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Cerrada de pargos 111, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, 71983, Mexico
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Realise the vacation of your dreams, live the experience of surfing on the best waves of Puerto Escondido and enjoy a luxurious villa exclusive for you that will make you feel unique in its cozy rooms with air conditioning, hot water and private bathroom. You will enjoy all the services during your stay and you’ll get unforgettable memories.

Puerto Escondido is recognized as a surf paradise, a picturesque village, a town where the joy and happiness is apparent, and where its people enjoy living next to the ocean in year-round warm temperatures.

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Puerto Escondido is recognized as a surf paradise, a picturesque village, a town where the joy and happiness is apparent, and where its people enjoy living next to the ocean in year-round warm temperatures. It is very common to see people carrying around their surf boards.

Most folks that land in Puerto Escondido are attracted to it because of their interest in surfing.

The world’s best surfers have visited Puerto Escondido and frequently return due to the amazing waves of Zicatela beach. Both the size and perfection of its waves make it the third best place to surf on a national level. For beginner surfers there are other beaches that offer fun and gentler waves to practice and enjoy the sport.

In the hip area of Zicatela you will find restaurants and bars, along with boutiques catering to beach clothes, as well as surf shops.

“El Adoquin” street near the main bay provides a more local feel with its well-priced handmade souvenirs, traditional clothing boutiques, and local bars. It’s a great area to pick up unique trinkets made by local artisans.

Benito Juárez market outside of the tourist area offers all kinds of traditional Oaxacan food, and different local fruits and vegetables.

The climate is beautiful year-round. The average annual temperatures of is 21?Celsius. The rainy season is between June and September. During this time nature blooms with colors and scents that make you feel alive.

Between October and May the sun is always bright, accompanied by blue skies and a beautiful ocean view.

Puerto Escondido is located on the west coast of the Pacific, 800 kilometers south of Mexico city and 290 kilometers from Oaxaca city. It has a population of more than 20,000 and many of these inhabitants still speak local dialects (Chatino, Zapoteco, Mixteco and more) as well as English, French, German and Italian.


VIDASURF ECOTOURS is a travel agency specializing in surf camps and eco-tours in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, México. Is was founded by Antonio Díaz Pablo and Marie-Claude Bisson.

We work in conjunction with small community cooperatives that offer eco-tourism services and who maintain the objective of supporting both economical and ecological sustainable development along the coast of Oaxaca.


To offer you personalized attention for your community-based, beach vacation adventure through our surf camps and eco-touristic activities on the coast of Oaxaca.

We hope to give all our guests and clients unforgettable and exhilarating experiences. We aim to be the preferred option and preferred top recommended agency of our clients by offering quality services.


To provoke the liberating feeling of flying over the ocean water and to inspire respect for nature and evoke the true pleasure that comes with traveling and discovering.

Each wave is a smile that the ocean offers us… smile back.


Since both Antonio and Marie completed the International and Environment Relations Master Degree program at the University of Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico, their idea to offer surf camps has become their life-long goal.

Antonio is originally from the city of Oaxaca. He also has a bachelor degree in Marine Sciences through Universidad del Mar, Puerto Angel campus. He has been surfing for over 15 years and knows the best beaches along the coast of Oaxaca as well as the inhabitants. Aside from having worked with in tourism for many years, he has also volunteered and worked with various associations helping with projects directly related to sustainable development.

Marie-Claude Bisson is originally from Quebec, Canada. She has her degree in International and Environmental Relations through Universidad del Mar in Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico. She visited Mexico for the first time in 2004, and immediately developed a passion for Oaxacan nature, the ocean, and the sport of surfing.



The accommodation we offer is a suite with two double beds in a 4-star hotel (ideal for 2 or 4 people). Theyy are equipped with air conditioners and fans, a kitchen with stove, table, refrigerator and dishes, a private balcony with hammock, a safe and wireless internet.

The hotel has a pool, a Jacuzzi, a terrace to admire the sunsets, and is located anly two steps away from the beach.


Our Packages include breakfast and lunch. Near the hotel you will find restaurants and grocery stores. Your room is equipped with a kitchen.



Private surf lessons with a maximum of two students per instructor.

Overview of teaching in our surf lessons:

    Knowing the parts of your surfboard and how to prepare to enter in the sea.
    Take necessary precautions you must take when entering in the sea.
    Technique for effective paddling on a surfboard.
    Efficient to cross the surf zone wave techniques.
    Manipulating the surfboard in the waves of the sea.
    Find the balance point to sit and lay on the surfboard.
    Identify the rhythm of the waves.
    Identify the best spot where waiting in the surf zone.
    Identify the right time to take your wave.
    Develop your skills and movements in surfing.
    Avoid risky situations and overcome common mistakes.

Enjoy the experience of SURFING THE WAVE.


