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Alameda do Golfinho 5, Lourinhã, Lisbon Area, 2530-210, Portugal
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Surf in Lisbon, Portugal!


Welcome to the best experiences of your life in the best surf spots in the Lisbon area.
Our Surf Camp gives you accommodation and Surf lessons near the most beautiful beaches – Praia Areia Branca, Peniche, Baleal.

Pura Vida Beach Hostel invites you to an amazing surfing holiday in Portugal!

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Pura Vida Beach Hostel is located at the charming Praia da Areia Branca in Lourinhã county just 60km away from the Lisbon Airport and 15km from Peniche. Take our tips about what to do in Lourinhã.


It’s all about surf, friends and fun!




Located at 25 meters from the beach, it’s the perfect choice for your vacation

   - Free Wi-fi
   - Fully equipped kitchen
   - Living room with cable tv, sound system and board games
   - An exterior lounge area and dining spot
   - Two bathrooms
   - Two outside showers


Everything is about beach, sun and sea. Come spend time in a relaxed, laidback and worries free environment.

In the living room you can sit back and watch some cable tv, read a book or play a fun board came with your house fellow mates.

There are two bathrooms in the house.

The terrace is the place where you can just relax and enjoy the sun or eat something prepared by us. There are two showers, barbeque, dinning and lounge area.

DESPICHE – 6 Bed Dorm

Despiche is a six bed mixed dorm perfect for the most sociable travelers with a private locker and very nice view over the beach.

PITCHUDEZ – 3 Bed Room

Pitchudez is a three bed mixed dorm with three lockers, two private wash basin and an amazing ocean view.

TUANIS – Double Room

Tuanis is our coziest double room with a private washbasin.

MAR – Double Room

Mar is a double/twin room with a very nice view over the beach.

PESCADO – Double Room

Pescado is a spacious and comfortable double/twin room with lockers and one private washbasin.



Our fully equipped kitchen is ready for you to prepare all your meals with all the necessary tools.




If you are not sure which is the right course level for you, book a beginner’s course and on the first day the school will evaluate your surfing.



All equipment and insurance included.
The surf school is right down the street of our Hostel. It offers all surf equipment that you may need, a dressing and chill out area, and shower.

There you can find the best board for you and warm wetsuits to all different sizes, weights and body shapes.

In terms of licences, surf insurances and certifications, there are fully qualified instructors, local surfers.

They will be in the water with you assisting every step of the way.



Some of the best beaches in Lisbon are here:

- Areia Branca Beach
- Paimogo Beach
- Caniçal Beach
- Peralta Beach
- Porto das Barcas
- Porto Dinheiro Beach
- Vale de Frades Beach
- Valmitão Beach
- Zimbral Beach

Local Gastronomy

The close connection with the Atlantic has enriched the typical gastronomy of this municipality.

The specialities are fish and seafood dishes, especially fish casseroles, salt cod, dried fish with boiled potato and of course the famous lagosta suada (steamed lobster).

But the municipality’s gastronomic riches are not confined to the connection with the sea, since the traditional cuisine also includes mutton stews, kid and sarrabulho (stew with pig’s blood).

For snack lovers, mussels, snails or a bifana (hot pork sandwich) are just a few of the recommendations not to miss at the numerous popular celebrations that take place all year round throughout the municipality.

Find out which ones you like, and enjoy the tastes and aromas of the region!

Dinosaur Route

Discover this area of historical and architectural heritage at the same time you make some exercise!

The PR1 “Dinosaur Route” starts next to the Lourinhã Museum, which includes an important palaeontology wing. It finishes at Paimogo Fort.

During the 9,900 metres of this route, the hiker can visit other points of historical interest, such as the Convento de Santo António, the Igreja da Misericórdia and the Igreja do Castelo. Enjoy the stunning natural landscapes, especially the beaches of Areia Branca, Vale Frades, Caniçal and Paimogo.


Despite no longer playing the active role in the economy they once did, the Lourinhã’s windmills are still important heritage.

