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Calle Anzuelo 12, Caleta de Famara, Lanzarote, Canarias, 35558, Spain
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Lanzarote Surfcamp

Our popular surf camp for woman is located on the beautiful canary Island Lanzarote right in the heart of the nature reserve “Archipielago Chinijo” in the little fisher village Famara, far away from the mass tourism of the south on Lanzarote. 

The spacious surf house is built in the canarian style of Cenar Maniques and has modern furnishing. You will be sharing a completely equipped kitchen, a cozy living room and two bathrooms as well as a big terrace with ocean views. Always two people are sleeping in one room. 

You make all your own food while you are staying with us. Most of the time we go for grocery shopping together, cook and eat together in the surf house. In the village you will find supermarkets and restaurants to cater for your needs and budget.

Our surf courses mostly will take place on the beach of "Famara". The beach and more surf spots are directly in front of the door.

Lanzarote has the nickname "the Hawaii of Europe" with good reason. There are numerous surf spots for all surf levels as well as  warm water and nice temperatures all year round.

Around 15 hours surf lessons (theory and praxis), incl. surf material 3x90min yoga lessons, accommodation in Apartments, 7 nights, 2 beds per room, surf van for trips to other spots if necessary

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Location and surf conditions
We offer surf courses and Surfaris for girls and women who like to have fun and share their passion for surfing with other WaveSisters. 

By teaching you to surf we would like to increase the number of women and girl surfers in the sport and share the love for the ocean that we have. Surfing is a great way to make friends and enjoy the outdoors, we hope the friends and experiences you have with us will continue with you on your surfing journey.
Women surf groups
Studies show that women learn quicker and easier when they are in an all female group, there is less pressure when surrounded by like minded girls and the results speak for themselves. Enjoy the comfort of being taught by women in all women groups with the main focus being on fun and encouragement.

The perfect getaway 
WaveSisters Surfcamps are designed by women for women, from the warm water locations we have chosen to the boards, equipment and accommodation. Our yoga lessons are tailored perfectly to woman surfers as are the surf lessons.

About us
Birgit and the crew know out of our own experience how important and fun it is to have other surfer girls around. We are stoked about the growing number of women surfers in the water. WaveSisters was created to contribute to this and to introduce the fun of surfing to girls all over the world.

20 years ago Birgit started surfing and back then it was very rare to see other surfer girls in the water, we were such a minority. These days women make up about 50% of people on surf lessons but still only 10% of woman free surfing. That means that in between getting a lesson and taking the sport up as a hobby, there is a break down. We would like to change that! 

By the way…
For those who are missing the guys already: they show up on the beach, in the bar's and in the water en masse.

Lanzarote is one of 8 canary islands in the atlantic ocean off the african coast. The small but many-sided Island is a wonderful oasis. They say the Island has a very intensive energy. Maybe the secret lie's in the mix from…

the Vulcano's - not only in the "Timanfaya National Park"

the green and vegetation blessed North

the building's from the Island artist "Cesar Manrique"

and the all-embracing Atlantic, which sends its waves crashing onto the coast Lanzarote.

Caleta de Famara
Located in the northwest of the Island where the wind and the waves dictate the days. "Famara" is the center of the surf culture in Lanzarote. On daytime you will find the surfers girl's and boy's on there boards in the water in the ocean. At night they all meet in the bars, restaurants, surf shop's and supermarkets to talk with shinny eyes about the wonderful day of surf.  

The village is placed on the west end of the 6 km long beach from "Famara". Above is a 600 meter high cliff line "El Risco" to the east. breathtaking. Every evening you will find a unique play of colors at sunset time on the cliff line.

Surfspots and climate
Lanzarote is called the Hawaii of europe and is spoilt for choice when it comes to places to surf. There is something for all levels from total beginner to advanced. You can find more information on Wannasurf or in the Stormriderguide Europe. A good wave forecast for your holiday with us will be found at Magicseaweed.

The biggest and most consistent waves are found in the winter between October and April. In summer you will find smaller waves and warmer water. In late summer you could even go for a surf in shorts and Bikini.

Water temperature
The water temperature lies between 24 degrees in August/ September and around 18 degrees in February. A 3/2 mm Wetsuit should be perfect for you.

The outside temperature averages about 22 degrees. In midsummer the average is by 25 degrees, in winter by 18 degrees. 