Release little turtles
Oaxaca beaches have the highest record of nesting olive ridly turtles in the world. For this reason, you can participate in the release of small sea turtle hatchlings almost year round.

Swim in bioluminescent water
Swim at night time in the water that glows to the touch and witness the wonderful phenomenon of bioluminescence, a spectacle of nature that can only be found in a few places around the world.

Bird watchind mangrove lagoon
Sublime memories of countless colored feathers are waiting for you in the bird nesting sanctuaries of the coastal lagoons.

Horseback riding to thermal waters
Enjoy a countryside horseback ride, listen to the birds, cross the river and relax in natural thermal waters.

Horseback riding along the beach
During the sunset enjoy a magical horseback ride along the beach – trot along as the wind and the waves bring you peace.

Large scale nesting of sea turtles on the beach
Oaxaca beaches have the highest record of nesting olive ridley turtles in the world. For this reason, during certain seasons of the year, it is possible to witness the phenomenon of synchronized large scale nesting that happens for 2-3 days. Thousands of turtles dig nests in the sand and lay their eggs during the sunset hour and throughout the night.

Bird watching by kayak
Admire over 300 variations of migratory and local birds. Begin with a boat ride through the main channel of the majestic lagoon of Manialtepec, then we will visit the nesting areas in mangrove trees by kayak. We will show you where the lagoon meets with the river and the ocean, and finish the tour by observing some of the indigenous and migratory species of birds that inhabit the ecosystem here.

Tubing river
Have fun river tubing with friends on the Colotepec river where you get to enjoy fun rapids as well as cool, calm waters with plenty of bird watching and beautiful scenery.

Tours in Oaxaca coast

    Surf trips to the coast of Oaxaca
    Coffee plantation

Tours near Puerto Escondido

    La Reforma Waterfall
    Ultralight aviation
    Scenic walk, cliff diving and shopping
    Visit to the local market
    Stand Up paddle
    Visit to a profesional surfboard maker
    Temazcal (traditional sweat lodge)

Tours near Puerto Angel, Mazunte and Ventanilla

    Boat ride on the sea, with snorkeling & fishing
    Crocodile Sanctuary and migratory birds
    Turtle Aquarium and museum (Mexican Turtle Center)
    Hiking, natural jacuzzi and sunset at Punta Cometa
    Organic cosmetics shop

Tours in Huatulco

    Downhill longboarding
    Rancho agroecological and flower garden (Hagia Sophia)
    Rafting and zip
    Cruise on sea with stand up paddle



Ways to get to the camp

You can get to Puerto Escondido by car, bus or even airplane when coming from Mexico City or an international flight to Huatulco. You can catch a taxi within the Huatulco airport for ($800 and 1,300 pesos) or a bus from the highway just outside the airport for $65 pesos.

Purchasing your flight is easy enough using the internet – either directly from an airline website or any site intended to get you the best prices.

VIDASURF ECOTOURS recommends that if you are traveling from Canada (Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg and Saskatoon) you purchase your flight with Air Canada, Air Transat, Canjet Airlines or with Sunwing.

VIDASURF ECOTOURS recommends that if you are traveling from Mexico City you travel with:

Interjet – 4 weekly flights from Mexico City to Puerto Escondido.

Aeromar – 1 weekly flight

If traveling by land from any part of México, VIDASURF ECOTOURS recommends ADO bus line which takes about 10-11 hours from Oaxaca City.

There are also minivans from Oaxaca City that seat about 15 people. These minivans take about 7 hours.

If you have further questions, please contact us. We are always happy to help.


SURF PACKAGE - from 757 € per Week / Person

This package includes:

    Accommodation for 8 days – 7 nights.
    Meals include – Breakfast and lunch.
    5 surf lessons.
    Welcome party and graduation party.
    You will be greeted al Puerto Escondido airport.
    Conditioned transport.
    Photos and videos.
    Internet Wifi.

Prices per Person:

Dorm Style Room            $850 / 757 €
Double Room                 $1000 / 891 €
Single Room                  $1425 / 1269 €


Pick up at Huatulco Airport                          $45 / 40 €
Release little turtles                                    $20 / 18 €
Swim in bioluminescent water                      $30 / 27 €
Bird watchind mangrove lagoon                    $50 / 44 €
Horseback riding to thermal waters               $55 / 49 €
Horseback riding along the beach                 $40 / 36 €
Large scale nesting of sea turtles                  $55 / 49 €
Bird watching by kayak                                $60 / 53 €
Tubing river                                                $30 / 27 €
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Surf Lesson

Private surf lessons with a maximum of two students per instructor.

    1 lesson               $35 / 31 €
    2 lessons             $70 / 62 €
    3 lessons             $95 / 84 €
    4 lessons             $120 / 107 €
    5 lessons             $150 / 134 €
    Photos or videos  $15 / 13 € per session



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