At Alto da Pinhôa, in the Moita dos Ferreiros region, you can enjoy a close-up experience of five windmills which were fully restored in April/2000.

Paimogo Fort

The Paimogo Fort is situated on the cliffs of Paimogo beach. You can visit it while going to Paimogo beach!

It was built in 1674 and its special mission was to defend the Paimogo beach, in order to prevent enemy troops from landing at such an easily accessible place.

Óbidos Castle

Óbidos Castle was built between the 12th and 13th centuries and was transformed in a hotel around 1950.

You can walk in the wall, the gardenand in the terrace.

Town Gate

The town Gate is the main entrance to the castle.
Here the Passion of Christ is represented in the18th century tiles that cover the balcony.
There are also two interesting details at the Town Gate: the painted ceiling, recently restored, representing a crown of thorns; and the double doors typical of Portuguese Castles.

Rua Direita

Main street of the town

Saint Mary's Church

Located in Saint Mary’s Square

Cocolate Festival

Every year in March / April visitors come to Óbidos to enjoy many sculptures made of chocolate and traditional sweets.


Breaks directly at the main spot and at nearby spots

Best surf spots of Lourinhã

Praia da Peralta: 
An extensive sandy beach with a natural beauty.Well known worldwide for tow-in.  Level – Waves recommended for experienced surfers. Peaks – Several peaks Break – A powerful left reef break. Better tide – Half tide is how works better. Swell –  East is off-shore and the better swell direction is west.

Areia Branca:
Pura Vida Beach Hostel is located here. Level – There are waves for all levels of surfing. Wind – The best wind comes from east. Peaks – Break Beach break with great extension with at least 4 peaks. Better tide – The best tide is almost high or starting to get low. Swell – The best swell comes from the west, but works with all directions.

Level – It’s the perfect wave for beginners that just made the transition for smaller boards. There are waves for all levels of surfing. Wind– north winds are functional but east is straight off-shore. Peaks – Break Pointbreak to the right that works almost with all tides. At the left side of the beach there is a point break to the left that works with half tide, up or down, and a beach break that only works with low tide. The same wave to the left can be a dry tube that ends into a rock.  Swell – All kinds of swell .

At the right corner of the bay another wave breaks very close to the rocks, to the right side.The drops can be pretty nasty. There is a good canal for both sides. Break- Left pointbreak with a strong drop situated in a small bay. Better tide- High tide. Swell – Better when arriving from the west, northeast or north wind.

Best surf spots of Peniche

Porto Batel:
Not advised for beginners. It has a very consistent right point break with a large canal. All kinds of swell can work here. With northeastern wind it can be perfect but with northern wind is already pretty good.

located in the south of Peniche peninsula, the beach is divided in two parts. To the south there is an area of rocks that offers a point break while in the north there is a large sand beach that reaches the city of Peniche. The spot offers fast and hollow waves recommended for experienced surfers.

located in the south of Peniche, it is definitely the most famous wave in Portugal with international reputation. Its name says it all, it is a reef and beach break which offers powerful, fast and hollow waves, only recommended for experienced surfers. Works best with offshore winds from the northeast and the best swell direction is coming from the southwest. It can be a crowded spot.

Molhe Leste:
located close to Paniche harbour, it is a point break on a sand bottom that offers left hand waves fast and hollow. The best swell direction is coming from the southwest and the best wind direction is coming from the North.

located at the beginning of the huge bay connecting Peniche to Baleal, it is a beach break that offers both left and right hand waves. Good spot for beginners and advanced. The best swell direction is from the north northwest and the best wind direction is from southwest.

Meio da Baía:
Multiple peaks spreading the crowd. South wind and north swell. For all levels of surfing. The best tide is almost full.

Cantinho da Baía:
West is the better direction for the swell and supports side-shore winds very well, however east is straight off-shore. It’s a great place for beginners. Works with all the tides.

