitesurfing You will learn the wind window theory, how to pilot a kite and the basic skills on foil kites. 2 hours 90€ (Individual) 60€ (group price if possible)
Level 1 Gives you more understanding of what kiteboarding is all about. Teaching of the wind mechanisms, the setting up of the equipment, the launching and piloting of the kite (2-4 lines), safety requirement. 3 hours 135€ (Individual) 90€ (group price if possible)
Level 1-2 Teaching of the wind mechanisms, the setting up of the equipment, the launching and piloting of the kite, safety requirements and Kite power management, body dragging, self-rescue, water start theories. 6 hours 250€ (Individual) 165€(group price if possible)
Level 1-2-3 The first 2 levels above are incorporated in the 9 hour course. The level 3 is to improve and have your first session in the water with the board. 9 hours 350€ (Individual) 240€(group price if possible)
Level 3Advance Instruction package for anyone that has already had some kite lessons. Teaching includes going upwind, changing direction, board recovery, first jump. 3 hours 135€ (Individual) 90€ (group price if possible)
Private Lesson This is an individual private lesson, to improve your ability in kitesurfing. Learn to jump, board-off, unhook, wave riding, strapless, back roll, or just simple turns can be options. 1 hour – 50€




Kitesurfing Sri Lanka (Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka) Average Rating: 10.0 - Total Votes: 3

Value for money
This reviewer told us :

Me and my partner stayed here for 2 weeks in August and it was the best kiting destination we have been to! The hotel staff were so friendly and couldn’t do enough for you, the food was very good and good variety.


the kiting was very good especially the trip to vella island you definitely recommend!

Other (e.g. Surroundings, Nightlife, etc.):

We were both impressed by the relaxed and social atmosphere around the camp and there was plenty of activities and downwinders offered through out our stay even when there was no wind! Rajith and Alex were great bar hosts and Zac and Franz did a great job organising trips! We stayed in the premium lagoon bungalow and it was very nice and cleaned upon request! One thing I will say to anyone visiting take plenty of insect repellent and bite cream as we was eaten alive! We would 100% recommend coming here to kite as it had everything we wanted in a kite destination and more! (Just don’t go on full moon as the wind dies) 5* for kitesurfing Lanka and the team :-)


Value for money
This reviewer told us :

In short; we would definitely come back here again so I think that says it all!:) We read the reviews on TripAdvisor beforehand and decided to go. To give our of the place and the positives and negatives we read about beforehand see below. Positives mentioned in reviews of other people: - Great vibe: absolutely true! Great people and great atmosphere. - Food: food is of decent quality especially the days that they cook Sri Lankan / Indian food. In the morning it is a bit basic with bread, egg, cereal and some fruit. Some pancakes would be a great thing to add. - Accommodation: we really liked the garden Bungalow but the whole camp is nicely set-up!


- Great kite surf spot: for 2 beginners we very much liked the spot. The lagoon is shallow so you can stand everywhere. When we where there, the wind was good everyday for a full week. When in trouble the instructor can help you out or otherwise they have a boat to rescue you. Lagoon is 10 min away from camp and you go by truck. There is a 3 hour session in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. We only did the morning sessions and relaxed in the afternoon. Instructors are of good quality and pleasant to work with! They speak a lot of EU languages if you don’t want an English speaking instructor. Negatives mentioned in other reviews: - beach full of rubbish: disagree! Yes there is some plastic on the beach but much less then we expected. The owners try hard to clean the beach. It partly comes from India and it is not that the camp doesn’t look after itself. They try to be fully sustainable and a Dutch couple is now working there to make this happen in next 2 years or so. - You need to pay commission on everything: partly true. A massage is extra indeed but it is done by two blind people and they do a great job. They learned it in Japan for 2 years via a special program to help blind people find a job. We got laundry for free. Drinks at the bar are extra (coffee, thee and water is free) but reasonable priced. Airport taxi is 70eur one-way. We looked it up on internet and taxi was c 60-65eur so a little more expensive but pick-up and drop-off went smoothly. You can choose to go by public transport which is cheaper, up to yourself. All in all we didn’t feel the commission was disproportioned.

Other (e.g. Surroundings, Nightlife, etc.):

We definitely liked our stay there and are thinking of coming back next year!


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