The Island climate changes now and again, if the winds are starting to blow suddenly from the southeast for a couple of hours or days. Its called "Calima". The winds from the Sahara take out all humidity from the air and bring a lot of heat to Lanzarote.


Accommodation Surfcamp Lanzarote
Our accommodation is in the idyllic cost village "Famara" and lies only 1 minute walk from the beach were we teach you to surf. The roomy surf house offers a lot of space and is modernly equipped. You will be living in rooms for 2 people and will share the living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony and the huge terrace on the roof with ocean view. We have WLAN in the surf house so we suggest you to bring your own device to use the Internet. Food is not included in our prices however we will often shop, cook and eat together. There are supermarkets and restaurants in town to suit all budgets. We offer: Apartment up to 6 WaveSisters, 2 people in one room, shared kitchen, living room, bathroom, roof terrace, balcony, single room 100€ after agreement


Surfcourse details

Experience pure joy while surfing with us - the connection between wave and surfer is unreal! Try it, you will love it, if you always liked water and beach life. Surfing is an ambitious sport but is connected to a chilled out lifestyle. It is all about having fun.
Surf lessons
The surf teacher is educated in surf practice and theory as well as in first aid and water rescue. They teach you there knowledge and help you with tips and tricks on land and in the water.

We offer
15 hours surf lessons, woman only, theory and practice, in English
Max. 10 Persons per course
Quality and competent mentoring from licensed surf teachers
video analysis
Surf material during your stay
3 Yoga sessions

Surf course
We offer the course on a weekly schedule. All the other activities like yoga will be organised around the surf. Surfing come's first! We recommend to come for at least two week's to learn to surf and to really take it in. Surfing is an amazing sport and your advantage comes right down to the amount of time spent in the water with the waves. In some occasions you could book the surf lessons daily.

The Surfari is the perfect option for the girls and woman who have already some experience in the water and who would like to spend there holiday with like-minded people. We will give you guiding  to the surf spots and help you out with all our experience in the wav es of our location. If you want to you are welcome to use the boards and material of WaveSisters and you can join in to all the activities without making the surf course

Participation terms
passion for ocean and waves
good knowledge of swimming
If you are not of full age, we need  written permission off your parents
If you are younger than 16 years please come with a adult accompaniment

Four times a week we will have one hour of Yoga. The lesson gives you an introduction to Yoga and is especially targeted at surfers.

Many Pro Surfers and more and more Soul surfers realize that Yoga and surfing are a perfect match. Pro Surfer Rochelle Ballard said: "In general i think that the combination of power, flexibility and the effect on the mind is super". When we are surfing we use certain muscle groups which we can relax again after the surf in the yoga sessions. Yoga also helps focus your mind. You will master your fears easier because you can face them at ease and with energy.

Yoga combines power, body tension, mobility, flexibility, balance, calmness, peace and a strong mind. Components which we need in the line up while catching waves.

Yoga is included in the WaveSister Camp price. For others one hour costs 10€.




Getting there
Flights can't be booked through us. It's best to ask in a travel agency or check the internet for flights. If you get stuck while searching for flights don't hesitate to contact us over the contact form. We will be happy to help.

Airline companies to Lanzarote

Germanwings, Easyjet, Lufthansa, Air Berlin, Ryanair, Norwegian, SAS, Solfaktor, Sunexpress, British Airways, KLM. Condor, Vueling, Iberia, Thomas Cook and many more



We are offering weekly surf lessons from Sunday to Friday. Best is to arrive on weekend to get a fresh start with the group on Monday. But we also mange to fit you in the week. 

Package A: Surfcamp for adults - 445 € per week

Accommodation: 7 nights, 2 beds per room
Surf course: 15h, praxis, theory, material, surf van
Yoga lessons 3 x 90min

Package B: Surfcamp for kids - 395 € per week
Accommodation: 7 nights, 2 beds per room
Surf course: about 15h, praxis, theory, material, surf van or childcare during time of surfing

Package C: Surfari - 335 € per week 
Accommodation: 7 nights, 2 beds per room
Surf material, surfspot instruction, surf van
Yoga lessons 3x90min


Extension discount

Book for 2 weeks and get a 20€ discount.

Group Discount

If you are traveling in a group of more than 4 WaveSisters you will get a discount of 15% off your booking. Just name your following companies when you book and you get it cheaper.

Only one discount can take place in each booking.



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