South wind and swell from north.It’s a great place for beginners. Wait for the medium tide.

located north of Baleal it is possibly the best known left-hand reef break of the area. The spot offers mainly left-hand waves fast and fun; it also offers a right handed peak ideal for learning surfers. The best swell direction is coming from the north and northwest; the best wind direction is coming from Southwest.

located in the north of Peniche village. The beach break offers both, left and right hand waves. The best swell and wind direction is from the south.

located in the north of Baleal, it is a beach break that offers left and right hand waves. Waves are strong and sometimes tubular. The best wind direction is from the southeast and the best swell direction is from the north.


Characterization of surroundings/region


Ericeira is famous for its beautiful beaches, located where the high cliffs of the rocky coast meet the Atlantic Ocean.

But that is not all. You will love the hospitality of its people, the harmony of the “old village” with its narrow cobblestone streets, the characteristic housing, the sea, the fishing, the cuisine, the Atlantic views…

Berlenga Island
The Berlengas archipelago is one of Portugal’s best kept secret –  a group of small islands, amazingly made by nature.

There you can hike on trails, birdwatching, visit the caves, go dolphin watching, diving and snorkeling, kayak and stand-up paddle or just relax on the beach.

The only way to get to these islands is by boat from the Peniche Port, where there are regular circuits to Berlenga. You can ask us to book you a boat tour (30 minutes to each side).

Baleal – Ilha do Baleal

Baleal is a former island, now a small peninsula separated from the mainland by a tombolo forming a beach of fine white sand.

It’s located in the north of Peniche, and it became a summer resort for water sports because it offers unique conditions in Europe for surfing and body boarding.

Carvoeiro Cape – Cabo Carvoeiro

Carvoeiro Cape is a local with natural value as it presents a great quantity of calcaric cliffs.

From here, you’re able to see the Berlengas Natural Reserve.

Birds lovers might observe several species.

Here you will find a lighthouse, the Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Chapel, with tiles from the XVIII century, and even the Furninha grotto, where many archaeologic remainings where found.


SURF-CAMP Pack - from 276 € per Week / Person

 This package includes:

- Accommodation with Breakfast
- You can chose your room type (Shared, Double or Triple Dorm)
- Surf Lessons
  You will have 20h surf lessons per week / 5 days / 2 sessions per day / 2 hours each
- All equipment and insurance included.

Despiche Room - prices per person

High Season
Nights :     7 / 14
Price:  334€ / 628€  

Mid Season
Nights :     7 / 14
Price:  302€ / 584€ 
Low Season
Nights :     7 / 14
Price:  276€ / 532€ 

Mar | Tuanis | Pescado Rooms

High Season
Persons:    1
Nights :     7 / 14
Price:  502€ / 964€  

Persons:    2
Nights :     7 / 14
Price (total):  740€ / 1400€  

Mid Season
Persons:    1
Nights :     7 / 14
Price:  422€ / 824€ 
Persons:    2
Nights :     7 / 14
Price (total):  640€ / 1240€  

Low Season
Persons:    1
Nights :     7 / 14
Price:  396€ / 772€ 
Persons:    2
Nights :     7 / 14
Price (total):  594€ / 1148€  

Pitchudez Room

High Season
Persons:    2
Nights :     7 / 14
Price (total):  812€ / 1544€  

Persons:    3
Nights :     7 / 14
Price (total):  1050€ / 1980€  

Mid Season
Persons:    2
Nights :     7 / 14
Price (total):  742€ / 1444€ 
Persons:    3
Nights :     7 / 14
Price (total):  960€ / 1860€  

Low Season
Persons:    2
Nights :     7 / 14
Price (total):  582€ /  1124€ 
Persons:    3
Nights :     7 / 14
Price (total):  780€ / 1500€  

Low Season: January, February, March, April, November, December
Mid Season: Easter, May, June, September, October
High Season: July and August

WEEK-END offers

- 2 surf lessons on Saturday & 1 surf lesson on Sunday
- Each class has the duration oh 1h30.
- 6 people dorm – Despiche

Low Season:   from 107€
Mid Seaon:      from 109€
High Season:   from 113€



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